The ‘Died Suddenly’ Psy-Op – A Tiny Bit of Truth Mixed with a Whole Lot of Lies — Updated 2

Remember “Watch the Water” by Stew Peters and his crew? Yes, the ridiculous and stupid “documentary” about ‘Covid-19’ being “snake venom” put in the water supply, and how they were frantically searching for a way to detox from said venom. Yeah, some people actually fell for that insane idea and shared that video. I did a quick post about it here:

Now, the sinister controlled opposition behind ‘Watch the Water’ are back with another psy-op to lure in the slumbering anti-vaxxers and those slowly waking up. No-one outside this ‘community’ will watch it. Only the unvaccinated will. The slumbering 70 percent or so of the big masses, who really need to wake up will not watch it. Even if they get the video thrown in their face, their programming will kick in as it has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theorist movie, and they will move on to something else. And that is part of the psy-op, to keep it within the ‘community’ of half-woke slumbering “truthers” and anti-vaxxers. To strengthen Stew Peters and his crew’s position among their gullible fans as it looks like they are exposing the ‘sudden death’ phenomenon – all while stroking the ego of those who see themselves as ‘pure bloods,’ whom can now point a finger at the sheep shouting, “I told you so, you are now dying in droves.”

And yes, most of us are aware that a lot of people are dying “suddenly” (SADS) at a very young age, all around us. And yes, the most likely cause is the Covid-19 vaccine, but that’s about it. The problem is that the “anti-vax” movement should not even exist, as vaccines should not exist. This goes back to the core lie, the lie that really need to be exposed, that no virus has ever been isolated nor proven to exist. And that goes for transmittable diseases as well. Contagion has never been proven, only the opposite – that you can not catch a disease from someone else. As I write this, 211 health and science institutions around the world has been asked, through the free information act, to provide a record of a virus isolation, a proof that viruses exist, and yet not one single institution of these 211 has been able to do so. Not a single one of 211!

And that takes us back to this psy-op “documentary” called Died Suddenly. Right off the bat they talk about Covid-19 and viruses as if they are real, which they absolutely are not. This is the main task of controlled opposition, to keep the big underlying lie alive – the lie that feeds the whole machinery, the lie that keep us on our knees and under the tyranny of Big Pharma. Instead, to gain trust among gullible people in our community, they attack the vaccines. And yes, the vaccines are bad, at least the very few real vials, as at least 80 % or more are nothing but salt water, as I have explained with simple logic and simple mathematics in these posts:

The Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturing Scam – Impossible Logistics
As I Said from the Start – At Least 70 to 85% of All Cov-1984 Vaccines are ‘Harmless’

Actually, that should be common sense. If they could manufacture such quantities of these high-tech and very unstable vaccines, and all the vials had the real stuff and it was deadly, people would have been dying in the streets for years now. Then even the sleeping masses, the NPCs, would have taken notice.

Not only do this “Died Suddenly” reinforce the virus lie, when attacking the vaccine and to make their point of ‘sudden deaths,’ they use a lot of non-relevant footage taken totally out of context. For example, they show a clip of Florida Gators basketball player Keyontae Johnson collapsing on the court. Well, that happened on December 12, 2020, before the vaccines were available. Also, he didn’t die, he just collapsed from playing with an injury.
Actually, the movie is full of these ‘out of context’ and totally unrelated clips. And that is also Controlled Opposition 101, as the “anti-vaxx documentary” thus can be debunked and ridiculed outside of their community, and it will only encourage the sleeping masses to trust in their fake science, to trust their slave masters in the Government. After all, if the “anti-vaxxers” can’t even make a documentary to prove their point without using tons of fake footage, they must be lying about everything else as well, right? That is at least what the sleeping masses will think, and also those who are uncertain and are standing with one foot in each camp. This awful “documentary” filled with gruesome and out of context footage might very well put them back in the ‘I trust the government’ camp.
Of course, it’s also a brilliant video for the infodemic agenda; for getting channels and people accounts banned or deleted on social media, as baby-truthers share this nonsense. And by reverse psychology, these baby-truthers will think that they’re onto something when the fact-checkers hit them with the ban-stick, which is just part of the larger picture.

And as for blood clots. Yes, they also seem to be real, as I personally know many who have experienced it, and also died from it, and all of them were vaccinated. Still, I never seen any unvaccinated under the age of 70 dying from blood clots. It used to be very rare below that age. However, to ridicule the ‘blood clot’ phenomenon, controlled opposition turned to shills within the embalming profession. And if you know anything about death and physiology, you know that blood start to clot the moment you die. The process of displacing blood with embalming fluid necessitates the removal of blood clots directly from the jugular vein, which is opened for this purpose. Embalmers use long forceps to get these natural wormlike blood clots out while the blood is replaced by the embalming solution.
Also, ‘white’ blood clots are simply Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT,) a low platelet count, usually due to the administration of various forms of heparin, an anticoagulant.

And if someone dies of “sudden death” or anything that is not deemed as natural causes, an autopsy is performed, which means that arteries are cut in several places and embalmers would not have drainage done the same way as single point injection of non-autopsied bodies. Also, embalmers have no idea about cause of death as that is not in the death certificate. I covered this hoax in detail here:

Blood Clotting and the Embalmers’ Blood Clot Stories

So, again, this ‘Died Suddenly’ is a psy-op to ridicule those who are against vaccinations, something that should not even exist if we exposed the core lie, and it also ridicules vaccine-related side-effects and deaths, as the footage used are mostly out of context and fake. That is also why the “documentary” starts with a lot of clips from totally unrelated “conspiracy theories” like the moon landing, 9/11, Epstein, the fake war in Ukraine, the use of green screens and CGI, and so on — to set the tone and to make the casual watcher turn away thinking that it is all just stupid conspiracies (aka., the discrediting effect by association.) And that is the purpose of Controlled Opposition, at first glance it looks as they are on your side, fighting for good, while in reality, all they do is undermining it and cause damage for us who try to expose the lies and deceit.
This was simply trauma programming.

Update, morning November 24:
I did a follow-up on this article and how it ties into the infodemic and labelling ‘misinformation’ as terrorism:

The Aftermath of the Shitty “Died Suddenly” and How it Ties into the Infodemic

And here’s a good summary of some of the extreme factual errors in the “Died Suddenly” fakementary.

Small update, a few sane reactions from friends on social media that actually get it (among hundreds of sheep):

And here’s a good post about the numerology and gematria behind this release. Stew Peters released his documentary exactly 33 weeks 3 days after his birthday, which is on April Fools Day, of all days.

And here he is, the failed rapper turned Controlled Opposition shill for his slave masters…

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