Omicron… 70 is the new 56

The germ theory and virology may very likely be the biggest frauds of our century, and if you can’t see that they make shit up with the fake pandemic as they go, you might actually be dumber than a sheep.

Omicron 70 times more “infectious” than Delta?

Just as Pfizer claimed that their vaccine was 70% effective against imaginary Omicron?

Or as when the White House claimed it had hit the 70% vaxx target?

Or as when 70% of Americans needed an additional clot shot?

Or as when some states sat some 70% vaccination goals?

Or as when nearly every state reported a 70% use of ICU beds?

Or when Najavo reported 70 new fake covid cases?

Or as the alleged cases of the unicorn virus just increased with 70% in the UK?

United Kingdom = 70

I could go on forever, but I guess you get my point – unless you’re one of those sheep, of course.

So, why 70? It’s very, very obvious if you know how they operate solely based on numerology and gematria.

First, Omicron has the value of 70 in Greek Isopsephy, i.e. Greek gematria.

And in English Gematria we have several important keywords used for stories.

Coronavirus = 70 (is both 56 and 70, perfect)
COVID Vaccine = 70 (is also both 56 and 70)
Corona COVID-19 Jab = 70 (keyword for vaccine stories)
Fake Virus Outbreak = 70 (they love to use Revelation of the Method to keep their ‘karma’ clean)
Planned Virus = 70 (same, revelation of the Method)
Rebranded Flu = 70 (our natural detoxing cycle, now renamed to covid)

And for better coding and stronger ‘word magic’, they also have…

Scamdemic = 70 (what it is, a scam)
Fear Controls = 70 (what this entire fake pandemic is built upon, fear of something they invented, something that does not exist)
Devil Worship = 70 (they worship Saturn, the Sun God, or ‘Satan’ as portrayed in Christianity)
Scripted News = 70 (Revelation of the Method, all big news stories are scripted, fabricated)
Tricked = 70 (what the majority of the population is)
The Second Purge = 70 (the depopulation agenda, first purge is death by vaccines, second purge is sterilization of our children)
Vaccine Card = 70 (the control tool that leads to microchip implants and social score trackers)
Vaccine ID = 70 (same)
Vaccine Kill = 70 (Revelation of the Method)
Vatican = 70 (nice reference to the Jesuits of the Vatican who write the script)

So, now when you see ‘70’ of something in the headlines, you know why.

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