Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests by Controlled Opposition – RFK Jr and Del Bigtree

These rallies have been carefully organized all over the world, which takes a lot of planning, man power, resources, and opportunistic “leaders” to step forward – leading the pack of sheep, telling them what they want to hear, while keeping the real issues locked firmly in their box. The enemy always controls both sides of any important argument. Here in Sweden, we had the Freemasonic influenced Frihet Sverige with pathetic front figures, connected to the satanic New Age Cults ‘New Earth Project’ and ‘Humanitad Foundation’ – organizations with ties to Sasha Stone and Ciro Orsini of the Orsini papal bloodline, one of the 13 families. I covered them here, and I have a list of more than 120+ controlled opposition, disinformation agents and shills over at our truth community, Ungovernable.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We need to make our voice heard. But not in a controlled and dumbed-down narrative that has been carefully planned by our enemy. A narrative that includes the media to make out people as crazy and label them as terrorists, the justice system to enforce new laws about gatherings and the risk of “contagion” (which does not exist) and the use of military to “keep the peace.” Yes, they want these rallies to occur. It gives them excuses to formulate new “pandemic laws,” so when people really start dying from the vaccines and people get riled up, military and other security measures are already in place, and has actually been asked for by the fooled vaccinated sheep.

So, instead of protesting about mandates, how about actually showing all the proof that viruses do not exist, that contagion and transmittable diseases are a lie? That is the only way to end this. Otherwise, this is just about moving pieces on the chessboard back and forth. Exposing the lies is the only way to knock the king off the table. But alas, they are pinning the people against each other and binding their time, letting their controlled opposition distract the masses by leading them in circles around the real issues. A few more years of this nonsense and they have succeeded.

How to spot controlled opposition and disinformation agents:

Controlled Opposition and Disinformation Agents (Viruses and Vaccines) — How to Spot Them

As for the protests in the U.S. and Washington DC, many of these shills made the headlines, which of course is part of their ritual. Playing both sides using Controlled Opposition is one of the oldest tricks in the book. It’s something those in power always have done. And among the names we have well-known gatekeepers and disinformation agents such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone, and Lara Logan.

So, on Sunday, January 23, 2022, Robert F. Kennedy and Del Matthew Bigtree had rallied the ‘anti-vaxx’ crowd to Washington D.C., on Georgetown’s birthday, of all days. Neither of them touched the real issue that viruses do not exist, nor did they talk about the cabal, the Jesuits or any of the secret societies behind this agenda.

Georgetown University was founded on January 23, 1789, which made it exactly 233-years old on the day of the staged mandate rally.

233 is the 51st Prime Number. January 23 = 1/23 = 123

Conspiracy = 51 & 123 (the “anti-vaxx” conspiracy, and this rally is a conspiracy against the people)
Other phrases with 123 and 51 includes ‘Number of a Man,’ which is 666, and ‘April Fools’ as gematria is cleverly set up to associate words of similar meanings.

Del Bigtree is currently 51-years old.
Del Bigtree = 51

And January 23, 2022 = 1/23/2020 = (1) + (23) + (20) + (22) = 66

Number of the Beast = 66
Robert Kennedy = 66
Matthew Bigtree = 66
Covid-19 Vaccine = 66 (this rally was about vaccine mandates)
The Number of a Man = 66 (as mentioned above)

And speaking of Robert F. Kennedy, he was born in ’54 and just turned 68-years old on January 17. John Carroll established Georgetown just days after his 54th birthday.

John Carroll = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
Deceivers = 54 (what they are)

And for ’68,’ the “coronavirus” was coined in ’68. Also…

Catholicism = 68
Corona Pandemic = 68 (keyword)
Covid Nineteen = 68 (keyword)
CIA = 68 (established by Jesuits, used for Controlled Opposition, psy-ops and false flags)
FBI Operation = 68 (the feds, also used in false flags and psy-ops)
The Freemasons = 68 (RFK Jr and company are members)

Del Matthew Bigtree, also known as Delores Jackson, was born on April 15, 1970.

This protest was arranged 82 days before his upcoming birthday when he will be 52-years old. Delores Jackson = 52 (Full Reduction)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr = 82 (how fitting that they work together on this date!)
Coronavirus Covid = 82
Coronavirus Disease = 82

Del Matthew Bigtree = 177, 282, 93
Mark of the Beast = 177, 282, 93
The Jesuit Order = 177

Del Matthew Bigtree = 78
Matthew Bigtree = 78
Wuhan Coronavirus = 78 (very important keyword)
Order out of Chaos = 78 (their motto)
Jesuit = 78

They also used the ex-reporter and shill Lara Logan.

Lara Logan = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
Terrorism = 54 (what protests soon will be labeled as thanks to these shills)

Lara Logan = 162
Robert F. Kennedy = 162

Lara Logan = 36
RFK Jr = 36
Covid-19 = 36
IHS = 36 (“Iesus Hominum Salvator,” the motto on the Jesuit logo)

The main message during the protest was, “Defeat the Mandates.”
Remember, the first case of “covid” in the U.S. was on 15/1, as in 151.

Defeat the Mandates = 151
Delores Jackson = 151 (Del Bigtree’s alias)
Pandemic = 151
Event Two-O-One = 151 (as in Event 201, the pandemic simulation of 2019)
FBI-led Operation = 151 (again…)
U.S. Government = 151 (who they work together with)
The Great Reset = 151 (what they work towards in their roles as controlled opposition)

Defeat the Mandates = 61
Nazi Germany = 61 (as mentioned in RFK’s speech and the headlines)

I could go on and on, but I don’t really have the time and I guess you get the picture. All staged and planned, all of the silly protests and rallies.
Don’t play into their hands. Arrange small gatherings and information meets in your own community instead. Inform people who are willing to listen. I covered all this here.

What can we do in the fight for our freedom?
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