Propaganda by the Numbers: Pfizer Vaccine Allegedly 93% Effective Among Children

Well, just breathing is 100% effective in preventing Covid-19 hospitalization, because it does not exist. But let’s humor these satanic bastards, decoding their silly lies using Gematria; their way to communicate, cast spells and shape our reality; just as God created the world with language, by combining the number with the letter with the word.

The headline claims:

“Pfizer vaccine is 93% effective in preventing Covid-19 hospitalization among adolescents, CDC study finds”

How did they reach that figure of 93%? By researching detox symptoms among those maimed and injured by the deadly vaccine? Nah, they just made it up as they always do, because…

Wuhan Coronavirus = 93 (the keyword of the story, tying it together with all other ‘93’-corona stories)
Novus Ordo Seclorum = 93 (New order of the ages – the second motto on the reverse of the Great Seal)
Propaganda = 93 (what the story is)
Order of Illuminati = 93 (tribute to the ancient order)
The Jesuit Order = 93 (the order writing the script)
Saturn = 93 (their Sun God, who by the Jesuit constructed fake Heliocentrism is ‘93’-millions miles away)

Yes, ‘93’ is one of the numbers for the Saturnalia-loving Jesuit Order and the hoax-code for the fake staged pandemic that, by the numbers, was said to have emerged out of Wuhan…

And, of course, this story broke on October 19th:
Nineteenth of October = 93 (Reverse Full Reduction)
Hospitalizations = 93 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The fake pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020. This story comes exactly 222 days after the anniversary of this declaration.
Wuhan Coronavirus = 222 (there we go again, strengthening the story with the date)
Pfizer-BioNTech = 222 (strengthening Pfizer’s connection to the fabricated story)
Mandatory Vaccination = 222 (what they want from all of these fake and fabricated stories, the message within the propaganda)
Order Out of Chaos = 222 (one of their mottos, to create chaos, offer a solution, and restore order in their image)

Also note that WEF is coded into these numbers with matching gematria to ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’, which might be of significance in forthcoming events.
World Economic Forum = 222, 93

On October 19, there were 73 days remaining in the year. And who was this story targeting? Yes, our children.
Children = 73 (English Ordinal)
Corona Covid Shot = 73 (the weapon of choice against our children)
Coronavirus Disease = 73 (Septenary) (keyword, theme of the story)
Sacrifice = 73 (everything they do is a ritual, so…)
Ritual Sacrifice = 73 (maiming and killing children with their vaccine)
Saturnalia = 73 (as mentioned earlier, the Jesuit’s favorite festival and holiday)

And speaking of Saturnalia, which is celebrated on December 17; on October 19 there are 8 weeks and 3 days remaining (83), or 59 days.
Pharmaceutical Drugs = 83
Corona Covid-19 Shot = 83 (the silent weapon of sterilization in their quiet war)
Selective Breeding = 83 (their agenda to reach a ‘sustainable population’ by sterilizing children through the vaccine)
Population Control = 83 (the agenda, which they want to achieve with the decoded words above)
Depopulation = 59 (the agenda, which they want to achieve with the decoded words above)
Fully Vaccinated = 59 (what they need the sheep to be for the depopulation agenda)
Freemasonry = 59 (the order responsible for the fake pandemic within society, as instructed through the Jesuit Order)

With 73 days remaining in the year, 73 is the 21st Prime Number. As in Agenda 21.
Wuhan Coronavirus = 210 = 21 (again, the important keyword)
Sterilization of Children = 2100 (Reverse English Sumerian) = 21 (what it is about, population control)
Nanotechnology = 210 = 21 (what they use in the vaccines)
Novus Ordo Seclorum = 210 = 21 (again, ‘New order of the ages’)
Covid = 21 (Chaldean)
War = 21 (what it really is, a war upon us)
Jesuit = 21 (the order writing the script)

And of course, October 19 can be written as 10/19, and as you remove the zero which has no value, you get ‘119’ as in 11/9 or 9/11. Also…
Infertility vaccines = 119 (can you see the common thread in this story now?)
Decade of Vaccines = 119 (Bill Gate’s statement, what is needed to reach their eugenics goals)
Compulsory Vaccination = 119 (again, what they want)
Satanic Blood Ritual = 119 (heart failure, blood clotting, uncontrolled bleeding and bruising – all from the vaccine, all tied to their blood rituals)

October 19, 2021 = 10/19/2021 = 10+19+20+21 = 70
Coronavirus = 70 (perfect date for a story about this)
Corona Covid-19 Jab = 70 (keyword, theme of the story)
Covid Vaccine = 70 (keyword, theme of the story)
Fear Controls = 70 (people in fear get sick, people in fear are easily manipulated)
Inoculation Kills = 70 (yes, it does)
Satanic Blood Ritual = 70 (coded yet again, see the patterns?)
The Second Purge = 70 (first purge is death by vaccines, second purge is sterilization and population control from vaccines)

This piece of propaganda is extremely coded, and I haven’t even touched the wording and phrases used in the article itself. There is no need. Anyone should be able to see how fake and fabricated this is, and what the true and real purpose is.

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