A Quick Look at the Fitness & Bodybuilding Pseudo/Bro-Science, Week 42

If you’re new to me and my website, I worked daily in the Fitness-, Bodybuilding-, Gym-, and Competitive Sports industry for almost 22-years with nutrition, supplementation, and training — and was involved in it for a total of more than 26 years. Most of that time, I too was trapped in the pseudo-science of “nutrition science” and was fooled by the synthetic toxic crap of the pharmaceutical and supplement industry. My outlook and understanding took a sharp turn as I became severely ill in late 2017 with several tumors, liver and kidney damage and my thyroid shutting down. In a last effort I turned it around in a matter of a few weeks by adopting our natural species appropriate diet of the raw flesh and fat of animals and by following up with regular water-fasting combined with days of dry fasting. You can read more about that here:

My Journey – Why I do what I do…

For this week’s articles we’ll head back to ‘Muscle and Health’ and their ‘nutrition’ section of articles. Their latest article is called, “Nutrition Expert Reveals the Pros and Cons of Popular Diets.”

Well, there is only one species appropriate and species-specific diet for humans, and that is an ‘animal-based’ diet, or ‘carnivore.’ Everything else ‘diet wise’ is mind constructs made by people who has an agenda and/or want to sell you something or simply want to look smart and important within their field of pseudo-science. So, this will be interesting. And ‘nutrition expert’ they say, well, we’ll see about that…

The ’nutritionist’ in question is Anthony O’Reilly from BarBend. Never heard of the little guy, so I did a quick search at the BarBend website and it says he provide services within Bodybuilding and Nutrition, yet he looks like he never visited a gym in his life. No muscle mass and zero muscle definition. That’s a little warning sign right there, but let’s see what he got.

1. Intermittent Fasting

Well, intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet. It’s a way to structure you eating. Perhaps he just got a little bit confused. Let’s read his rationale for bringing IF up on the table.

He says, “Intermittent Fasting involves consuming all your calories within a set time period and then fasting for the rest of the day.” Sure, but ‘calories’ is a measurement of heat production. Replace that stupid word with ‘energy’ or, in this case, with ‘food,’ and that description makes a lot more sense. Still, that is not a diet. It’s a way to structure your daily food intake.

Then he says, “The concept is that you will be eating fewer calories since you are squeezing them into a narrower timeframe, instead of consuming them throughout the day.” Again, with the frikkin’ calories. And yes, it’s much more difficult to overeat if you only have a window of 4 or 6 hours a day to eat all your food. And that is pretty much it, then he lists advantages and disadvantages for each “diet.”

Advantages of Intermittent Fasting:

Leads to weight loss, helps improve insulin resistance, reduce oxidative stress on your cells, stabilize blood sugar levels, and reduce the risk of strokes.

Yes, but you fail to explain why. This is simply because whenever you eat and your body has to digest food, or anything that you swallow, that takes priority and your detox and healing is temporarily more or less shut down. If you eat all day long, you can only detox and heal for a few hours when you sleep. However, if you restrict your eating to a window during the day, your body will be in a fasting state for a bit longer, allowing for more detoxing and healing, keeping you healthier. Simple.

Disadvantages of Intermittent Fasting:

Can be difficult to stick with long-term due to low energy, cravings, habits, and the discipline required to stick to the specific time frames.
Studies investigating intermittent fasting also point to certain side effects that may occur during the fasting stage, for example, mood swings, constipation, dehydration, or diminished sleep quality.”

Yes, but again you fail to explain why and how you can fix this. And this is where the actual “diet” part comes in. The ‘problem’ with IF is that you cannot apply it to any kind of ‘way of eating.’ If you choose the popular 18:6, that is, eat for 6 hours, fast for 18 hours; you have 6 hours to get in all nutrients your body needs – and that most likely from only two meals. If you do not know about our species appropriate diet and that only animal foods provide all nutrients in bioavailable form, you will crash and burn sooner or later as you will develop nutrition deficiencies. Even worse if you think you can survive on mostly plant foods, and now you restrict yourself even further. That will really damage your body for life.

Now, if you enjoy the lifestyle of IF, you need to make sure you only consume animal-based foods. You need to be fully carnivore to be able to flourish on this way of eating. It’s the only way to guarantee that you get all the nutrition you need within such a limited time frame. There are tons of information on my website on how to go about with this, and on our community ungovernable.se.

2. Mediterranean diet

Yes, that actually is a ‘diet,’ and a terrible one at that. Let’s see what he says.

The diet is rich in heart-healthy foods such as vegetables, grains, fish, fruit, olive oil, and nuts. Consumption of red meat is kept to a minimum, and dairy intake is moderate and consists of high-quality sources such as yogurt and cheese.

Ok, you went full-retard and dove right into the pseudo-science without blinking. First off, there is no such thing as ‘heart-healthy’ foods. There is our species appropriate diet with animal-based foods which support our health and wellbeing, and there are damaging foods that contains toxins, chemicals, and non-bioavailable nutrients. Actually, “vegetables, grains, fruit, olive oil, and nuts” are all highly toxic and full of antinutrients and defence chemicals. Extremely bad for you. What actually make this “diet” somewhat sustainable (as in surviving, not thriving) is the amount of fish, raw milk, yoghurt, and cheese that they consume. Even though the plant foods will rob you of nutrients with their antinutrients, while also adding a toxic load, you might still get enough nutrients to survive and be better off than anyone following the ‘modern western diet’ or anything with a lot of Frankenstein foods.

Then he lists some advantages, and let’s just cut to the chase. There are NO advantages to such a stupid diet.

Same with disadvantages. It should be obvious. You need the meat and fat of animals. This diet is lacking, it’s idiotic.

3. Paleo diet

Another invented fad-diet that has ZERO to do with how we actually ate in the past. Let’s see if he understands this or if he has fallen prey to the pseudo-science once again.

“The Paleo diet, sometimes called “the Caveman diet,” involves only eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Any grains, dairy, processed foods, beans, legumes, and sugars must be avoided while sticking to this diet.”

Ok, that’s all he wrote. Well, as I said, this ‘paleo diet’ has zero scientific background. We already know that humans are animal-based and that we mostly consumed animals year-round. We only consumed other things as a necessity for survival if there weren’t enough animals around. And as I’ve written multiple times, nuts and seeds are the most toxic and damaging things you can consume, with any vegetable taking third followed by fruits.

Still, as meat and fish are highlighted in this diet, it’s still a far better ‘diet’ than anything we see in modern society today. However, drop the idiotic toxic plant matter and you have the carnivore diet, our species appropriate diet.

Advantages? Well, better than pretty much any other fad-diet invented.

Disadvantages? There is still some toxic and damaging “foods” in there. Get rid of it.

4. Carnivore diet

Not to be slanderous, but judging from his photos where you can see some of his physique, he most likely knows nothing about our species appropriate, species-specific diet. He looks like an infant formula soy boy.

The carnivore diet is the exact opposite of veganism. Carnivore devotees only eat animal-based products, such as meat, cheese, milk, animal-based fats, and eggs. There are no grains, no vegetables, and no fruits.

Yes, that is what our physiology is built for. That is the easiest and best way to get ALL nutrients we need and in a fully bioavailable format. No need for our body to struggle with enzymatic processes in order to convert some chemical-like nutrient from a plant food into a functional nutrient.

Now, let’s see how he summarizes our perfect diet.

Advantages of the Carnivore diet: 

There is proof that it can lead to weight loss, especially since protein increases the body’s thermic effect of feeding —the energy it takes to digest food.
Carnivore diet followers have claimed it can fight inflammation and prevent nutrient deficiencies.”

Well, most people that have unnatural amounts of body fat will lose that fat rather quickly and reach their natural body fat range where their body works optimally. That is just what happens when you finally get all the nutrition you need and your hormones can return to normal, aiding you in fat loss, weight management and even muscle building.

Disadvantages of the Carnivore diet:

The lack of fruits and vegetables may lead to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and overall risk of death.”

And there he went full pseudo-science retard again. There is no evidence in any literature that this is so. Actually, it’s the exact opposite. The toxic load from plant foods will increase your body’s need to detoxify. If compromised by other stressors and pollutants, the toxic load can build up and damage your organs. If it continues and you can’t detoxify properly, toxins will be sealed off in tumors, giving you what the “science” calls cancer.

However, all you need to do to reverse such terrible scenarios is to adopt our species appropriate diet and make sure you have enough hours to detoxify. Even better yet, if you know you need to detoxify, once you have adequate nutrient stores from consuming ample of animal foods, all you need to do is some prolonged fasting (5 to 7 days or more.)

5. Sirtfood diet

What, did you say ‘shit-food diet?’ Is that veganism? Vegans shit themselves all day long due to not being able to digest anything of the crap they force down their gullets.
Oh, ‘sirt-food diet’ as in ‘sirtuins’ an alleged signaling protein. Let’s see what he says.

The diet focuses on foods high in sirtuins, a group of proteins found in the body that regulate metabolism. Foods high in sirtuins include red wine, dark chocolate, walnuts, arugula, coffee, and extra-virgin olive oil.”

First off, sirtuins are produced by the body, and hence, are found in the body. You cannot get it from plants as these ‘sirtuins’ are chemical compounds similar to those produced in the body, but not the exact same thing. By consuming these idiotic foods that you listed, you will only poison yourself and increase your toxic load. And yes, if taken in small amounts on an empty stomach you might actually feel a bit wired and your metabolism might actually go up for a short while – because you have poisoned yourself and your body is struggling with expelling the toxins from your system. That is stress. That is not a good thing.

And no, no advantages, only disadvantages. It’s actually is a shit-food diet. Let’s move on.

6. The Ketogenic diet

This is also more of a way of eating than a specific diet, as it does not tell you what foods to consume and what to avoid. It’s simply about excluding toxic and very unnecessary carbohydrates from your diet and focusing on fat instead.

Keto, as it is called for short, prioritizes fat (65-75 per cent of your daily calories), with moderate protein consumption (20-30 per cent) and very few carbs (only about five per cent, though some versions prohibit carbs altogether).
The Keto diet was designed to keep the body in a near-constant state of ketosis, a metabolic state where the body creates ketones from fat to use as energy instead of sugar from carbs (the body’s primary and preferred energy source).”

Again, with the calories. And then he goes full-retard again and claims that carbohydrates are the body’s primary and preferred energy source. That is pure bullocks, it’s the exact opposite. Your body prioritizes carbohydrates because blood sugar must be controlled or you will die. Glucose in excess is a deadly poison. I have debunked this idiotic statement so many times. Here is a good read:

Carbohydrates are NOT our body’s preferred fuel

Advantages? You remove toxic carbohydrates and thus also a lot of deuterium and other toxins and antinutrients that are present I carbohydrate rich foods.

Disadvantages? The author just mentions weight loss and that there’s no difference when energy intake is matched with other diets. Bah, who cares?

There are only disadvantages if you do not know what to eat. If you use vegetable/seed oils for fat, you will really hurt yourself as that is the most toxic crap you can put in your body. Same thing if you consume anything from plants.

However, our species appropriate diet of animal-based foods is by its natural design a ketogenic diet. However, you usually get more protein on a carnivore diet, which at time will take you out of ketosis, which is a good thing and makes your body more adaptable – so it can handle some carbohydrates if an emergency occurs and there’s not enough animal foods available.

There you go, this “expert” made a really bad job. He’s certainly no expert, not even educated. But hopefully you learned something or at least had a good laugh or two.

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