Shakespeare Dead – Another Jesuit joke

“William Shakespeare, first UK man to get the Depopulation-jab, dead at 81”
I touched on this Catholic-Jesuit (Society of Jesus) joke on the English people when vaccination started in the UK, how they mocked us with “Shakespeare” (which actually was the Jesuit philosopher Francis Bacon.) And now, the joke comes to an epic end.

As you should know by now, the entire “pandemic” is just a made-up Jesuit plot to further the depopulation part of UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 (The Great Reset.)

This story broke on May 25, 2021 – the 145th day of the year.
Catholic: 145 (Catholic Church is the home of the Jesuits, the Society of Jesus)
The Great Reset: 145 (Jew Ord) (what they want to achieve, the ‘slogan’ of Klaus Schwab)

They said he died on a Thursday, May 20, 2021.
5/20/21 = 5+20+21 = 46
Thursday: 46
Shakespeare: 46 (Septenary)
Catholic: 46
Sacrifice: 46
Also, Genesis 46 within the bible deals with sacrifice.

This hints to the fact that he was sacrificed in a ritual.

5/20/2021 = 5+20+20+21 = 66
Covid-19 vaccine: 66
Corona: 66
Number of the Beast: 66
William Shakespeare: 66 (Septenary)
Thirty-Three: 66 (as in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which do the bidding of the Jesuits)

He allegedly died 163 days after receiving his vaccine (December 8, 2020.)
163 is the 38th prime
Killing: 38
Murder: 38
Death: 38
RIP: 38
Covid-19: 38
Pandemic: 38

Even more hints to a sacrifice ritual and of course to the fake covid-19 and the staged pandemic.

And some key words from the article and how they tie together this story…
UK Man: 60, 15, 30, 75
A Slave: 60, 15 (what we all are to them)
Roman Catholic: 60, 75
Catholic Church: 75
Corona: 30
SARS-C0V-2: 30 (septenary)

81 years old: 47, 45, 32, 40
William: 47
Shakespeare: 45
UK: 32
Coventry: 40 (where he lived)

They claim, of course, that he died of an “unrelated illness.”
Unrelated Illness: 190, 64, 242
Synagogue of Satan: 190, 64, 242 (satanic cult pretending to be Jews, known for sacrifice rituals)

He was remembered as a “much-loved figure”, figure? Not person or man?
Oh yes, the coding, of course…
Much-Loved Figure: 79
William: 79
William Shakespeare: 79
Society of Jesus: 79

And the article was of course updated on 1:29 pm = 1 (2+9) = 111
Genesis: 111 (Genesis is the first book of the Bible, but more importantly, it’s the first book of the Torah, the law of Moses)

Just another Jesuit mocking ritual around the death-vaccine thrown in your face to keep this plademic and the vaccine relevant in the news – to remind you and to keep you in fear.

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