FDA Vaccine Puppets Vote to Recommend Pfizer’s Maiming, Sterilizing, and Deadly Vaccine for Children 5 to 11

On October 10, I wrote about Pfizer seeking U.S. Covid-19 Vaccine approval for children aged 5 to 11, which is as satanic and evil as it can get. Maiming, sterilizing and killing children with a toxic shot that is supposed to protect against something that doesn’t even exist! I also pointed out that they would meet on October 26, the day leaving 66 days remaining in the year, just as ‘Number of the Beast’ is 66 in Gematria. That date was yesterday, and the news now reports that FDA went ahead wit a vote of 17-0.
If you don’t know, FDA has no resources to check or control any of the data that is admitted to them. They receive hundreds of requests every week. It’s impossible for them to do their own control studies and experiments, instead they simply look at the data presented by the applicant. And, of course, they are just as infiltrated and govern by Freemasons and their masters The Jesuit Order as any other government institution or company. They follow the script.

If you remember, October is the month with a gematric value of 666, just as ‘mandatory’ and ‘vaccination.’ And October 26, being the day with 66 days remaining in the year, kind of sets the stage for a fabricated vaccination story, especially since the vaccine is tied to ‘666’, the Number of the Beast.

And on top of that, remember that FDA gave full authorization for the Pfizer ‘Comirnaty’ vaccine on August 23, 2021, exactly 66 days before Bill Gates’ 66th birthday. And the first ‘pandemic simulation’ hinting at this staged and fake corona pandemic, Clade X, was held on May 15, 2018, which was exactly 666 days before the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020.
Do you see the pattern yet? If not, read the links provided in the text above, as they decode this way deeper to give you a better background.

Now, the article states the following:

“Then vaccine advisers to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet next week, November 2-3, to discuss the decision and decide whether to recommend that US kids get the vaccine. The final word will lie with CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, and vaccination could begin next week if she gives the go-ahead.”

The date of November 2 and 3 is interesting and why they mention them are pretty obvious.

November 2 = 11/2 = 112

The Jesuit Order operates in 112 countries.
Catholicism = 112 (the church of the Jesuit Order)
Fake Virus = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Six Hundred Sixty-Six = 112 (666, Number of the Beast once again, making the bonds stronger in this ritual)
Sterilizing Children = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Vaccine is the Killer = 112 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)

November 3 = 11/3 = 113

Clade X = 113 (the first pandemic simulation, 666 days before the declaration of the staged and fake corona pandemic)
Coronavirus Pandemic = 113 (keyword, the staged and fake pandemic they use to depopulate and separate us with)
Corona Covid-19 Vaccine = 113 (keyword, what this is about, the silent weapon in a quiet war)
Declaration of the Pandemic = 113 (ties in with March 11, 2020, 666 days after Clade X)
John Hopkins University = 113 (involved with both Clade X and Event 201)
Sterilizing Children = 113 (again, truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
The Number for Dishonesty = 113 (see my previous posts about 113)
Dishonest = 113 (what they are about everything, it’s all fabricated lies)
Children Vaccination = 113 (keyword, what this is about)

And also…
Dr. Rochelle Walensky = 96
Corona Covid-19 Vaccine = 96
Corona = 96

The article also mentions this obvious and evil lie:

“According to CDC, more than 700 children 18 and under have died of Covid-19.”

700? Well, November 2 and 3 leaves 59 and 58 days remaining in the year.

Seven Hundred = 59, 58 (how obvious can you get?)

700 can also be written as 70.

Coronavirus = 70 (keyword, what this is about)
Corona Covid-19 Jab = 70 (keyword, what this is about)
Covid vaccine = 70 (keyword, what this is about)
Fake Virus Outbreak = 70 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Planned Virus = 70 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
FDA = 70 (keyword, the fraudulent administration giving the go)
Inoculation Kills = 70 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
The Second Purge = 70 (the first is killing by vaccines, the second is making children sterile)
Vaccine Kill = 70 (truth in plain sight, revelation of the method)
Vatican = 70 (the seat of the Catholic Church, The Jesuit Order)

This story broke on November 26.
10/26/21 = 10+26+21 = 57

If the vaccine gets the go by CDC during November 2-3, it will be available on November 4, the day leaving 57 days remaining in the year. And also…

Vaccine = 57 (keyword, what it is about)
Covid-19 Shot = 57 (keyword, what it is about)
Vaccinate = 57 (keyword, what it is about)
Six Sixty-Six = 57 (again with the Number of the Beast reference)
World Fooled = 57 (indeed, most are asleep)
Bill Gates = 57 (Mr. Vaccine himself and sponsor of Event 201)

It should be more than obvious how this Pfizer ritual has been played and is still being played. How it is all connected through numerology and gematria. How it is all staged, fabricated and simply theatre. And most important, how this is all fake and simply a façade for their agenda – population control and an excuse for the coming economic collapse. Save the children. Keep them away from these demons!

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