Quick Start: Germs, Viruses, Contagion, Disease and Other Lies

You cannot catch a disease. You cannot treat or cure a disease with remedies. All disease comes from within.

This is a collection of articles by me, Joachim Bartoll, to get you started on how our body, all living things, and nature actually works, based on my last +6 years of research, of living and coaching, and my previous +17 years of wasted research within nutrition, chemistry, biology, the medical field and pharmacology, and from what I gathered and validated from hundreds of other truth-seekers within my network over the last years.
(To be expanded and updated)

Introduction to bacteria, and why it is vital to our health and all life

There are no pathogens. You cannot ‘catch’ a disease

We do not have an “Immune System” since there are no invaders to fight

You cannot cure “diseases,” and symptoms are manifestations of the healing process

German New Medicine — a look at some “diseases” and what it actually is

The virus scam and the ‘shedding’ fear mongering

All the scams and fear mongering by controlled opposition and disinformation agents

The Genetics/Gene Fraud – DNA, RNA, mRNA

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