Moderna Next in Line to Maim, Sterilize, and Kill Your Children

In the footsteps of Pfizer, who are about to get their shot approved for children by the FDA and claimed that their vaccine is 93% effective in maiming your kids, Moderna is now claiming that their vaccine is just as efficient. Efficient in maiming, sterilizing and killing that is, but that’s in the fine print – only for a selected few to know, and for us with eyes to see. Not for the sleeping sheeple who believe there are invisible viruses flying around making people sick, they will remain as ignorant as ever, sacrificing their children in these Satanic depopulation rituals.

Remember that crisis actor playing the 91-year-old Margaret Keenan (K33nan) who got the first shot in the world of the alleged covid vaccine (salt water)? That was on December 8, 2020.

This story about Moderna just happened to break on October 25, 2021, exactly 322 days later. Yes, as in Order 322. The Freemasonic Head Quarter at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is known as ‘Order 322’, ‘Skull and Bones’, and also as ‘The Brotherhood of Death.’
Pretty obvious tribute right there.

And this story broke on October 25, a date with the infamous ‘56’-numerology.
October 25, 2021 = 10/25/21 = 10+25+21 = 56
Coronavirus = 56 (keyword and main subject)
Covid Vaccine = 56 (what the story is about, vaccines)
Moderna = 56 (what a coincidence, right?)
Planned Virus = 56 (the truth in plain sight)
Virus Outbreak = 56 (keyword, the staged and fake virus outbreak)
Corona, Wuhan = 56 (keyword, the staged outbreak began in Wuhan)
Society of Jesus = 56 (the Jesuit Order, the order writing the script)

On October 25, there are 67 days remaining in the year. 67 is the 19th Prime Number, just as in Covid-19. Yet another reason for this story and the use of numerology.
6 to 11 = 19 (Chaldean) (the age-span of the kids in the alleged “study”)
Moderna = 19 (Septenary)

And the alleged “study” involved more than “4,700” kids… That is ‘47’, as in the number of degrees on the Freemasonic compass. Yet another Freemasonic reference in the same story. All made-up, all fabricated, all lies – as usual with the propaganda machine known as mainstream media.
“4,700 participants” = 67 (as the days remaining in the year)

October 25, 2021 = 10/25/21 = 1+0+2+5+(21) = 29
Kids = 29 (the target of this story, a perfect day for that numerology)

Keep your kids safe and as far away as possible from any kind of shot, mask or test. Anyone pushing or administrating these vaccines should be labeled as a war criminal, and that goes as well for any parent not doing any research to protect their kids and letting them be injected.

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