Extra Bogus COVID-19 Omicron XBB for X-Mas — Updated

Yes, here we go again. As I wrote on October 8, super-fake Covid-1984 is making a comeback this winter. And as of yesterday, we have another invented and scripted variant of something that does not exist. And the mockery never ends! Now we have an X-variant for X-mas! Yes, I kid you not! The paid “science”-shills are that silly!

The hysterical media says that this new ‘XBB’ is part of a ‘new class’ of Omicron that is drawing attention due to its ‘fast spread’ and ability to ‘evade’ immunity. Yeah, where have we heard that before? Yes, with every silly invented variant of Omicron. It’s the same old script on repeat. Are the dumbed down and sleeping masses going to fall for this nonsense once again? Well, that is the question.

As I have covered ad nauseum, there is no such thing as a virus. It’s never been isolated or proven to exist. And there is no such thing as a transferable disease. Contagion does not exist. You cannot get a disease from another person by air transmission. Actually, all this has been debunked so many times it’s becoming really tiresome. Check my virus scam archive for more information.

As for the coding and gematria behind this new fake variant it’s blatantly obvious.  It’s really in your face! There have been a few numbers that has been extremely tied to the staged and fake plandemic, and those are 56, 65, 52, and of course 42, the number of Saturn, the Sun God, that is really tied to this year and the fake war in Ukraine.

For Omicron XBB, the first we get is of course 56 and 52, which fits the original keyword of “Corona, Wuhan.”

Omicron XBB = 52, 56
Corona, Wuhan = 52, 56

Omicron XBB = 155, 56, 930
Coronavirus = 155, 56, 930

Omicron XBB = 115, 155, 56, 690, 930, 56, 465, 505
Freemasons = 115, 155, 56, 690, 930, 56, 465, 505

And we know everything about 56 at this point.

Omicron XBB = 56
Corona, Wuhan = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Rebranded Flu = 56
Next Pandemic = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Anthony Fauci = 56
Get Boosted Now = 56
Event Two-o-One = 56
Toilet Paper = 56 (remember that silly psy-op when retards stockpiled toilet paper?)
Mind Control = 56
Cashless Society = 56 (what it is about, Agenda 2030)
Climate Change = 56 (Agenda 2030)
Live in Fear = 56
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)
And the list goes on, check here.

And they claim that this ‘XBB variant’ was first detected in the U.S. on September 15 – a day with 19-date numerology, like ‘Covid-19!’ The mockery!
9/15/22 = 9+1+5+2+2 = 19

On September 15, there were 107-days remaining in the year.

Omicron XBB = 107

Also, since the declaration of the fake pandemic on March 11, 2020, until this detection on September 15, there is a span 919-days. 919 is the 157th prime number.

XBB Variant = 157
Covid-19 Variant = 157

And if you only count the days since the anniversary of the declaration, that is from March 11 this year up to this detection on September 15, that sums to 188-days. This variant is also called Gryphon, as in ‘Omicron Gryphon.

Omicron Gryphon = 188

And this article on October 18, covering this variant, comes a Freemasonic 33-days after its detection on September 15.

Also, note that they say it mad up 0.26% of the cases.

Covid = 26
Virus = 26
Omicron XBB = 26
Gryphon = 26

Could that have been any better coded?

And if we go with the subvariant class of ‘XBB,’ we get another good match with ‘Covid.’ All scripted.

XBB = 28, 53
Covid = 28, 53

Remember, this ‘Omicron XBB’ is also called ‘Gryphon,’ which just so magically happens to line up pretty perfectly with the masters behind this fakery, the Jesuits.

Gryphon = 103, 86, 618, 516, 84, 348, 331
Jesuits = 103, 86, 618, 516, 84, 348, 331

Sorry, reality deniers and coincidence theorists, all these matches are mathematically impossible to occur organically. All this has been tampered with, it’s all scripted and fabricated by satanic evil little miscreants. And that’s just another hard proof that all this is virus bullshit is fake. A fabricated fairy tale. Also, I guess by this Omicron-comeback, the Monkeypox hoax is now officially retired?

And to really seal the deal on this farce, we have the coding behind ‘XBB Variant,’ which of course sums to ‘113,’ the number for dishonesty, the number for bullshit! Remember, they always have to show their hand – revelation of the method – to keep their karma clean. That is what they believe, and that is why they cryptically show us the truth – if you have the eyes and intelligence to see it.

XBB Variant = 113
PfizerGate = 113 (the new distraction and trending hashtag)
Not True = 113 (what their information is)
Not Factual = 113 (what their information is)
Dishonest = 113 (what all of them are)
Ne’er Do Well = 113 (what you are if you fall for their lies – an irresponsible worthless person)
Puppets = 113 (what all the actors on the world stage are)
Mainstream = 113 (everything mainstream is lies and deceit)
Gaslighting = 113 (what they do)
Fake Reality = 113 (what they create)

Bullshit = 113 (what their information is)
Illusions = 113 (what they create, aka., fake reality)
Erroneous = 113 (what their information is)
Not Honest = 113 (what all of them are)

If you need more proof that the English language was constructed using gematria than that of the number 113, you might just be a bit slow upstairs.

And, remember this:

Coronavirus Pandemic = 113
The Worlds Biggest Scam = 113
The Number for Dishonesty = 113

All in the same cipher to boot. Wakey-wakey.

Anthony Davison made a nice graphical decode of this bogus crap as well:

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