Austria first in Europe to be a Totalitarian Police State in Hitler Tribute

On November 19, Austria announced that it would go back into national lockdown and that they had plans for vaccine mandates by February 1st, 2022 – and all that totalitarian-police-state crap for something that does not exist, for a staged and fake pandemic, which purpose is to usher in the New World Order.

On January 20, the date with strong Jesuit 201-numerology, the Austrian Parliament voted to put those fascist and totalitarian mandates in place – all done by the numbers, following the script of the globalist elite scum.

The first ritual from November is covered here:

Austria to turn into a Totalitarian Police State because of something that does not exist?

January 20 can be written as 20/1, or 201, the very important Jesuit number. And Austria has been chosen to be first with this insanity, since numerology and gematria aligns with one of their biggest puppets in European history, the Austria-born Adolf Hitler (who actually was a Rothschild and educated in the Thule Society.)

There was an alleged plot to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944, the 201st day of the year. Instead, when he had played out his role as Hitler, he was said to have shot himself at the age of 56. Yes, 56 again, the pandemic code. Kind of like how the first alleged coronavirus case was reported exactly 56 days after John Hopkin’s and Bill Gate’s virus simulation Event 201.

Adolf Hitler = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Obligatory = 56 (what mandate imposes)
Covid Vaccine = 56 (what it is all about, the depopulation vaccine)
Society of Jesus = 56 (the Jesuit Order)

“Lawmakers voted 137 to 33 in favor of the measure, which will apply to all residents of Austria aged 18 and over.”

Now, this is really cute. You obviously see the freemasonic 33 right away. Well, 137 just happens to be the 33rd prime number! A double ’33!’

Order = 33 (authorial, giving orders, and what they are, an occult order)
Vaccinate = 33 (what the ‘order’ is about)
Corona = 33 (keyword referencing the fake pandemic)
Culling = 33 (keyword for the depopulation agenda)

This vote to tear down Austria and its people came only two days after Austria’s President Alexander Van der Bellen celebrated his 78th birthday.

Vaccinate = 78 (again, what this is about)
Culling = 78 (again, keyword for the depopulation agenda)
Order out of Chaos = 78 (the Freemasonic motto and the way to the New World Order)
As Above, So Below = 78 (from Levi’s image of Baphomet, a satanic phrase)
The Number of a Man = 78 (reference to the number of the beast, 666)
Jesuit = 78

And also, remember that the Pandemic was declared on March 11, exactly 78 days after the puppet Anthony Fauci’s birthday. And Anthony Fauci sums to 56 as well.

Alexander’s birthday is also of relevance, as January 18 can be written as 1/18 or 118.

Great Reset = 118 (what this is about)

Or as 18/1 = 181, which is the 42nd prime number.
Vaccine = 42
Jesuit = 42

And then we have the Austrian “health minister” Wolfgang Mückstein, or perhaps it should be called, “death minister,” which is more appropriate.

Wolfgang was born on July 5, 1974. July 5 as in 7/5, or 5/7, as in 75 and 57.

New World Order = 75
Order Out of Chaos = 75
Catholic Church = 75
Covid-19 Virus = 75
Vaccines Forever = 75

Vaccine = 57
Vaccinate = 57
Six Sixty-Six = 57 (always the 666 in vaccine stories)

January 20, is also Wolfgang’s 201st day of his age (200 days after his birthday), the day the first case of coronavirus outside of China was confirmed.
The Jesuit Order = 201

And 200 days after his birthday.

Wolfgang Muckstein = 200

And if you do not comply, they will fine you with 3,600 Euros ($4,000) as in 36.

Covid-19 = 36
IHS = 36 (Iesus Hominum Salvator, ‘jesus, the savior of men’, the motto on the Jesuit logo)

Again, an obvious and planned ritual. A tribute to their puppet Adolf Hitler, carried out by globalist puppets of the Austrian government.
And to the people of Austria, do not forget that everything the government does is only an offer. It’s up to you to accept or stand your ground and fight.

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