Coaches, Dieticians, Nutritionists, and the Tale of Nutrients, Toxins and “Science”

Since childhood, you’ve been programmed to respect, listen to, and not question anything from authority figures, preferable in white coats and with a funny name, no matter how stupid or mocking their suggestions or “facts” are. A perfect example of this was the staged and fake Coronavirus pandemic where the most indoctrinated puppets put on face diapers, refrained from even meeting or hugging loved ones, lined up 6 feet apart when outside, and even queued in painted squares on the floor. That is the power of mind control and the programmed behavior of following the herd, not standing out or exposing oneself as a target of a mindless mob of zombies. One of the mantras of the braindead sheeple, as repeated almost daily in the mind-controlling media, was “trust the science.”

No, you should NEVER trust “the science,” because that is actually the true definition of science, long before it got hijacked by the elite powers and their puppets.

As a thinking human being, the first rule of ‘science’ is to always question everything. That should be obvious, yet about 99.9 % of all humans have already failed at this first and very simple rule. Questioning things is how we do ‘science,’ and questioning ‘science’ is even more scientific. Actually, the proper way to do science is to question ‘established science,’ to try and prove it wrong — or at least that was the definition about 120 to 150 years ago. However, in today’s society, we are strongly discouraged to do so, especially among paid scientists. To question established science, the “science” that line governments and companies’ pockets with money, will get you fired and your name and reputation dragged through the mud. Hence the slogans “trust the science” or “follow the science,” when it indeed should be “question the science.”

This is the reality in every single scientific area, and especially anything that has to do with health, nutrition, and disease. A nourished and healthy human have the energy and strength to rebel and question, while a malnourished, weak and subdued human has no energy or lifeforce and simply follow the herd, like a proper good little sheep.
The majority of everything you have been taught as “established science” is based on lies, deceit, and extremely flawed theories. It’s simply repeated rubbish that no one within their field dare to question. It’s been so ingrained from childhood and the educational system, reinforced by media and fake authority figures, that it is simply never questioned, it has become the truth for most people.

They tell us that we are made up of atoms, “made up” being the keyword here as ‘atoms’ has never been proven in actual science, it’s a theory. Same thing as our cells, since they cannot be viewed or studied whilst alive and working as a part of our bodies. What science call ‘cells’ are theoretical drawings ‘made up’ from black and white electron microscope images taken from dead samples of tissue that has been bathed in solvents, chemicals, and heavy metals, which has broken down and destroyed the tissue, and then it’s frozen, because an electron microscope will generate a temperature of 150°C (302F) at the moment it takes its picture, which evaporates the sample. Whatever is left in the tissue sample after such a harsh treatment is what they based our ‘cells’ on, and also all their theories of how a cell actually works. Yes indeed, how our cells are structured, what alleged parts they contain, and how they work is all based on theories, on speculations that fit into an overall unproven theory of the ‘cell’ and its ‘interactions’ and ‘functions’ within the human body.

The same thing is true for what we believe to be “isolated vitamins” and other compounds related to nutrition, which is why man-made ‘vitamins’ are simply toxic shitstorms of chemicals nowhere to be actually found in nature. And this is why I try to simplify nutrition as much as possible, looking at what we can actually see, observe, and study, while using common sense and logic.

From looking at our physiology, such as teeth, stomach acid, and intestines, we can clearly see that we as humans are obligate hyper carnivores, made to consume animals and even leftovers, as in rotting cadavers (as our stomach acid is comparable to that of the wolf, and our intestines are more similar to that of the typical carnivore than any kind of herbivore.) Also, we know that there actually is no such thing as a “herbivore,” as all animals that has adapted to be able to consume plants for survival, also consume small animals given the chance. Elks and deer will eat bird eggs, small birds, bugs, worms, small snakes, and even squirrels if they find one that is hurt or dead.  

And we know that children instinctively will go for meat and anything red that reminds them of meat and blood. Actually, any human not brainwashed and indoctrinated with western “science” will always consume animal-based food as their staple, and only reach for anything plant-based out of necessity, as when faced with starvation. We have seen this with every single indigenous tribe ever documented in old literature before the elite with economic interests and the will to control their slave population began rewriting history and everything natural.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I too was trapped in much of this theoretical science, (more appropriate ‘pseudo-science,’) for the better part of my life, although I did question most things and also did most things differently from other coaches who simply followed the herd, bleating and repeating the same old nonsense. My nutritional programs were always animal-based, as in each meal containing meat and animal fats, but unfortunately with the optional small serving of toxic vegetables and some toxic man-made supplements. However, since my clients always had fatty meat from ruminants, as well as whole eggs, especially egg yolk, as their base, they always did better than other athletes who consumed lean meat, more plant-based garbage and egg whites, as our foundation was much more solid. Also, they were never really hungry or had cravings, as they never got any typical nutrition deficiencies.

And that brings me to a new ‘trend’ among some ‘truthers.’ As we can’t be sure that nutrients, such as vitamins, actually exists, or at least not exists as they are represented by ‘science’ in tables and pictures, many truthers say that ‘nutrition deficiencies’ does not exist and that all ‘illnesses and ‘deterioration’ of health are from toxins, poisons and stress.

While I do keep an open mind after everything I have went through and discovered, I also apply logic and common sense to everything I have witnessed and experienced when working with clients, with actual human beings, for more than 30 years. I’ve helped countless of bodybuilders and fitness athletes recover after starvation diets put forth by incompetent coaches and I’ve helped more than 70 ex-vegans to recover and adapt our natural species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods.

Yes, we know that a lot of health problems are due to toxic overload and the inability to properly detox. However, the health- and bodily deterioration seen in ALL vegans is unquestionable. They lose muscle- and bone mass (especially noticeable in their face as the skull deteriorate/shrink,) their skin prematurely ages and lose elasticity, their teeth deteriorate, becomes sensitive and almost transparent, their hormone levels plummets, they get infertile, their brain is starving and they get mentally ill, their skin get pale and damp, and dark circles form beneath their eyes, telling us of organ damage and so on. I’ve seen it all, repeated time, and time again, in every single ex-vegan client I’ve helped. Some so badly hurt by their delusion that they will never fully heal and recover.

So, did all this happen simply because of the toxins in the plant foods? And why did they get better and start recover at the moment of the first bite of a piece of meat? As all my clients has told me, at the moment they tasted meat again, it was like a ‘light switch’ was turned on in their heads. They could finally think straight again and they felt alive for the first time in years, like a tied hood was removed from around their heads. And most ex-vegans began their recovery by simply adding meat to their diet, while still consuming a lot of the same toxic vegetables — still they began to quickly recover. If all their health problems were from ‘toxicity,’ why did the single addition of animal protein and animal fats make them so much better? The toxic load did not change, but actual human-specific nutrition was added, as in nutrients.

And that leads me to what I’ve been saying for years, what is extremely simple and logic. Whatever we are ‘made up’ from, whether it is cells as portrayed by “science,” or something similar, or something completely different, we humans are simply built just like any animal. We have muscle tissue, we have organs, we have bones, and we have blood. Whatever is used by our body to make these things, to repair and sustain them, are available in the same tissues and in the blood. So, logically, since we as humans can and are made for consuming the flesh and fat of other animals; we will get exactly what we need by doing so, without the need for our bodies to try and convert or modify the content of the food, which would be the case if you consumed something plant-based, something that we are not made up from.
And that simple explanation to nutrition should be all we need.

So, if you’re a coach, a dietician, a nutritionist, or whatever you or the system has labelled you as, you need to rethink everything. If you recommend carbohydrate sources or anything plant-based such as man-made toxic vegetables, fruits or extremely toxic nuts and seeds, and so on, you are playing right into the hands of the power elite and their corporations, multi-billion industries, and worse, you are poisoning and hurting your clients, actually taking years off their life. Your blind trust in the corrupt establishment has made you into an instrument for their evil bidding and destruction, and you need to realize this and break free. You need to reconnect with nature, with your inner-self and start over. Many will not be able to do it because of their fragile ego, because they cannot admit that they have been wrong, wasted time and effort on lies in books and courses, and that they have done harm. And for us who can see clearly, we need to challenge them, and we need to remind people of nature and what it is to be a human being, and to question those who want to rule you through all means possible, including that of creating disease through a false paradigm of nutrition.

It’s evident that anything plant-based will hurt us, as seen over, and over again amongst vegetarians, vegans, fruitarians, or pretty much anyone following a typical western modern diet high in processed plant-based foods, and low in animal foods. And it’s also evident that anyone adopting our natural carnivorous diet heals and recovers very quick, as they can actually start to detox, and that they never show signs of illness, food cravings, or hunger – as they are fully nourished (another logical clue to the fact that nutrition deficiencies exist, as anyone doing a stupid food deprived diet will get hungry and get cravings, while someone animal-based doing the same, or even fasting, never experience those ‘symptoms’.)

I could go on for hours, but my time is up for this morning, and the article is long enough as it is. For more reading on this ‘simple’ and logical subject, check the links in the article and the recommended links below. And if you need help with adopting our natural species-appropriate diet, or if you have questions or need support, I’m available for both consulting and coaching. Simple questions and guidance are also available through our uncensored community at

Thank you for reading.

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