Orwell-19 Back ‘Three’ Years Later in Beijing, China – Extremely Coded; a Lesson in Gematria

The media has hinted a ‘comeback’ for the fake Orwell-19 virus, also known as COVAIDS-1984 or simply CONvid. I’ve covered a few of these stories, and as I wrote on October 24 in my article about the RSV-scam, the most likely comeback for Orwell-19 would be back in China during December, because that would be a ritualistic ‘three’ years celebration counting from the first faked ‘patient zero.’

The obvious comeback of the fake virus would be in December, 2022, in China, making it exactly 3 years after the first faked case. And we know that ‘three’ sums to their 2020-hoax code of 56, just as ‘coronavirus’ and ‘virus outbreak.’

Yes, the first faked “patient zero” allegedly showed “symptoms” on December 1st, 2019, and the first staged hospitalizations allegedly occurred on December 8th 2019. In other words, it’s been pretty much exactly three years since they started the faked plandemic. And as a celebratory ritualistic tribute, this comeback is staged and faked in Beijing.

Three = 56
Beijing = 56 (where it is faked three years later)
Three Years = 56 (again, three years since Wuhan)
Corona, Wuhan = 56 (where it was faked in 2019)
Omicron XBB = 56 (the current fake variant)
Coronavirus = 56
Virus Outbreak = 56
Freemasons = 56 (the secret society that make this fakery happen)
Society of Jesus = 56 (aka., The Jesuit Order, the puppet masters)

But why did this happen around December 13 so it could be reported by the media on December 14? Well, the key here is the ‘three’ that sums to 56, their hoax-code. December 14 is three days before Pope Francis birthday!

Three = 56 (as in three days and the three years)
Pope = 56

And, remember the fake patient zero? Yes, that was on December 1st, 2019. December 14, 2022, comes exactly 1109 days later. As the zero holds no value, you can drop it in numerology, and thus you have their other big hoax-code of 119, which stands for 11/9, the 11th of September or 9/11.

And where is the Pope and his Jesuit Order located? Yes, in the Vatican.

Vatican = 119

And CNN, is very keen on mentioning that Beijing, just like many other cities in China, is under “zero-Covid” lockdown.

Lockdown = 119

And what was that phrase again by Bill Gates? Yes, a ‘decade of vaccines.’

Decade of Vaccines = 119 (Bill Gate’s quote, and we will get to him later)

And the agenda they roll with during this ritualistic tribute is clear. CNN writes that the streets are not empty because of the lockdown, but because Beijing has been hit with a significant, and spreading, outbreak – a first for the Chinese capital since the beginning of the pandemic, a week after leaders eased the country’s restrictive Covid policy.

And there you have it, as soon as the fascist Big Brother Government eased their totalitarian control, the fakery returned. In other words, people need to be herded, micro-managed, and treated like the sheep they are or “pandemics” will flare up all the time, forever.

This is why it is so crucial that we expose the virus lie, the fact that no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist. That contagion, transmission of disease between living organisms has never been proven and that all previous experiments where they tried to ‘infect’ people with alleged viruses has failed. If we do not expose this lie to enough people, this Orwellian shit will go on forever, paving the way to Agenda 2030.

Also, this being perfectly synced with the pope’s birthday is no coincidence. If we count the time from the declaration of the fake pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020, to the report of this outbreak on December 14, 2022, we get exactly 144 weeks. 144, like 201 and 56, are one of the most important numbers of the Jesuit Order. It’s also representative of the 144 thousand of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Book of Revelation, representing the true Israel. Also, 144 is symbolic for ‘the mark of the beast,’ which is the conditioning of the Digital ID through the vaccines.

And again, that all of these date-numerologies lines up so perfectly on the day, shows how elaborate planned and scripted these rituals are, and how extremely scripted and fake the pandemic really is. If you do not understand how they use gematria, numerology and symbolism, you are truly in the dark and easily deceived.

Jesuit Order = 144
The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 144

And, of course, we also have…

Covid-19 Virus = 144
XBB Variant = 144 (the current Omicron variant)
Mark of the Beast = 144 (the vaccines and the conditioning for Digital ID)
Freemasonry = 144

144 is special in many other ways. When using time units for their date-numerology, 144 weeks is the exact same thing as 33 months and 3 days, like ‘333.’ Now, ‘333’ is very special to the Freemasonic order, the order created by the 13 families of Illuminati and the sons of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of The Jesuit Order. The 47 degrees on the Masonic Compass is a tribute to the forty-seventh problem of Euclid, a phrase that sums to 333. It’s also the distance in degrees of the Tropics, which mark the solstices, and the word ‘Time’ sums to 47. Also, the compass exemplifies their wisdom of conduct, which is the strength to “circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds,” a phrase that perfectly sums to ‘333’ and also, of course, to ‘666.’

Forty-Seventh Problem of Euclid = 333
The Hidden Hand That Rules The World = 333 (again!)
Circumscribe Our Desires And Keep Our Passions Within Due Bounds = 333

If you still think that Gematria is irrelevant, then you are most likely still trapped in the Matrix, being held back by propaganda and government programming, or you might be mentally challenged. Either way, you need to get a grip on reality and wake up.

Speaking of Freemasons, note that the image for the video at CNN is strategically showing the clothes store sign of ‘H&M,’ which of course, sums to the Freemasonic Master Teacher Number ‘33’ in reverse. They even managed to get the reflection of the sign, so that ‘MM’ shows, which symbolically is ‘33’ if you flip them clockwise.
Also, H&M stands for ‘Hennes & Mauritz,’ which reduces to the other pandemic-number of 65, the reflection of 56.

H&M = 33
Hennes & Mauritz = 65
Decade of Vaccines = 65 (again, Bill Gate’s quote, and we will get to him later)
Pandemic = 65

And yes, remember how this also ties back to Revelation and how their phrase of conduct also sums to 666, the Number of the Beast?

Well, 144 weeks, or 33 months and 3 days are the same thing as 1008 days. That is ‘18’ in numerology, and 18 is the sum of 6 + 6 + 6. Yes, everything is connected. The English language was reconstructed with 26 letters during the 16th century and perfectly coded with gematria, synchronized with the new Gregorian Calendar and our decimal (base 10) number system. If you understand gematria and numerology, this is extremely obvious and easy to spot. It’s a perfect match of language and mathematics.

Now, the Jesuit Order was recognized by the Roman Catholic Church on September 27, 1540. That means that this story on December 14 comes 11 weeks and 1 day after the Jesuit Order’s birthday, like 111. 111 represents the closed gate, and Beijing is allegedly closed. How fitting.
And, of course, it goes with the narrative of the whole fake pandemic, the vaccinations. It also connects with the pope once again. And who is the figurehead of vaccinations? Yes, their puppet, the world stage actor Bill Gates, aka., Hell Gates.
111 also represents the ‘three nails’ in ‘Triclavianism’ used to crucify Christ, both visually and in gematria, and the three nails is also represented at the bottom of the Jesuit Order’s sigil. The three nails, and the three pillars in Freemasonry, are also symbolically shown by the hand-sign of the Baphomet, or the Beast, where one hand is pointed upwards with two fingers and the thumb, and the other hand pointing downwards — as above, so below. Again, we have the importance of three in this ritual.

Three Nails = 111
Vaccination = 111
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 111 (Pope Francis’ actual full name)
William Henry Gates III = 111 (Bill Gates’ actual full name)
The World’s Biggest Scam = 111 (it sure is)

Note that Bill Gates has the ‘third,’ as in ‘111,” in his real name, going back to 56, but also to the number of ‘111,’ as in the three nails. Crafty bastards. Everything has been planned for decades.

As this fake pandemic was constructed by the Jesuits, Bill Gates have been a figurehead for the maiming vaccines. Bill was born on October 28, which means that this story comes on the 48th day of his age. Again, this fake and staged pandemic started in Wuhan, China, and it was all about conditioning, programming, and the vaccines. And, symbolically, it ties in with the three nails again, as in being penetrated, just as you get with the vaccines.

Three Nails = 48
Vaccination = 48
Wuhan, China = 48
Illuminati = 48
Freemason = 48
The Masons = 48

Going back to the Jesuit Order, this story also broke on the 79th day of their birthday. Of course, this fits with the ‘three’ year celebration and their original name of ‘Society of Jesus.’

Three = 79
Society of Jesus = 79

Also, it fits with the headline by the Jesuit owned CNN. Remember, you can drop the zero in numerology.

Covid cases explode in Beijing leaving city streets empty and daily life disrupted = 790 = 79

Going back to the declaration of the pandemic, the anniversary date is March 11, and this story comes 278-days later – a perfect match with the silly message in the headline.

Covid Cases Explode = 278

It also came 87-days before the next anniversary of the declaration by WHO.

Bill Gates = 87
Omicron = 87
Ignatius of Loyola = 87 (again, the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Ignatius of Loyola, S.J = 87 (his full name as a saint presented by the Jesuits)
William Henry Gates = 87
Coronavirus Pandemic = 87

And, speaking of Bill Gates, he was one of the organizers of Event 201, the pandemic simulation held on October 18, 2019, foreshadowing the fake Orwell-19 pandemic by their revelation of the method. This comeback in China as announced by the media on December 14, 2022, comes 308-days, like 38, before the anniversary of Event 201.

Beijing = 38
Pandemic = 38
Covid-19 = 38
Lockdown = 38

That also means, that December 13, the day CNN say that this began in Beijing, was exactly 56 days after the anniversary of Event 201. 56 once again, as in ‘three’ and ‘coronavirus.’

And if we count from the actual date of October 18, 2019, we get 1153 days. 1153 is the 191st prime number, and of course, ‘Society of Jesus,’ the Jesuit Order behind this, sums to 191.

I could go on and on with the extreme coding of this “Orwell-19 Comeback” in China, but I’m afraid this is all I have time for today. It should be plenty though, and if you’re getting into gematria, this is a good article to practice on as it’s virtually coded with all important dates from the staged and utterly fake plandemic.

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