Austria to turn into a Totalitarian Police State because of something that does not exist?

Yes, the fascist scumbag and political puppet, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, announced today that Austria is going back into a national lockdown and plans to make Covid-19 vaccinations mandatory for all eligible people on February 1, 2022.
This is of course in violation of Natural Law and the Constitution. Anything the government or any fake authority claims is only an offer. Unfortunately, most people are too dumbed down, brainwashed and plain stupid to understand this and will simply play along, as the sheep they are.
Remember there is no such thing as a virus or a contagion in nature. A virus is an unproven and stupid theory. Living beings cannot infect each other with disease. It’s the biggest and most evil lie of modern times. And we, just like every animal, have our natural detoxification process that is governed by seasonal/temperature changes. That is why people get symptoms (get “sick) in the autumn/winter and in winter/spring. And that is now. Not some imaginary CONvid virus.

So, why this unlawful and evil statement? It’s all in their numerology and gematria.

Republic of Austria = 263
Vaccine Mandate = 263 (what this is about)

And of course, this is on the day leaving 42 days remaining in the year.

Vaccine = 42 (what it is about)
Jesuit = 42 (the order writing the script)
Freemason = 42 (the secret society making the staged and faked pandemic psy-ops)

They claim that 65 % of Austria’s population is “fully vaccinated”. This is of course a blatant lie, and only a tribute to the Satanist pig.

Schallenberg = 65
Inoculation = 65 (keyword, what it is about)
Pandemic = 65 (keyword, what they say is “surging”)
Decade of Vaccines = 65 (quote from Bill Gates, what they want)
Vaccination Card = 65 (Mark of the Beast, the enslavement of people)
Enslaved People = 65 (what this is about, plain and simple)

And, of course, Schallenberg is 52 in Full Reduction.

Schallenberg = 52
Vaccine Mandate = 52 (what the story is about)
Inoculation = 52 (again, what this is about)
Obligatory = 52 (what this is about, trying to force people to hurt and even kill themselves)
Government = 52 (the evildoers in question, the Austrian government)
Corona, Wuhan = 52 (keyword for fake virus stories and vaccines)

Pretty clear why Austria and this evil soulless puppet Schallenberg was chosen for this.

The national lockdown is expected to last until December 12, as in 12/12, but could be reevaluated after 10 days.

12×12 = 144
Jesuit Order = 144 (there we go again)

The fake and staged pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020. This statement and the story come on Friday, November 19, 2021, exactly 8 months and 8 days after the anniversary of the pandemic declaration.

Vaccinations Mandatory = 88
Vaccine Depopulation = 88 (what it is about, the depopulation agenda)
Decade of Vaccines = 88 (again)
Population Control = 88 (what it is about, the depopulation agenda)
Virus Outbreak = 88 (keyword, strengthening the story)
Also, February First, 2022 is 88 in Reverse Full Reduction – they date they’re aiming for. And speaking of that date…

February 1, 2022 = 103
Fully Vaccinated = 103

February 1, 2022 = 55
Austria = 55

Alexander Schallenberg was born on June 20, this announcement comes 4 months and 30 days after his birthday, as in 43.

February 1 = 43 (the date they aim for)
Vaccine ID = 43 (Mark of the Beast, the enslavement of people)

It also comes exactly 30 weeks and 3 days before his next birthday, as in 33, the Freemasonic number. And on what date was this declared?

November 19, 2021 = 11/19/21 = (11)+(19)+2+1 = 33
November 19, 2021 = 11/19/21 = 1+1+1+9+(21) = 33
February 1 = 33 (Septenary)

And remember the Nazi takeover of Austria in 1938? That was known as Anschluss.

Anschluss = 26
Austria = 26
Covid = 26

That takeover was on March 12, 1938, as in 3/12/1938.
From that anniversary to November 19 is 113 days. Coronavirus was declared on 11/3, as in 113.
Coronavirus Pandemic = 113
And from 1938 to 2021 is 82 years.
Covid = 82

Very much connected.

This comes timely, as Sweden just announced stricter rules and vaccination passports for gatherings with more than 100 people. The totalitarian nightmare is closing in. We have to say no and stand our grounds. We have to weather the storm.

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