FDA Gives Pfizer Vaccine Full Approval on Kobe Bryants Birthday, and 66 days before Bill Gates 66th Birthday

On August 23rd, the FDA approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and it will now be marketed as ‘Comirnaty’, for the use in individuals 16 years of age and older. The ‘old’ vaccine, still called Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and the only one available, continues to be available under ‘emergency use authorization’ (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age…

If you have followed mine and other truther’s work on exposing the fake pandemic, the fake coronavirus (all viruses are fake, there is no contagion), all the scripted media stories, and the introduction of the maiming, sterilizing and deadly vaccines, you know that they have coded this entire pandemic with 666, the Number of the Beast – hinting at the vaccines and what is to come after them; the vaccine cards, turning into digital IDs with your medical history and status, turning into an implanted microchip with full control over you and 24/7 surveillance through tracking.
Remember, this staged and faked pandemic was first simulated at MIT in 1973 and since then, they have waited for the technology to be ready and for the numerology to be right, before they started all this.

Keep in mind that the ‘coronavirus’ was declared a pandemic by WHO exactly 666 days after the first pandemic simulation, Clade X, and that ‘vaccination’ is 666 in gematria.
Another important ritualistic part of the faked pandemic is Kobe Bryant’s death, which I decoded the days after his alleged helicopter crash, which just happened to occur during the lockdowns in Beijing, China, where he won a gold medal in 2008. And this story just happened to break on August 23rd, which is Kobe Bryant’s birthday and exactly 82 weeks since his death, just as Covid is 82 in Reverse Ordinal.

In Gematria when decoding numbers, you can separate them and add them together, as 19 will be 1+9, which is standard practice since you decode one letter at a time. But you can also add it as a single number, as ‘19’.

This came into effect on August 23rd, a date with primary numerology of 72.
8/23/2021 = 8+23+20+21 = 72
Covid is 53 and add “19” as in ‘Covid-19’ and you get 53+19 = 72

And when decoding one letter and digit at a time:
Covid-19 Cases: 72 (what they say is on the rise and an excuse for this)
Covid Lambda Variant: 72 (what they say is emerging right now)
Delta Vaccine: 72 (what this probably will be used for)
Depopulation Agenda: 72 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Inoculation Death: 72 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
The Great Culling: 72 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
The Forever Purge: 72 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Event 21: 72 (The second pandemic simulation, just before the fake corona arrived)
Jesuit Order: 72 (the ones writing the script)

August 23rd also has the numerology of 36, as in 8/23/2021 = 8+23+2+0+2+1 = 36. And the theme of the number ‘666’ just happens to be the 36th triangular number. And this also connects to the evil FDA.

The US Food and Drug Administration: 174 (Rev Full Red)
Number of the Beast: 174 (Eng Ord)

There will be more connections to ‘666’ in this story, especially when we get to Bill Gates in a bit…

And for 36, it just so happens that it was 36 weeks and 3 days since the Pfizer vaccine got its emergency use authorization on December 11, 2020.

As for the story, let’s break down the important keywords.

August 23, 2021 = 8/23/21 = 8+2+3+2+1 = 16
FDA: 16 (Rev Full Red) (FDA matches the dates numerology)

FDA: 70 (Rev Ord) (what more matches FDA that is connected to the story)
Coronavirus: 70 (what it is about)
Corona Covid-19 Virus: 70 (Septenary cipher)
Covid Vaccine: 70 (what it is all about)
Covid-19 Vaccine: 70 (Jew Red cipher)
Graphene Oxide: 70 (Jew Red) (what is in the vaccines)
A Viral Psy-Ops: 70 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)
Fake Virus Outbreak: 70 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)
Planned Virus: 70 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)
Rebranded Flu: 70 (what they did to cover up the fake Covid)
Inoculation Kills: 70 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Vaccine Kill: 70 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Killing: 70 (Jew Ord) (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Vatican: 70 (home of the Jesuit Order and the Pope)

The US Food and Drug Administration: 201 (Rev Single Red EP)
Covid Nineteen Shot: 201 (what it is about)

Pfizer-BioNTech: 222 (Rev Ord) (the vaccine that got approved)
Wuhan Coronavirus: 222 (the original keyword for the fake pandemic)
Scripted Plague: 222 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)
Mandatory Vaccination: 222 (what they want to achieve)
World Economic Forum: 222 (the evil organization involved in Agenda 2030)
Order Out of Chaos: 222 (their motto, how they operate)
Population Control: 222 (Jew Ord) (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
As Above, so Below: 222 (satanic) (Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet sign of duality)
Knights of Malta: 222 (Roman Catholic military lay order of the Jesuits)

Do you see the pattern as clearly as I do – for each number they use in this story? Also, August 23rd, 2021, is 75 weeks after the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020.

Order out of Chaos: 75 (again, a second hit on their motto)
Covid-19 Virus: 75 (what it is about)
Vaccines Forever: 75 (what they want to keep you as a dependent slave)
It is all Fake: 75 (Revelation of the Method, what it really is)
New World Order: 75 (their end goal)

It is also exactly 530 days since March 11, 2020, and WHO’s declaration of the pandemic. As you can remove the zero (has no value in gematria), you get 53.
Covid: 53 (what it is about)
Covid Vaccination: 53 (what it is about)
Covid-19 Shot: 53 (what it is about)
Full Approval: 53 (what the Pfizer Vaccine just got)
Blood Clotting: 53 (Chaldean) (one of the effects of the vaccines)
Infertile: 53 (one of the effects of the vaccines)
Ordo ab Chao: 53 (again, order out of chaos)
So Below: 53 (another reference to Eliphas Levi and Baphomet)
Transhumanism: 53 (what they want, and what you are after the vaccine)
His Holy See: 53 (reference/tribute to the Pope)

Very interesting that “Full Approval”, which is 53, was given exactly 530 days, as in 53, after WHO’s declaration of the fake Pandemic on March 11, 2020. All other matching keywords ties in neatly with the subject of the story and the other numbers they have used.

And as you can see, the phrase of duality, “As Above, So Below” is referenced several times. And this is why:
As Above, So Below: 156, 222 ,78
Pfizer Vaccines: 156, 222 ,78

Three out of four on the English ciphers and matches on the satanic and Sumerian ciphers. That might be the main reason why they chose Pfizer for this ritual.

And for some more ‘666’ connections…

Pfizer-BioNTech: 156 (Eng Ord)
Pfizer Vaccines: 156 (Eng Ord)
Six Six Six: 156 (Eng Ord)
Triple Sixes: 156 (Eng Ord)
Cute, isn’t it?

This story also broke in a span of 2 months and 1 day from the 530th birthday of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus). There you have 530 again as in 53. And 2 months and 1 day is ’21’, as in our current year and ‘Agenda 21’. Also…
Rome: 21 (what the Roman Catholic Church is modelled after)
Jesuit: 21 (the ones writing the script)
Moon: 21 (This happened on Moon Day, see further down)

It is also 62 days.
Covid-19 Virus: 62
Disease: 62 (reference to the fake covid-19)
mRNA: 62 (the ‘technology’ in the vaccines)
Sterilized: 62 (one of the effects of the vaccines)
The Jesuits: 62 (the ones writing the script)

Also, thinking of Ignatius of Loyola…
Ignatius of Loyola: 87
Covid Nineteen Shot: 87 (what this is about)
Coronavirus Variant: 87 (part of the script to keep this going)
Covid-19 Mutation: 87 (part of the script to keep this going)
Vaccines Forever: 87 (what they want to keep you as a dependent slave)
Number of the Beast: 87 (there we go again, ‘666’ reference)

And while speaking of Ignatius, August 23rd was 9 days after the birthdays of the Jesuit Order, which has the sun in its emblem.
Sun: 9 (they worship the sun god, Saturn)
Nine: 66 (there we go again, ‘666’ reference)
Nine: 42 (Eng Ord)
Vaccine: 42 (what this is about)
Jesuit: 42 (tribute, the ones writing the script)

This story broke on a Monday, or “Moon Day”, one day after the Full Moon.
Moon: 57 (important in the occult)
Vaccine: 57 (what this is about)
Nanotechnology: 57 (what is in the swabs, the masks, and the vaccine)
Sterilized: 57 (what the vaccines are about, Agenda 2030)
Six Sixty-Six: 57 (yet a reference to ‘666’, the Number of the Beast)
Satanism: 57 (what they worship, although it goes deeper than that)
Knights of Malta: 57 (again, the lay order of the Jesuits)
World Fooled: 57 (Revelation of the Method, it is all a hoax)
Bill Gates: 57 (reference and tribute)

And that takes us to their puppet and actor Bill Gates, who has had a prominent role in this staged pandemic. Not only as a killer through all his vaccine experiments (Africa comes to mind), but also as he hosted both Clade X and Event 201, the virus/pandemic simulations (Revelation of the Method). He’s also a computer and tech guy, so ‘nanotechnology’ is a perfect match. So, it’s obvious that little Bill Gates is important to their rituals and numerology.

August 23, 2021, just happens to be exactly 66 days before Bill Gate’s 66th birthday on October 28. There we go again, a double reference to 666, the Number of the Beast.

Number of the Beast: 66 (Full Red)


William Henry Gates: 258 (Rev Ord)
Number of the Beast: 258 (Rev Ord)

William Henry Gates: 201, 84, 258
Covid Nineteen Shot: 201, 84, 258 (three out of four, incredible!)

They also named the vaccine to “Comirnaty” (or “CO-miRNA-Ty), which just happens to be a perfect match with ‘Microsoft’ in all four English ciphers, including the satanic and Sumerian ciphers. That is one hell of a tribute, and of course, very well scripted.

And to round it all off, the connection between vaccines, Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant. This story broke 22 weeks and 2 days before the anniversary of Kobe’s death. 22 weeks and 2 days is ‘222’.
Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash: 222 (Rev Single Red)

And it is also…
Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash: 156 (Full Red)
Bill Gates: 156 (Rev Ord)
Vaccines: 156 (Rev Ord)
Pfizer Vaccines: 156 (Eng Ord)

Pfizer: 82 (Rev Ord)
Covid: 82 (Rev Ord)
Bryant: 82 (Rev Ord)
Seattle: (Eng Ord) (hometown of Bill Gates)

All neatly tied together. They sure know their stuff!

As you can see, this “approval” was completely done by the numbers, the gematria is undeniable all over this. Not even a tenth of the things I found in only an hour can be organic, it’s simply mathematically impossible. And, I only scratched the surface, showing you the most obvious matches and connections, while explaining every step (for you who are new to how reality and our world works).

As always, stand your ground! Say no. Help each other through this. Because there is no other option.

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