Human History: Losing Body Fat is Not Hard

The other day CNN featured an article on “weight loss,” kind of glorifying body fat as a survival tool, which it once was while claiming that it’s really hard to lose it, which it absolutely is not. While the article is biased, it’s not that terrible for something published by the Jesuit-controlled CNN. Let’s break it down.

“(CNN) — If you think it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off, you are not alone — and you are also 100% correct. Long-term weight loss is really difficult to achieve, studies have found.
Estimates vary, but it’s believed that more than 80% of people who lose a substantial amount of weight regain it within five years.”

If you have any kind of discernment and logical thinking skills, you should be aware of the fact that a lot of people actually are successful in quickly losing body fat and/or staying lean, which simply means that the approach taken by the majority of clueless people, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, and other charlatans are the problem.

What these so-called “studies” show is that people are frikkin’ clueless about long-term fat loss, and the problem is the diets, the idiotic energy/calorie restriction dogma, and the even more idiotic choice and definition of food, as in which “food items” people consume on these “diets.” We’ll get to that later.

“But failure to shed pounds is often not about lacking the willpower to make important lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier, reducing calories and increasing physical activity. The dirty little secret is that our bodies are programmed by evolution to hold on to fat.”

No, our bodies are not programmed to “hold on to fat,” as fat is simply our reserve “fuel tank.” However, our bodies are programmed to store fat in favorable situations, as when you consume sugary/carbohydrate foods and blood sugar needs to be lowered or you would die, and most people has also damaged their bodies to become less efficient in using fat as fuel, as they are constantly poisoning themselves with consuming carbohydrates.

However, a healthy human who follow their natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal protein and animal fat will have no problem to tap into body fat for extra energy, as they are used to run on our natural fat metabolism. Humans living in nature does not always have access to food on a daily basis. In nature we feast and then we fast, and that is what we are built for. And as a note, humans who eat according to their physiology, as in our natural carnivorous diet, usually only achieve a healthy level of body fat, as it’s almost impossible to become overweight by consuming the right natural foods. However, such a natural level of body fat, where muscle bellies are still visible and defined, can sustain you for a month or more without food.

“All animals need some fat, but humans have evolved to have exceptionally high levels of fat, even thin humans. And so we are under exceptional sort of biological pressure, always, to put it on and keep it as long as we have it, for when we need it.”

Although a bit exaggerated, this is true. Humans, even when looking muscular and fit, still has more bodyfat than most other carnivorous animals. And this is because we have a larger brain that need fat, and we are constructed to survive, to use our wits to hunt and get fed, and to multiply. However, that does not mean that we need to become overweight, which is not natural. That is the result of consuming the wrong kind of foods, both poisoning ourselves with toxic plant defense chemicals and carbohydrates. I explained this in my article, “What Makes You Fat?

Historically, real humans in tribes have always been lean and muscular and never what we would consider overweight or even slightly “puffy.” That only happened once agriculture emerged and we went from consuming real animal-based food to plant-based slave food slop such as grains, seeds, and later man-made vegetables and foods such as bread, pasta, cereal, and so on.

“And while our bodies haven’t really evolved from those earlier times, our environment has — and that is, what Lieberman called, a big mismatch. Nowadays, we don’t have to run from wild animals, travel long distances on foot, or hunt and gather our next meal. We can pick up a smartphone to call an Uber or Uber Eats and experience all manner of modern conveniences. As a result, many people now live with weight issues and obesity, and all of the “mismatch diseases” that stem from that.”

This is true, but the big ‘elephant’ in the room is still the “food” itself. Every single person with a ‘weight problem’ consume toxic plant-based foods. And while we can tolerate and detoxify from the occasional bad food, consuming them daily, and even several times a day, or as in every single meal, is catastrophic for our health and physique. You are literally poisoning yourself every time you eat.

Now, if every single person would instead consume only species-appropriate, species-specific foods, not a single person would become overweight, much less obese. No matter if you could call an Uber or Uber Eats to get you some meat or eggs. I’ve never seen an overweight human who are strictly carnivore. It’s impossible, since you are always satiated and would need to force feed yourself to a degree of extreme nausea daily for months to become overweight on natural satisfying foods. The real problem is still the man-made foods, any food that contain anything derived from the plant kingdom, as they all contain highly toxic carbohydrates, seed/vegetable oils, antinutrients, defence chemicals, fiber, and pesticides.

“And so, of course, it’s hard. It’s because we evolved not to lose weight intentionally. And so, losing weight requires dieting, requires tricking your body and overcoming those adaptations — which your body’s going to fight you every, every inch of the way.”

No, this only happens when you have damaged your body, something that can be reversed, although it may take weeks or even months to heal and become fully fat adapted again. But once you are, and once you consume the right and appropriate foods, loosing that fat weight is easy. In simplicity, you consume the right nutritious foods until satiated, then you do some fasting to heal, detoxify, and use body fat as fuel. And when you are nourished from real food, you never get hungry, and you never get cravings. Those feelings (symptoms) are a sign that you are consuming the wrong foods, that you diet is lacking.

“Not all humans are meant to be stick figures or willowy waifs — no matter what you see on television, at the movies or on social media. Fat is especially important for humans. Even thin humans have between 15-25% body fat, which is three to four times more than most mammals.”

No, these are silly excuses. We are all born the same and your body fat mass is governed by your toxic exposure and the foods you consume, both what you eat and how much you eat. It’s that simple.

And this is why it’s so important to give our children the right foods, as in solely animal-based foods. As a parent, you are setting the stage, the foundation for your child as they grow and develop into adults. If you destroy their metabolism, poison them, let them become overweight and make them believe that man-made plant-based foods are natural, you have set them up for utter and total failure.

And natural body fat levels are about 8% to 15% in men and 12% to 25% in women. At these levels, even at the upper half, some muscle definition is visible, such as the outlines of the abdominal muscles, and visible separation between shoulder and arms.

“For most of human history people regularly cycled through times when they took in more energy than they used and stored the surplus as fat and then drew on those fat reserves during lean times when they used more energy than they consumed.”

So, now you admit that body fat was easily accessed and used during times of scarcity. In other words, a healthy human can store a bit of extra body fat in times of surplus and then easily use it in times of shortage. Guess what? The same is true today, if you have a fat adapted body. Storing and losing body fat is a natural function of our physiology. It’s not hard, it’s not difficult, not unless you sabotage your physiology by consuming crap, by poisoning and damaging it.
And even if you have been deceived into doing that, it can still be reversed if you simply start working in natural harmony with your physiology.

“Lieberman said dieting triggers the body’s starvation responses that cause dieters to crave food and save energy by slowing down their metabolism. So when people diet, they almost always struggle to overcome ancient, fundamental adaptations to prevent their bodies from losing weight.”

Regular energy restrictive dieting, as in eating less, or reducing “calories,” will be perceived as starvation. However, this is mostly because people rely on plant-based foods which are totally void of bioavailable nutrients. In other words, most people are nutrient deficient. They are overfed on energy-giving macronutrients, but underfed on vital and essential micronutrients. They are overfed, but still malnourished. And when you are lacking in essential nutrients your body will respond with hunger and cravings, to desperately get you to consume more food to fill that void, to make sure you actually get the nutrition you need. However, as that nutrition cannot be found in plant foods, and only in animal-based foods, it’s a vicious cycle of overeating, always chasing nutrients, but never getting them because they continuously consume the wrong foods.

And this is also why diets and dieting does not work long-term unless you consume your species-appropriate foods, unless you actually get bioavailable nutrients, and especially animal fat and animal protein.

“If you are wondering which is more important for weight loss — exercise or dieting — the answer is both, but for different reasons.
You can lose more weight by dieting than exercising. But exercise helps prevent gaining or regaining weight, plus it has many, many other benefits for both mental and physical health.”

Actually, no. Some exercise is good for keeping a survival baseline of fitness and being able to do some difficult tasks if the need arises. That, however, comes from physical work or some simple and low frequent strength or bodyweight training, and that is something that should be done all throughout your life, and not temporarily for “losing body fat.”

And doing additional exercise for “weigh loss” only means extra stress, and it also set you up for a greater energy demand. And what do you think will happen once you no longer can or lost the interest in keeping up that exercise regimen? Yes, your energy demand will drop, and the amount of food you are now used to consuming will be too much, and you’ll begin adding back fat weight again.

So, that was their article. Some small grains of truth, twisted and hidden behind some big lies and deception, as they always do – never approaching the core lie, that of the food items themselves. Remember, the biggest industries in the world are the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry. They work hand in hand to keep you weak, sick, docile, and to maximize profits by making you a good consumer of their toxic crap products.
If the truth about human nutrition and disease became widespread public knowledge, these industries would collapse. Not to mention that people would become strong, energetic, and self-aware again, and would thus likely revolt against the slave beast system.

If you need help transitioning to our species-appropriate, species-specific diet and/or with fat loss, I’m available for both coaching and consulting.

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