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Posts about our species-appropriate diet – the only way to get all the nutrition we need in bioavailable form. Also exposing the unhealthy, deficient and potentially deadly Vegan and Vegetarian psy-op (Agenda 2030) sponsored by the Elites/Cabals.

Simple Food Ranking for Humans

While I do touch on nutrient density and toxicity of different ‘edibles’ in my coaching nutrition guides, the ‘ranking’ of food is one of the most common questions I receive on social media and also in my consulting sessions.It’s typical human programming to want a list and thus being able to “get away” with some bad choices as long as you stick with the good ones most of the time. And sure, it can […]

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Animal-Based/Carnivore Diet and Fat Loss Online Coaching

This is simply a quick and friendly reminder of my online coaching services, as my workload is once again somewhat low. In other words, now is the perfect time to contact me and change your life forever. Please note that I’ve added a “simple carnivore package” for those with adequate knowledge of our natural diet and are only looking to transition into our natural carnivorous way of eating (and not in need of a

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Definitions: Carnivore, Animal-Based, or…?

Before we start, there are some ‘universal truths’ that are not debatable, such as the scientific and physiological fact that humans are obligate hyper carnivores; that we are physiologically built for the consumption of animal fat and animal protein. This also means that anything from the ‘plant kingdom’ is toxic and potentially harmful to us. In addition, plants in general are extremely low on bioavailable nutrients, which means that we as humans have a

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More on Fish Oil/Omega-3

As I’m a bit pressed on time this Sunday morning, this will be rather short and based on a recent article published over at T Nation called, “We’ve Been Taking Fish Oil Wrong, and You Have Too.” Oh, okay then. Are you going to admit that most fish oil supplements are rancid and toxic once being consumed and that we all are better off simply consuming some fatty fish now and then, or sticking

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Dr. Eric Berg: Healthy Keto vs. Dirty Keto

Muscle & Fitness recently published a Keto-based article based on an interview with Dr. Eric Berg. And while Dr. Berg might seem ‘controversial’ and ‘censored’ on YouTube in the eyes of the sleeping general public, he’s still somewhat trapped in the pseudoscience and ideology of nutrition. So, let’s see what Muscle & Fitness and Dr. Eric Berg has to say about the Ketogenic Diet and the multiple versions of it. The article’s preamble paints

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Human History: Losing Body Fat is Not Hard

The other day CNN featured an article on “weight loss,” kind of glorifying body fat as a survival tool, which it once was while claiming that it’s really hard to lose it, which it absolutely is not. While the article is biased, it’s not that terrible for something published by the Jesuit-controlled CNN. Let’s break it down. “(CNN) — If you think it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off, you are not

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Nutritional Coaches, Nutritionists, and Dieticians

I’ve always been a forerunner within the fitness industry. Even before my real awakening in 2018, I never considered becoming a registered nutritionist or dietician, even though I had the educational background and years of experience. I could easily have provided the answers they were looking for, but that would have meant that I had compromised what I knew was right. Even back then, in the late 90’s, I knew that carbohydrates were bad

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Skinny Fat and the ABC of Body Composition for Women

Today we once again return to T-Nation and their ‘Chief Content Officer’ Chris Shugart and another breakdown of a study from 2020 on women and body composition. The study was focused on what they call “Normal-Weight Obesity,” or simply ‘NWO,’ as in a funny pun on ‘New World Order,’ as we see these ‘skinny fat’ people everywhere nowadays. Actually, Shugart explains it well in his funny introduction; “Talk to the average out-of-date dietician and

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