The Theatre Continues – China Sodomites to Anal Swab Their Way Through the Winter Olympics

Unfortunately, this is not a joke. The China ‘anal swab story’ is back in the ‘News’ once again – hitting the headlines of the slumbering masses. And we know who the real sodomites are, the Catholic Church and their re-invented Knight Templars as in the Jesuit Order – the order pulling all the strings from the shadows. Yeah, they do a lot of pulling and obviously thrusting too.

This story broke on January 19, as in 19/1 or 191. We had several ‘191’-Jesuit stories on that date, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as wax figures.

Society of Jesus = 191 (the Jesuit Order)

And as we know who controls everything, it should come as no surprise who actually invented the idea of the Olympic Games with rigged events, false idol worship, enormous costs and the perfect entertainment for the useless eaters.

Winter Olympics = 201 & 177
Summer Olympics = 201 & 177
The Jesuit Order = 201 & 177
201, the most important number for the Jesuits, as explained here.

This story from Newsweek used the more “politically correct” form of “anal tests.” But in gematria words of similar meanings are aligned.
Anal Test = 92 & 20
Anal Swabs = 92 & 20

And the upcoming Olympics will be the 53rd Olympic Games.

Covid = 53
Anal Swab = 53
Winter Olympics = 53 (Chaldean)
And this story broke on January 19, as in 1/19/2022 = 1 + 1 + 9 + (20) + (22) = 53

And as a pun, Anal Swab is also 19 in Full Reduction, as in Covid-19. They must have been really excited when they made that connection.

And who else loves sodomy? The devil that they worship. The beast that ruled the world for 42 months and enforced the Mark of the Beast on the people or they could not buy or sell goods. And as Revelation 13:18 says; “This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.”

Anal Tests = 666
Vaccination = 666
Coronavirus declared a pandemic by WHO 666-days after Clade X

And also, “Covid Mandate” and “Mandatory” that is also in the news these days, sums to 666 in the same English Sumerian cipher. That is logical in gematria, as it goes against free will and thus are satanic in nature – you need to be marked, like cattle, to be allowed to do anything.

And they use the imaginary and non-existent Omicron as an excuse to go about people’s rear ends. Omicron that was a 666-ritual in itself. The article says “Omicron Cluster.”

Omicron Cluster = 68
Omicron Virus = 68
Corona Pandemic = 68
Covid Nineteen = 68
Programming = 68 (what they are doing, trying to normalize this sick behavior)
Sexual Abuse = 68 (what it really is)
The Freemasons = 68 (will happily carry out this order)
Jesuits = 68

Anal Swab = 73
Omicron Variant = 73

This is of course the ultimate mockery and humiliation ritual put in motion by the sodomites in power. And it is programming, trying to normalize this behavior. Looking for viruses that do not exist in nature, a totally debunked pseudo-science, and looking for them in people’s asses of all places. Even if this fantasy about viruses were true in some science fictional alternate dimension or universe, it still makes no sense looking for it in the ass. It’s pure mockery. It’s sick! If there were any science at all behind this fake and staged pandemic, a quick finger blood test would tell you everything you need to know. Or, if it actually could spread for a person to another, a simple breath- or spit analysis would suffice. But alas, it’s all fakery, made-up nonsense, so in the ass we go, Jesuit style!

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