Sweden to Remove All Corona Restrictions on September 29

How nice of them to wait with this until mid-autumn, the perfect transition between seasons just before our natural cleaning and detoxification process occurs in most people that are toxic. Yes, unless you are a sleeping brainwashed little sheep, you should know by now that the germ- and virus theory is just that, a theory, and a fraudulent one at that. No virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist as a contagion. You can not get a disease from other people unless you share bodily fluids, and even then, the risk is minimal as virtually all ‘disease’ is created from within due to nutritional deficiencies, ingested chemicals, toxins, from pollution (and chemicals applied to the skin, as in beauty products), and from radiation (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, etc.), emotional stress and trauma, and living with recurrent feelings of fear and/or anger. That is how you get ill and experience different symptoms depending on where the toxins have built up or how you deal with stress or trauma. This is simple biology. You can read more about the virus lie and how the terrain and biology actually work in my categories “Terrain Theory” and “Virus Scam” here on my website.

So, they are to lift the restrictions just a month or so before the majority of people start their cleansing cycle, a cycle that the fraudulent Rockefeller controlled ‘modern medicine’ used to call ‘flu season’, but nowadays, it’s just ‘covid-1984.’
Keep in mind that this natural biological cleaning process is triggered among those with a heavy toxic build up. And once they start their cycle and show symptoms, that can trigger other people with a less toxic build up to start their cycle as well, giving the illusion of a contagion.
In other words, they open up society again, people start to get together and then their natural cleaning cycle starts and a lot of people get “sick”. They will blame it on the fake virus and on people not being careful and not being vaccinated. And BAM! Now they have an excuse to do this all over again.

And do not forget about the poor fools that have taken the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccine. They are now extremely toxic and they have injected mRNA and nanotechnology that is said to “train” the body to combat an imaginary virus, that in their worldview is the flu, which in reality is just our natural cleaning cycle. The most likely scenario is that those vaccinated will not be able to detoxify, to start the cleaning cycle. Or, it will be severely suppressed, which goes hand in hand with what they have been saying all along – that the vaccine will not protect you from getting the covid-1984, but it will protect you from getting very sick.
Yes, they pretty much say that your symptoms from your cleaning cycle will be much less severe because your natural ability to detox has been hampered.
This will of course give an illusion that the vaccine works. Those vaccinated will not get as “sick” as those unvaccinated once the cycle starts.
However, anyone with some logical thinking skills can figure out the big problem with this. If you cannot detoxify, toxins will build up, especially in your organs such as the brain, the heart, the liver, and the kidneys – and that will eventually kill you.
There is also the risk that the second or third shot will just bring those who are unhealthy and full of toxins over the threshold and kill them within days or weeks (as we have already seen with millions of people).

And what is the propaganda behind this “reopening of society”? Oh yes, the message is that the “pandemic” is not over, that we have to “learn to live with it”, and that it is now more important than ever that everyone gets vaccinated – because if you are fully vaccinated, you will be able to live “normally”.
There you have it, the vaccine depopulation agenda, or as UN and World Economic Forum calls it in Agenda 2030 – we need to reach a “sustainable population”. They want to vaccinate as many as possible, and let me tell you, the numbers they show you in the media are all fabricated. In reality, a lot less people have been vaccinated. People are not as stupid as they want you to believe. Those fabricated numbers are to push the sheep into thinking like the herd. If that many has taken the shot, I might as well – all of them can’t be wrong, right? In reality, it’s about a tenth of their figures.
And isn’t it interesting that they specifically point out, “if you are fully vaccinated, you can live your life as before the pandemic”. So, what about the rest of us, what about those unvaccinated, the only real humans left? Well, they are talking about “proof of vaccination” and “vaccination IDs”, which of course is a violation against human rights and pure discrimination. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Also, I guess it’s just a coincidence that this is happening on September 29, the 27th year anniversary of the sinking of MS Estonia. And as a little side-note, Swedish telecom operator Telenor is opening up for ‘5G’ in early October. We know 5G does not exist, it’s just another cover-up for radiation warfare on the population. More people will get sick…

So, to conclude, as winter approaches, people will get symptoms from detoxing, and they will blame it on the virus – and more likely a new variant, something more “contagious” than Delta. Some of the vaccinated will likely get really sick and some will die (as many already have), and they will blame it on a virus variant and the unvaccinated. And it would not surprise me if even more totalitarian restrictions will be in place in early 2022 – and by then, every brainwashed little bleating sheep will blame the unvaccinated. It’s the perfect setup for peer pressure and division among the population. If they do another lockdown after re-opening and blame it on the unvaccinated, that could mean a civil war and them trying to make vaccinations mandatory. Divide and conquer.

All I can say is, stand you ground. Do not under any circumstance take the maiming and deadly vaccine. It will be hard. It will be a tough ride. But there is no alternative going forward.
Form new contacts with other intelligent and woke people. Form communities where you can share goods, food, and services if society collapses. Have a plan.  

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