Review: 15 Health Supplements Men Allegedly Need

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding took a sharp turn as I became severely ill in late 2017 with several tumors, liver and kidney damage and my thyroid shutting down. In a last effort I turned it around in a matter of a few weeks by adopting our natural species appropriate diet of the raw flesh and fat of animals and by following up with regular water-fasting combined with days of dry fasting. You can read more about that here:

My Journey – Why I do what I do…

This review is based on an improved article based on an earlier article from 2021 by some dimwit. The improved article in question is from our, now well-known, TC Luoma, the co-founder of T-Nation. In short, the original article was called “15 Supplements Every Man Needs, Say Doctors,” and the T-Nation edition added a “8 They Can Skip” to their version. And yes, that is a big leap forward, but is it enough?

The 15 supplements listed:

  • A Multivitamin
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Fiber
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • CoQ10
  • Fish Oil
  • Probiotics
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Plant Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Collagen

Well, I see mostly fake toxic crap in that list. Let’s see what TC says, and I’ll chime in along the way.

A Multivitamin

TC says ‘screw that,’ and cites some studies that shown no evidence of these pills reducing all-cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, or cancer. Then he goes on and explains that multivitamins are formulated on a one-size-fits-all philosophy, and how much we each need varies considerably. And finally he mentions interactions between various ingredients and how they may block or cancel each other out, especially if you take them with food.

This is all good and true, very much what I said for 20 years until I dug deeper in 2018 and asked myself the critical question, “how do they manufacture these vitamins, and more importantly, how did they initially isolate, identify and name them?” And in here lies the real problem. It’s all pseudo-science of the worst kind, very much like how they made up virology or how a cell look like and functions. I’ve explained this many time in the past, and in short, and very simplified, this is the process.

Someone discovers that a certain food improved a condition, like when sailors got scurvy and they consumed oranges or lemons and got better. The premise is then that something in this foodstuff is necessary for human health, as a lack of it makes us sick, as in this case, by manifesting scurvy. This assumption in itself is faulty, as most symptoms are from healing and consuming something can disrupt that process, relieving you of the symptoms.
They then take a sample of this food, in this case some lemon juice, in which they believe they can find this compound. Then they proceed to a multitude of “isolation” processes to filter down the substance until only one compound remains and that compound is tested on animals to see if it gives the desired effect. This “isolation” process consist of adding toxins and poisons such as lead carbonate or acetate, ammonia, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, butyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, acetone, petroleum ether, and so on. As they are left with different substances depending on different approaches and different toxins, they test these on animals with the condition they try to improve. And once the animals seem to get better, they conclude that they have isolated the compound and that it is the same thing found in the original food. Then they gave it a name, in this case, ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C.

The problem with this is manifold. There is no control for any of the steps. There is no control for what the toxins and poisons did during the process, or what the remains of them will do to those taking this compound over time. Also, they only looked at one characteristic of the compound, in this case to improve scurvy. How can they say that this identified and totally destroyed compound, through their toxic process, has the same characteristics as the original compound found in food, when they only looked at one single variable, one single effect? And what about synergy with other compounds in that food?

This is how all so-called vitamins has been “identified.” So, what we have are some chemical compounds that seemed to “improve” some condition. Then they call these compounds “vitamins,” but they are only bleak copies with a very small resemblance to something found in the original food. All it is, is a separate small part that remains of the original substance that has been distorted and thrashed trough their process. And worse, then they photograph that atrocity, and give it a chemical formula, so they can recreate it from other stuff and end up with something that look pretty much identical, and then that too is used as that compound.

And more importantly, just because you get relieved of the symptoms from scurvy, by taking that compound called ascorbic acid, does not mean that it actually improved the condition. The effect observed cannot be used to prove the cause or that the compounds are the same. They might just as well have created a compound through their toxic process that simply block the symptoms of the underlaying problem, the same way all medicines and drugs work. And keep in mind that these vitamins, or the base compounds used in these supplements, are all manufactured in a few highly controlled and ‘medically licensed’ factories owned by Big Pharma and then sold in bulk to factories that actually manufactures the supplements in question.

Remember, most symptoms are from the body healing, from repairing and making adaptions. Taking something will not help with this, it will only shut down the process, fooling you into believing that you got better.
I covered this in depth here:

More on Disease and Healing – And Why Most Medicines and “Natural” Remedies are Worthless

And since these chemical substances they think are vitamins are based on samples from plants, they are inherently toxic to humans and nothing like the nutrients you find in our cells or in any animal’s cells. So, there is only one conclusion, all man-made chemical vitamins are toxic crap that might not even be what they pretend to be.

Do not ever take any kind of vitamins in supplement form. Consume real food!
Nature’s “multivitamin” is liver, or any organ meat, or even egg yolks or fish eggs.

Vitamin D

TC say yes. And let me stop him right there. As in the vitamins discussed above, vitamin D in supplement form is a total fraud, a hoax. What they call Vitamin D is actually the body’s response and indicator that you have been exposed to the sun. It’s simply a proxy marker for sun exposure, and nothing more.

If you take a “Vitamin D” or “D3” supplement, all you get is elevated levels of a marker in your blood, totally void of any known functionality or benefit. But it will fool your body into believing that you have been in the sun. This might upregulate some hormones making you feel a little better at first. But again, we ignore synergy and the body as a whole, as we did not get any sun exposure and no reaction from the skin, which is known to have more than 30 positive reactions on our body. In other words, by taking this abomination of a supplement, we might really mess with our body’s physiology and do great harm over time. I covered Vitamin D in this article from 2021:

Vitamin D will not cure the imaginary CONvid-19

Vitamin B12

TC says ‘don’t bother,’ and goes on to explain that it’s stored in the liver, and you could go on years without it. Yes, there it is again, liver, the nature’s awesome multivitamin.  See a pattern yet? Eat real food!
Then he adds that this may not be the case for retarded vegans or vegetarians; people without any discernment of what is natural or our species-specific food.
Well, spot on. And let me add, vitamin B12 is the same crap as discussed in multivitamins. Never ever take vitamin supplements.


TC goes on and say that there are different kinds and that psyllium lowers cholesterol (a really bad thing!,) reduce absorption of “calories” (that means nutrients, a really bad thing!,) and providing a feeling of satiety to curb appetite. No, that’s also bad. You only get hungry or get cravings when your body need real nutrients, when you are getting malnourished, as in developing nutrition deficiencies. What you need is to consume animal-based foods and you will never be hungry. And as for fiber, it’s contraindicated in the human diet, it’s actually extremely bad for us. Read more here:

Fiber is NOT needed in the human diet


TC says to go easy because it can accumulate on the linings of your arteries. Well, that is what might happen if you consume calcium that is non-organic and not found in animal-based foods, like getting it from a toxic vile supplement.


TC says ‘meh.’ Good on you TC! He finally got my message that your gut biome is individual. It always adapt to the foods your are consuming. Trying to alter this by adding different strains of bacteria is futile. Your body knows best. And you only get a fucked-up microbiome from taking medicines, drugs, and consuming fiber, carbohydrates, or simply not following our species-appropriate, species-specific diet. I covered the microbiome here:

Microbiome and Gut Bacteria Made Simple

Plant Protein

TC says, ‘huh?’ Yes, plant proteins are severely inferior to any protein source from the animal kingdom. Not only that, plants are extremely toxic to humans.

For more on proteins, and plant protein, check my article from 2016, it’s still as relevant as ever:

The Vegetarian/Vegan Protein Problem: The Dangers of Soy Products such as Tofu

Vitamin C

TC says ‘nah,’ and he also explains that it turns into a “pro-oxidant” when taken in too large amounts. Very true, and since it’s an abomination as explained earlier in the multivitamin section, ascorbic acid is also toxic and we know it turns into oxalate, binding to calcium causing kidney stones and buildup in joints. Even “studies” shows this. Study 1. Study 2.

I covered the effects of “vitamin C” or ‘ascorbic acid’ back in 2020 here:

Scared? Taking vitamin C? Being a sheeple?


TC says ‘sure,’ but also make the point that there are 28 types of collagen, then he also mentions that it is the amino acid glycine that drives the cartilage production, so your better of taking glycine.

Well, this is true. But again, taking a chemically derived amino acid is not healthy. Simply consume some bone marrow, bone broth, or more sinew cuts of meat. Again, eat real food!

I’ve covered collagen production in this article from 2019:

More on Skin Care and the Misinformation About Vitamin C

As for the other supplements on the initial list TC agrees. And I guess he has too, whether he knows the truth or not, as he’s involved in their supplement company Biotest. I however stepped away from that fraudulent business long ago, and I do not agree. All of the listed supplements are chemically modified versions of something they identified and think is important.
Minerals are not as dangerous, if you get organically bound versions, but again, if you consume animal-based foods daily, there should not be any need to “supplement” your diet. If you think there is, then it is your diet that sucks! It’s as simple as that.

If you need help with what to eat and what to focus on in different circumstances, then please join us at our uncensored online community and ask away.

I will also open up my coaching services again this week for those who really want to learn and change their lives. More information will be posted shortly.

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