When you thought it could not get any dumber: Flurona!

Nope my intelligent friend, it’s not a joke. Some “doctors” in Israel claims that they have found a “double infection” of ‘influenza’ and ‘covid’ in a young pregnant woman. Imagine that, discovering two made-up diseases in one and the same person. It’s like finding that pink unicorn and discovering that it actually farts rainbows. Wow, much rare.

In all seriousness. This retarded pandemic should have anyone with a brain questioning the narrative and all this silliness they put out at this point. This is obviously another ruse against pregnant women to get them to inject even more maiming and deadly vaccines. We know that the number of miscarriages and dead-born have sky-rocketed in those fooled into taking the vaccine, and we know that the vaccine will sterilize all female fetuses by inhibiting the development of eggs in the ovaries, as the vaccine interfere with the mother’s hormone levels, which dictates this process in the developing child.

As for this fake and fabricated story of “flurona,” all we need to do is using their own language of numerology and gematria to see what it is really about – another piece of fear propaganda, programming, ritual, and step in shaping our reality as they see fit.

This story comes on the first day of the year, a day with 44-numerology.
1/1/2022 = 1 + 1 + 20 + 22 = 44

Israel = 44 (land of origin of the lie)
Petach Tikva = 44 (the city of the hospital where this fabricated lie comes from)
Pfizer = 44 (they used a picture of someone getting a shot of ‘Pfizer’)

This story also happens to come exactly 4 weeks and 4 days after the first “confirmed” case of imaginary Omicron in the U.S. And speaking of Omicron and Flurona, two big jokes by the ruling elite.

Flurona = 87, 102, 39
Omicron = 87, 102, 39
Almost identical in the ciphers. Such mockery.

Also, keep in mind that ‘44’ is the ‘genocide’ number with words such as ‘genocide’, ‘kill’, and ‘execution’ summing to 44. Kind of appropriate as that is what the vaccines are for.
Also, notice that the “share” counter of the article is locked at 4.4k, as in 44.

This story of “flurona” comes 33-days after the 74th anniversary of the vote to make Israel a state in the year ’47, as well as the death anniversary of David Ben-Gurion. 33, 47, and 74 are the three most important numbers in Freemasonry. And, of course…

Flurona = 33
Flurona Joke = 47 (it is a joke; they are mocking you with all this silliness)
Killing an unborn = 74 (what the vaccines does in many cases)

They say she was tested on December 30, as in 12/30 = 12 + 30 = 42

Vaccine = 42 (what they want you to take)
Zionism = 42 (discovered in Israel)
Omicron = 42 (again a connection, the mockery…)
Fabricated = 42 (truth in plain sight, it’s all fabricated)
Freemason = 42 (remember the 33, 47, and 74-numerology used in this hoax?)

Remember that there is always a reference to 666, the Number of the Beast in all vaccine stories?

Flurona = 87
Omicron = 87
Number of the Beast = 87

If you come up with the idea on combining influenza and covid-19, what is the perfect case match?

Influenza and Covid-19 = 190
Pregnant Woman = 190

And this “combination” of imaginary viruses is to scare pregnant women into taking more vaccines, which in turn will sterilize their unborn child.

Combination Virus = 102 (when you combine…)
Flurona = 102 (one imaginary virus…)
Omicron = 102 (with the other…)
Sterilize the Unborn = 102 (you can sterilize the unborn through…)
Involuntary Vaccination = 102 (coercing the mother into taking the vaccine)
Now, there’s some word-magic for you.

And the most mocking and funny thing about this made-up story is that Israel is supposed to be the most vaccinated country in the world, going on shot number 4, still someone managed to get TWO viruses at the same time (!!!) Such effective and protective vaccines, lol.
It’s time to wake up sleepy heads, viruses do not exist. Contagion is a lie. This entire pandemic is a staged and fabricated lie. If you can’t see it by now, there is no hope for you.

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