As Predicted – They Are Going After Our Children

Three months ago, when the “Delta Variant” emerged, I warned you that it would be used to go after our children. It was very obvious and the gematria and numerology was very clear. And since then, they have pushed the vaccine for teenagers and now they are trying to maim, sterilize and kill children as young as 5 years old!

Yesterday, September 20, another fabricated lie hit the headlines claiming that nearly 226,000 Covid-19 cases were reported in children last week. What a bunch of bullshit. And of course, at the same time, Pfizer said that their maiming, sterilizing, and deadly vaccine “works” (as in killing) for children ages 5 to 11, and that they will seek U.S. authorization for this age group!
It’s about time to wake up now sheeple! It’s time to fight back! If the poor child survives the shot(s), he or she will most likely be sterile. It’s all in Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050 – a manageable and ‘sustainable’ world population…

This fabricated piece of stinking shit broke on September 20, the 263rd day of the year, leaving 102 days remaining.
263 is the 56th prime number, and you should all know about ‘56’ by now.

Corona Covid: 56
Covid Vaccine: 56
Virus Outbreak: 56
Wuhan Corona: 56
Corona Pandemic: 56 (Chaldean)
Corona Covid-19: 56 (Chaldean)
Novel Coronavirus: 56 (Septenary)
A Viral Psy-Ops: 56
Pandemic Plot: 56
Planned Virus: 56
Society of Jesus: 56

Coronavirus Delta Variant: 102 (what this is about, and I warned you about three months ago)
Wuhan Coronavirus: 102 (the keyword used since this fake pandemic started)
Quiet War: 102 (the vaccine is the silent weapon for a quiet war)
Vaccination Deaths: 102 (the depopulation agenda for a ‘sustainable’ population)
Kill the Children: 102 (the depopulation agenda for a ‘sustainable’ population)

From the article:

“Over the past week, the American Academy of Pediatrics reported the second highest total of new diagnoses among children over the course of the pandemic, with 225,978.”

225,978? 2+2+5+9+7+8 = 33, the highest rank in Scottish Rite Freemasonry and their most important number. The ‘hoax code’.

And then it reads:

“That is a slight decline from the week before, when 243,373 new cases were reported.”

243,373? 2+4+3+3+7+3 = 22

Jesuits: 22 (the order writing the script)
Coronavirus Pandemic: 220 = 22 (keyword)
Orthocoronavirinae: 220 = 22 (keyword, family of coronavirus)
Wuhan: 22 (keyword)
Satanic: 22 (yes, killing children is very satanic)

So, “nearly 226,000 Covid-19 cases…” Why did they come up with this specific number?

Two Hundred Twenty-Six: 93, 222, 229, 96
Wuhan Coronavirus: 93, 222 (double match, very strong coding for these fabricated numbers)
Vaccination Deaths: 229 (again, coded in plain sight)
Corona: 96 (another perfect match for this fabricated number)
Corona Covid-19 Vaccine: 96 (another perfect match for this fabricated number)
Freemason: 96 (the ‘225,978’ added up is 33, perfect synchronicity)
Thirty-Three: 96 (the ‘225,978’ added up is 33, perfect synchronicity)
Six Sixty-Six: 96 (the number/mark of the beast is always coded in these vaccine stories)

Remember, the fabricated 225,978 cases added up is ‘33’ and rounded off to 226, it matches perfectly with the theme and narrative of the story. Very simple coding to see trough. All scripted, all lies. Simply propaganda to push the vaccine onto children.

And, Pfizer said “children ages 5 to 11”. 11 is the 5th prime number. They just love the number 11. Keep in mind that the number 10 represents God. 9 is just below, and 11 is just above, as in 9/11 – stepping over God, and it’s also the true date of birth of Jesus Christ.

Ages 5 to 11… 11 x 5 = 55

A Viral Psy-Op: 55 (what it is)
Infertile: 55 (what your child will be after the shot)
Manipulation: 55 (what they are doing with the fabricated number of cases)
Satan: 55 (who they worship)
Satan Worship: 55 (sacrificing children)
Second Purge: 55 (the first purge is the ones dying of the vaccine, the second purge is the ones being sterilized, as in our children)
Silent Weapons: 55 (again, the vaccine is the silent weapon in a quiet war)
Sterilized: 55 (again, what this is about, depopulation by sterilizing our children)

Ages 5 to 11 can also be written as 5 and (1+1) = 52
September 20, 2021 = 9/20/2021 = 9+2+0+20+21 = 52
Wuhan, Corona: 52 (the keyword, once again)
Inoculation: 52 (the theme of the story)

This is very obviously a fabricated story to push the propaganda and trying to persuade weak-minded parents into vaccinating their children. Do NOT let them!
Also check my article on babies dying from being breastfed by mothers getting the vaccine. If small babies die from the breastmilk after their mother got vaccinated, what do you think that vaccine will do when given to your child?
Think people, think! This is very serious! Stand your ground! Say no. Fight back!

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