What is Really Most Important for Health?

What is the most common thing among people who are worried about their health and who want to improve it? They focus on the 5% instead of the 95%.
What I mean is that they look into and talk about things such as infrared therapy, cold water therapy, saunas, EMF’s, morning lemon water, supplements, meditation and other things that has a miniscule effect, or even an opposite effect, instead of looking at the pillars of health, what really matters and make up at least 95% of your results.

After working within the fitness-industry with a multitude of world-level elite athletes and people from all walks of life for more than 30+ years, my list on what to really focus on is rather short, yet it will cover at least 95 % of what really matters. I have added links to each point for further reading.

1. Diet, as in our natural homo sapiens species-appropriate and species-specific diet of 100% animal-based nutrition, also known as the carnivore diet. Of the main points I will list, this is the absolutely largest and most important step. If your diet isn’t built on a foundation of animal-based foods, and isn’t at least ketogenic (no carbohydrates) or preferable fully carnivore, the other steps will hardly matter at all. Animal-based foods are the only source of all bioavailable nutrients.

2. Strategic fasting, as in incorporating prolonged fasting, (no kind of nourishment for at least three days,) practiced at least twice a year to allow your body to fully detox and heal itself through autophagy, reversing your biological age. Note that fasting will only work as intended if you are fully nourished, which is only possible on a diet rich in animal-based foods, hence the importance of the first step.

3. Sleep hygiene, as in having your last meal at least 4 hours before going to bed, and as in dimming lights and blocking/removing blue light and screen-time after 8:00 p.m., and always being asleep before 10:00 pm. Always focusing on sleep quality instead of sleep duration.
This also includes getting enough sun exposure, which is crucial to health, and also to get your circadian rhythm working as intended.

These are the three most important steps, with an animal-based diet having the absolutely largest impact. There are two more steps, but of less importance.

4. Understanding your psyche, the nature of “disease” and working on your mental health. Understand that bacteria are the cleaning crew, your friends, and that you cannot get sick by ‘contagion,’ by transmission from other living beings. “Disease” either comes from toxicity or poisoning, or it comes from mental trauma, from mental triggers. Also, all symptoms you might experience when feeling ill are from the healing process.

5. Exercise, as in actually moving around a little and not sitting on your ass all day long. While all exercise is stress and will tear your body down, it’s a matter of intensity and duration. Doing high-level sports is extremely counterproductive to health and will shorten your life-span dramatically, same with running or excessive strength training, or even exercising daily. The ideal is to simply move around several times a day and perhaps add a little bit of strength/resistance training with weights or with your bodyweight (calisthenics,) two to four times a week to keep your lymph system working and to maintain a natural level of muscle mass and overall body strength.

These simple five steps will keep you healthy and maximize your lifespan. Other healthy practices I usually teach include electrical grounding, especially if you sit at a desk or around electronics, such as computers and screens, most of the day. Another good thing is to limit chemical- and toxic exposure, as in avoiding commercial hygiene products, toothpaste, mouth wash, perfumes, make-up, plastics, softeners, etcetera, and to choose clothes and beddings made from mostly cotton instead of synthetics.

This is what is important, what really matters. The first three steps will make your body work as close to its potential as possible. It will be able to detox, heal, and recover from almost anything, especially those little things most people seem to worry about and focus on. So, everything else that is not on the list are the things of ‘the less than 5%,’ the things that will hardly make a difference, especially not if you do not have the steps above covered. In other words, anything else is not worth worrying about. If you have the above covered, you are good. You are in the top 0.01% Go on and live your life.

As for the examples in the preamble, cold-water therapy and saunas will only contribute to unnecessary stress, especially to the heart. Actually, doing anything artificial or taking any kind of ‘remedy’ to lower inflammation or lessen experienced symptoms will only do harm. Inflammation is a part of healing. Chronic inflammation is due to a bad lifestyle, such as constantly exposing yourself to toxins (usually through your diet) or extreme stress, so fix the real problem instead of trying to suppress the outcome (the symptoms.)
Most supplements are toxic, especially man-made ‘vitamins,’ or anything derived from plants. Also, you cannot take synthetic vitamins or any kind of supplement to boost your “immune system,” as it does not exist.
Limiting exposure to EMF’s is a good practice, but very hard to do nowadays and will likely only contribute to mental stress or even paranoia. If you have the steps above covered, your body will be fully capable of healing and recovering from EMF exposure.

Also, do not expect to achieve “100% health” within months after actually correcting your lifestyle. If it took you 20, 30 or even 40 years to screw your health up, do not expect to fix all your issues in a few months. If you have been mistreating your body for a long time, you might never achieve optimal health. However, you will always achieve better health. Also, the clock is ticking, the sooner you start, the sooner you will arrive at the best place possible.

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