Rodrigo Selling Her Soul

Olivia Rodrigo Sell Her Soul to the New World Order – Urges Youth to Take the Dangerous and Deadly Vaccine

I just wrote an article on former E! News host Catt Sadler where she pretended to get sick by the Delta variant while also claiming to be fully vaccinated – an elaborate hoax to push that fear of fake variants and more vaccine shots onto the gullible sleeping masses. Again, anyone who has done a few hours’ worth of research should know by now that viruses do not exist as portrayed by the fake Rockefeller Medical Establishment and the pseudoscience of virology. There is no contagion and there are no variants of something that does not exist. More and more people are waking up, realizing this. So, to combat this awakening they need to constantly put out their fabricated propaganda. Every single day!
And that is what is so disturbing, sinister and pure EVIL about this story featuring Olivia Rodrigo urging youth to get vaccinated. They, really, really, want to destroy as many lives as they can before enough people wakes up to this criminal depopulation agenda and tell them “NO MORE”!

This little rising star (fake idol) sold her soul for fame and is now doing their bidding in the biggest human sacrifice ritual in modern time – the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out. And even worse, she targets the young population – our future!

Olivia Rodrigo is the star of the satanic crap show called “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. She was born on February 20, 2003, or 20/2 = 202
Olivia Isabel Rodrigo: 202
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: 202


Olivia Isabel Rodrigo: 122
High School Musical: The Musical: 122

February 20 can also be written as 2/20 = 220, one of the primary numbers in the fake Coronavirus Pandemic. A pandemic allegedly caused by some computer model they call “Orthocoronavirinae.” She is promoting the vaccine, which Donald Trump fast-tracked through his evil Operation Warp Speed (always with the silly pun Sci-Fi names).

Coronavirus Pandemic: 220
Orthocoronavirinae: 220
Donald John Trump: 220
Operation Warp Speed: 220
Master Builder Number: 220 (reference to degrees within Freemasonry)
Graphene Oxide: 220 (there it is again, the compound in the vaccines)

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo: 122
Orthocoronavirinae: 122
Silent War: 122

This is very telling, and it’s interesting that they now, since a few weeks back, code ‘Graphene Oxide’ into most vaccine stories. Even more interesting is that this story about Olivia is connected to the story I covered about Catt Sadler.

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo: 103
Rodrigo: 103
Catt Sadler: 103
Sadler: 103
Fully Vaccinated: 103
Orthocoronavirinae: 103
Covid-19 Inoculation: 103

Olivia: 68, 40
Catt Sadler: 68, 40

Rodrigo: 40
Catt Sadler: 40

Olivia Rodrigo: 197, 80
Delta Variant: 197, 80

That is quite the feat! This time they really did go the extra mile!
But that is not the only reasons why they chose her for targeting our kids with the death jab.

Olivia Rodrigo: 82
Coronavirus Disease: 82
Covid: 82
Delta Covid-19 Variant: 82

Olivia Rodrigo: 80
Covid-19 Vaccine: 80

The story broke on July 14, 2021 = 7+14+21 = 33 the Freemasonic number.
Olivia: 33 (Jew Red)
Corona: 33
Vaccinating: 33 (Chaldean)
Graphene: 33 (Septenary – there it is again!)

And most importantly, the World Hell Organization (WHO) declared the fake Coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020, as in 3/11 = 311.
Olivia Isabel Rodrigo: 311

March 11 can also be written as 11/3 = 113.
Coronavirus Pandemic: 113
And that is why they declared it on that date – and Olivia is a perfect match.

This story broke on July 14, 144 days until this year’s total solar eclipse.
Six, Six, Six: 144 (Jew Ord)
Mark of the Beast: 144
Covid Virus: 144 (Jew Ord)
Celebrity: 144
Jesuit Order: 144

She might only be an 18-year-old MK Ultra brainwashed teen “star”, but is she really this clueless about the vaccines? Does she know what she is promoting?
Who knows? Don’t hate the messenger, she is being used. Direct your anger and your protests against the people who wrote the message – the Elites and their war-order, the Jesuit Order, their foot soldiers the Freemasons, their puppets at all Medical Institutions, the Government and their fake scientists.

Spread the truth. Say NO to all their offers. Save the children!

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