Catt in Staged News

How “celebrities” are used for Propaganda. Sell-Out and False Idol Catt Sadler Warns of Fake Delta Variant

Anyone who has done some research know that viruses do not exist as portrayed by the fake Rockefeller Medical Establishment and the pseudoscience of virology. There is no contagion and there is no variants of something that does not exist. Simple logic – and more and more people are waking up, realizing this. So, to combat this awakening they need to constantly put out their fabricated propaganda. Every single day!

Being a “celebrity” and “influencer” on TV has its price, such as a life-long obligation to do what your handlers tells you to do, and of course, the price of your soul. This TV Host just did both like the little lap dog that she is.
And no, she never had any vaccine shots, not unless she’s done her part and no longer is of use and they want to kill her off. But in that case, it will be through fast acting poison on a day with the correct numerology for a ritual.
Let’s break down this story using the ancient practice of Gematria – their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

Catt Sadler was in the headlines in 2017, when she played along with the gender equality agenda and they staged her quitting E! News after she allegedly found out that “her male co-star Jason Kennedy was making double her salary.” That silly story was all staged and fabricated, but it fitted their current angle on the old narrative of division and destroying the cores of families.

That story was 42 months ago (Dec 19, 2017 to July 14, 2021.)
This story broke on international news on July 14, 2021, which has a numerology of 7+14+21 = 42

And the date and timespan from her latest headline matches with…
Delta: 42

On July 14, exactly 44 days had passed since the WHO officially named the new fabricated variant (May 31). And she said, “don’t let your guard down.”
Catt: 44
Guard Down: 44
Delta Variant: 44 (Jew Red), 44 (Septenary)
Faked Virus: 44
Graphene: 44 (Jew Red – what they claim is in it, turning you transhuman)
Nano: 44 (what graphene oxide is – nano technology)

And don’t you just love that arranged photo of Catt pretending to be sick from the CNN article? With three yoga poses framed in the background…
3 yoga poses: 44

Yoga Poses: 40
Sadler: 40

Yoga: 21, 60
E! news: 21, 60

Three Yoga Poses: 74
Covid-19 Pandemic: 74
Covid Vaccination: 74

Yes, nice symbolism with these yoga poses. Not an arranged photo at all…

“Don’t Let Your Guard Down”: 96, 102
Corona: 96
Freemason: 96
Quiet War: 102 (we’ll get to this later)
Slavery: 102 (we’ll get to this later)

She made the post about this Delta nonsense on July 13, and her birthday is on August 24, leaving a span of exactly 42 days!
What else is 42?

Covid Pandemic: 42 (Septenary)
Deception: 42
Fabricated: 42
It is all Fake: 42
Covid Vaccine: 42 (Septenary)
First Purge: 42 (Septenary)
Quiet War: 42
Jesuit: 42, 42
Freemason: 42
Slavery: 42

They pretty much summed up what this whole Corona hoax is all about with using the value of 42. Fake a pandemic, bring out the depopulation murder vaccine to start the first purge – where the vaccine is their silent weapon in their quiet war against humanity. Supervised by the Jesuits and executed on the field by the Freemasons. While we are all slaves in our current debt-ruled society, they want to tighten that grip, that grip of total slavery for those who survive.

On the date of her post, July 13 as in 7/(1+3) = 74 she warned the sheep that the Covid-19 pandemic was not yet over and that the imaginary “Delta Variant is relentless.” This also ties back to the three yoga poses, which matches ’74.’

Covid-19 Pandemic: 74
Covid Vaccination: 74
Covid-19 Inoculation: 74 (Chaldean)
Graphene: 74 (what they claim is in it, turning you transhuman)

Relentless: 60
Yoga: 60
E! News: 60

Take note that this propaganda piece is about variants, and that you are not safe, even as “fully vaccinated.” They want you to take their death jabs again, again, and again – as they develop new mRNA and nano technology to make you into their obedient slave. And the other angle is that they will try and blame us real humans, us unvaccinated, for the virus mutating into new variants. Yes, they are pure evil.

Fully Vaccinated: 59
Sadler: 59
Depopulation: 59
Dying: 59
Fake Virus: 59
Silent War: 59

Fully Vaccinated: 85
Fake: 85
Covid-19 Virus: 85
Duped: 85

Yes, the virus is fake. The killer is the vaccine.

And Catt Sadler is currently 46 years old.
Delta Variant: 46
Guard Down: 46
Virus: 46
WHO: 46
mRNA: 46
Covid Virus: 46 (Septenary)
Corona Covid: 46 (Septenary)
Faked Virus: 46 (Septenary)
Germ Theory: 46
Disease: 46
Ordo ab Chao: 46
It’s Fake: 46
It is All Lies: 46

Quite telling, isn’t it? No wonder that they chose Catt for playing sick, taking a staged photo, and write this message on July 13 and then make it headline news on July 14. It’s all in the numbers. All staged, all fabricated, all lies. Can you see through the deception?

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