The CDC is Investigating a Covid-19 Outbreak on Board a Carnival Cruise Ship

Remember how the fake pandemic started? Yes, with reports of outbreaks on a few cruise ships, one of the most noteworthy being the Diamond Princess cruise ship who allegedly experienced an outbreak on February 3, 2020. Now, after a little more than two years of almost no similar reports, a cruise ship supposedly had a new little outbreak on May 3, 2022. Both outbreaks reported on the 3rd of the month, like 3 and 3, as in the Freemasonic 33. This ship docked in Seattle, the city with the first faked “confirmed” case of Covid-19 in the United States.

On May 3rd, it had passed exactly 820 days, as in 82, since they faked the outbreak on the Diamond Princess. And both outbreaks were on the 3rd, as in 33.

Seattle = 82, 33

CDC labeled the ship as ‘orange status,’ indicating that more than a whopping 0.3% of the passengers and crew tested positive for something that does not exist. Orange is the Freemason’s hoax-code, as orange reduces to ’33,’ and reverse to 102, the mirroring of the Jesuit 201.

Orange = 33, 102

These 820-days is the same as saying 2 years and 3 months on the day, as in 23. The first ship reported the outbreak on February 3, as in 2/3, or 23. Are you beginning to see the pattern of this ritual in Seattle yet?

Orange = 23
Jesuits = 23

It’s also the same thing as 2 years and 89 days, as in 289.

Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship = 289

It arrived to Seattle on May 3, as in 5/3 or 53.

Covid = 53
And Seattle is the 19th city, so you have 19 as in Covid-19.

Or as in the third of May, like 3/5, or 35.

Carnival = 35
Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship = 350 = 35, as you drop the zero

And the media waited four days and did not report on this until May 7, a day with 54-date numerology.
5/7/2022 = 5 + 7 + 20 + 22 = 54

Jesuit Order = 54, 54
Carnival Spirit = 54
Orange Status = 54 (what the CDC calls the severity of the “outbreak”)

And May 7 is of course fittingly the 127th day of the year. A perfect day to report about a fake viral pandemic on a cruise ship. Especially when it is called the ‘Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship.’

Viral Pandemic = 127
Cruise Ship = 127
Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship = 127

And 127 is the 31st prime number.

Covid-19 = 31
Pandemic = 31
Outbreak = 31
May Third = 31
Vaccinate = 31 (what they want with these fake stories)

And no fake Covid story is complete without their hoax code of 56!

Third of May = 56 (when it was reported)
Covid Outbreak = 56 (what they call it in the headlines)
Coronavirus = 56 (the theme)
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

And they simply go with “Carnival Cruise Ship” in the headlines…

Carnival Cruise Ship = 164, 59
Society of Jesus = 164, 59

The full name is ‘Carnival Spirit.’

Carnival Spirit = 72, 108, 54
Jesuit Order = 72, 108, 54

Yet again a fabricated story about viruses that does not exist, all to condition the minds of the weak and ignorant. Expect a new fake wave soon.

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