The Fake ‘Transmittable’ Disease Scare Continues, Aimed at Parents and Children as Second Pandemic Looms

In tandem with the extremely coded and fabricated story I decoded and wrote about on October 22 about RSV, CNN and other media outlets now ramp up their ‘disease’ programming as the winter approaches and as people, and especially children, develop detoxification symptoms as they always do during this part of the year – a clever strategy which make their lies seem more real.
As you can see in the featured image taken from CNN, the main part of their frontside is covered with false pseudoscience about “Respiratory Virus,” “Flu-like symptoms,” “Monkeypox,” and “Scrabble variants” hinting at a winter Covid-19 surge.

Anyone who broken free of the programming and has educated themselves knows that this is all complete bullshit propaganda. There is no such thing as a virus, nor transmittable diseases or anything of the like as the evil Rockefeller founded “modern” medicine want you to believe. It’s all a hoax to further their agenda, to keep you in fear, and to keep you sick and weak. I covered this and more in the Virus Scam archives found here:

Now, the question is why they go at it this hard all of a sudden, as we always have had an increase in symptoms during the fall and winter, as I’ve explained in this article:

Since the fake and staged coronavirus plandemic, it’s been relatively quiet for a year or so. Only a few super-silly virus stories such as the Nipah Virus, Langya Virus, Marburg Virus, Polio, and Monkeypox has popped up to keep the lie alive and active in the subconscious of the sheeple.
As I wrote on July 7, they have been hinting at a second staged and fake pandemic, and now with the recent invented XBB variant of Covid and with this RSV-scare, it looks more likely by the day.
Also, as I wrote in that article from July 7, the WHO has been driving their ‘Immunization Agenda 2030’ in the shadows, trying to force mandatory vaccination upon the whole world. Are they about ready for a second try?
The obvious comeback of the fake virus would be in December, 2022, in China, making it exactly 3 years after the first faked case. And we know that ‘three’ sums to their 2020-hoax code of 56, just as ‘coronavirus’ and ‘virus outbreak.’

The Second Planned-Pandemic is Coming

As I said so many times before; it doesn’t matter if you are “anti-vax” or support that psy-op movement, as the controlled opposition behind it does not attack the foundation of the problem, the real root of evil – and that is the pseudoscience of virology, the absurd and ridiculous idea of viruses and contagion. Unless we expose that lie, they will terrorize us yearly with fake viruses, diseases, outbreaks, vaccines and other extremely harmful treatments for something that does not exist, for something they made up to control us and serve their agenda.

Anyone calling themselves a ‘truther,’ or anyone who are trying to expose the lies and deceit in this world, need to put their full attention to this virus lie. We need to expose the false idea of viruses, germs, and transmittable diseases, as well as the fraud that is medicines and drugs; the entire Big Pharma and Medical Community. You cannot catch a disease and you cannot ‘treat’ it with medicine, drugs, or any ‘natural’ remedy.

Those who claim to be working for good, to make this world a better place by exposing the evils in power and all the lies, but still does not address these issues, are either too dumb and ignorant to be worthy of your time and attention, or they are controlled opposition – government agents and shills.

If you follow anyone who does not expose this lie, confront them now! Unless they research it and see the truth, they are not on your side, they are shills.

Gullible and scared parents will fall for these fake stories, and will thus be susceptible to any idiotic recommendation from government officials, the media, and from brainwashed doctors. Innocent children will continue to be poisoned and harmed for life, or even killed, by totally useless vaccines. And the rest of society will slowly be herded into the corral of Agenda 2030 – the beast system of total enslavement, all made possible by the fake pandemic and people believing their lies, especially the virus lie.

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