WHO says, “End of Covid-19 Pandemic is in Sight,” but Do Not get Fooled

A couple of news outlets, including CNN, ran with this story about ending the staged and fake plan-demic yesterday after a recent statement from the World Hell Organization, also known as ‘the propaganda machine that keep people sick, weak and enslaved.’

At a first glance, the sheeple will get a hefty dose of hopium with strong words such as, “We have never been in a better position to end the pandemic.” Then, if you actually continue to read the garbage, the real message and a hint of the future is revealed as they mention the ‘six policy briefs’ released by the very same Hell Organization this Wednesday, September 14, 2022.

“WHO released six policy briefs Wednesday that outline key actions for governments to take to end the pandemic. They are an urgent call for governments to take a hard look at their policies and strengthen them for Covid-19 and future pathogens with pandemic potential.”

And there you have it, to even be able to see the end, ALL governments need to adapt at least six enslavement agendas. And in all honesty, most of us know that they will never end these fake pandemics as long as the fraudulent virus and contagion lie exists in the mind of the dumbed down masses. If they will ever claim that the fake Covid-19 is over, another imaginary and made-up virus will take its place. It will be a never-ending cycle for as long as the Rockefeller-Funded and germ-theory based pseudoscience of “Modern Medicine” exists. Unless we step back into real science and biology and realize that “disease” comes from within, as in malnutrition, toxicity, mental trauma, stress and so on, and that symptoms are signs of detoxification and healing and not from catching a disease, this fake scare-tactic of “transmittable disease” will go on forever.
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Now, as for these “six policies” by the WHO, they are, as listed on their website:

  • COVID-19 testing
  • Clinical management of COVID-19
  • Reaching COVID-19 vaccination targets
  • Maintaining infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19 in health care facilities
  • Building trust through risk communication and community engagement
  • Managing the COVID-19 infodemic

Let me break that down for you or for anyone you might share this article to.

1. COVID-19 testing:
Invasive testing of people for just about anything. Unless you can prove that you are not a “carrier” of something that does not exist by fake and faulty testing measurements, you are denied to participate in society. Considering the testing methods, that is more like a lottery. Remember, in their fairy-tale pseudo-science reality, you can be “asymptomatic…”

2. Clinical management of COVID-19:
Strict rules for the response to anyone they can pin the label of “CON-vid 1984 positive.” Making sure people get toxic and maiming treatments, especially pregnant and breastfeeding women, so that their children become weak, deficient, and sterile.

3. Reaching COVID-19 vaccination targets:
This one should be obvious. More tyranny. Take the maiming, sterilizing and potentially deadly clot-shot, or be shut out of society.
And, of course, target what they claim are “high risk groups,” those who cost the most in society, the sick, weak, and elderly who are in need of assistance. Make sure to kill them off first.

4. Maintaining infection prevention and control measures for COVID-19 in health care facilities:
Again, as mentioned above, make sure that targeted groups in society, that is those who cost most money such as the sick and elderly, get isolated and slowly killed off by toxic drugs and “disease precaution/prevention tactics.”

5. Building trust through risk communication and community engagement:
They call it building “trust,” but the correct definition would be ‘conditioning,’ ‘programming,’ or simply ‘brainwashing.’ This “risk communication” is all about creating a society of tittle-tattles – of conditioned zombies that point fingers at anyone who sneezes or are not vaccinated. It’s about locking people in their homes and limiting access in the name of “prevention” – and again, against something that is totally made up, something that only exists in the programmed imagination of dumbed down people.

6: Managing the COVID-19 infodemic:
This is all about keeping the lie and terror going on repeat forever. It’s about silencing anything they deem as “misinformation,” a.k.a., the truth that viruses and transmittable diseases does not exist and are made up to keep people in line and to line the pockets of Big Pharma.
In other words, it’s all about strengthening the brainwashing and going after those who know the truth and are trying to save lives and help people to a healthier and happier life. Me, and you who are reading this and can see the lies and the deceit in the world; we are the enemies of the Beast System, and we must be silenced.

Now, if you think my interpretation was harsh and doom-and-gloomy, just go and read the utterly totalitarian bullshit for yourselves – and really think about the implementation of each and every bullet point. Do not simply read the words, think of what is behind those words, what the real-life implications will be – not just today, but years from now! Here is the link:


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