Obama Tests Positive for COVAIDS-1984 as a Tribute to his Master the Pope

Barack Obama said on Sunday that he tested positive for farting pink unicorns, erhm, no, was it HIV? No, that should read, ‘tested positive for Covid-19’. I always get all of them mixed up as neither of them exist.
Anyway, he said on Twitter that he’s ‘feeling fine’ and his husband/wife, Michael, tested negative.

Sunday, March 13, 2022, was the 9-year anniversary of Pope Francis becoming the first Jesuit Pope (March 13, 2013.)

Nine Years = 47

Remember, Barack became president at age 47. And he announced this on Twitter.

Twitter = 47
Vatican = 47 (the seat of the Pope)

Obama was born on August 4, 1961, and his COVAIDS-1984 story came 144-days before his 62nd birthday.

Jesuit Order = 144

It is also a span of 222-days since his 61st birthday. A very even and perfect number.

Mandatory Vaccination = 222 (what they want)
Wuhan Coronavirus = 222 (the original keyword for the fake pandemic)

And for fun, the repetition of digits, as in 222, is called a ‘repdigit.’

Repdigit = 47
As in his age when he became president and as coded above.

Repdigit = 52 & 47
Nine Years = 52 & 47 (the 9-year anniversary of Pope Francis)
‘Feeling Fine’ = 52 (what he said in his Tweet)

And a bit down in the article, they pull out the vaccination propaganda and make up some numbers about “infections” and ‘vaccinated’ sheep.

They claim that 35,000, as in 35, got “infected” on average over the past week.

Holy See = 35 (the pope, the seat of authority of the Roman Catholic Church)
Catholic = 35

They claim that 75.2%, as in 75, of U.S. adults are ‘fully vaccinated.’

Covid-19 Virus = 75
Catholic Church = 75
Roman Catholic = 75
The Rays of the Sun = 75 (on the Jesuit logo, and they worship the Sun God)
Vaccines Forever = 75 (the famous quote, and what they want)
New World Order = 75 (what the fake pandemic agenda is all about)

Then they claim that 47.7%, as in 47, of the vaccinated sheep also have been so brainwashed and become so stupid that they have taken a booster. Note that Obama wrote in his Tweet that, “Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted.’

Again, Obama became president at age 47. 47 is also the angle on the Freemasonic compass in their logotype. And as decoded earlier, it is also ‘nine years’ as in the 9-year anniversary of pope Francis, as well as ‘Vatican’ and ‘Twitter,’ but also ‘Government’ and ‘Authority.’

And, for the big pun, as Obama was often referred to as Satan. 47.7% = 4 + 7 + 7 = 18. 18 represents the number of the beast, as 6 + 6 + 6 = 18.
And, of course, ‘Beast’ sums to 47.

Yet another perfect example of how they fabricate news and stories. This time Obama said he got the Jesuit’s biggest hoax, the covid-19, as a tribute to his master Pope Francis on his 9-year anniversary as pope. The world is a stage, and once you are awake you can see it clear as day.

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