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Cancer is a Natural Survival Mechanism

The pseudo-scientific “germ-based” shill website Medical News Today recently posted another article on cancer, claiming that “early-stage cancer cells” hide from the “immune system.”This is yet another made-up lie to add to the growing misinformation and fear propaganda about cancer – while trying to normalize it, as cancer is growing due to our bad modern lifestyle of stress, pollution, and toxic slave food. And as most people should know by now, we do not […]

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Red-Light Therapy, is it Beneficial?

The pharmaceutical and medical shill-website ‘Medical News Today’ recently posted an article about red-light therapy and its effects on blood sugar levels. While it’s worrisome that the evil medical industry pushes something like ‘red-light therapy,’ it’s mainly because it’s another way to treat symptoms and making tons of money while doing nothing about the real cause of the problem. Let’s see what they have to say before I give you my view on it.

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If You’re Cranky, It’s Your Own Fault

The pharmaceutical pseudoscience shill site ‘healthline’ recently posted an article with what they call the “science” of being ‘cranky,’ as in the reasons for feeling irritable and annoyed. Science you say? Well, the first rule of “science” is to question everything, especially what is believed by indoctrinated dimwits to be “established science,” so this could be fun. Let’s get on with it. In their article, ‘healthline’ presents five explanations for being stuck in a

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Stubborn Body Fat

Yesterday, the T-Nation staff published an anonymous article about “stubborn body fat” due to what they call “insulin insensitivity.” And as usual with these bro-science and pseudo-science-based fitness-websites, they almost got a few things right — but as always, they got most of it wrong. Let’s see what they had to say on this subject. They introduce their “article of solutions” by explaining that it is easy for a guy to go from 25%

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Coughing for Weeks? Healthline Still Clueless

The website ‘healthline,’ as in a direct line to destroy your health, recently posted an article called “Why Am I Still Coughing Weeks After Getting Over a Cold?” Well, the short and simple answer is that, if you are still experiencing symptoms after several weeks, you are still healing from whatever ails you. And if the symptoms linger for weeks, you are not assisting your body, but working against it, likely by eating shitty

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Dr. Eric Berg: Healthy Keto vs. Dirty Keto

Muscle & Fitness recently published a Keto-based article based on an interview with Dr. Eric Berg. And while Dr. Berg might seem ‘controversial’ and ‘censored’ on YouTube in the eyes of the sleeping general public, he’s still somewhat trapped in the pseudoscience and ideology of nutrition. So, let’s see what Muscle & Fitness and Dr. Eric Berg has to say about the Ketogenic Diet and the multiple versions of it. The article’s preamble paints

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Biohacking is Complete Bullshit

Inspired by a post at our community forums over at, about the hydrogen water gimmick, I decided to make a short article about this nonsense called ‘biohacking.’ And be prepared, I will not pull any punches today as a bloody nose might be what is needed to wake some people up from their indoctrination and reversed ‘logic.’ To make it easy, I will define ‘biohacking,’ also known as ‘DIY biology,’ as a futile

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