COV-idiots fooled into taking the DEATH-Jab over Rigged Lottery

This is just so sad and a little bit hilarious at the same time.
In an effort to kill more “useless eaters” with the death-jab, a $1-million lottery “Vax-a-Million” was announced for those braindead enough to take the shot. And guess what? The first winner was recently announced! Let’s take a look at this story, using their language of trade – Gematria!

The first winner (allegedly) of Ohio’s Vaccine lottery is Abbigail Bugenske. Such a lovely and usual name, wouldn’t you say? Well, the name has to fit their word coding, numerology and spells…

Bugenske: 30, 132, 42
Vaccine: 30, 132, 42
Wham! A hit on the three out of four English ciphers. That is pretty much impossible odds. But wait, it gets better.

Bugenske: 84, 30, 132, 42
Jesuit: 84, 42
The Jesuit Order: 84
Corona: 30
The Catholic Church: 132
Roman Catholic: 132
Freemason: 42

Abbigail: 56, 43, 34
Coronavirus: 56
Wuhan, Corona: 56
Society of Jesus: 56
Freemasons: 56, 43
Occultism: 56, 34

Abbigail Bugenske: 64
Synagogue of Satan: 64

Vax-a-Million: 132, 51, 66
United States of America: 132
Roman Catholic: 132
Catholic Church: 132
Illusion: 51
Number of the Beast: 66
Corona: 66
Thirty-Three (as in Freemason’s 33): 66

For fun, Abbigail is usually shortened to Abbey. And they used it in some of the articles.
Abbey Bugenske: 119, 47, 70
Vatican: 119, 47, 70
Government: 47
Coronavirus: 70
Covid Vaccine: 70

Three out of four on Vatican, the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the Society of Jesus (The Jesuit Order, aka. The Jesuits.) They like to code themselves into all these stories they come up with.

And a quick glimpse at the beginning of the story…
“Twenty-two-year-old Abbey Bugenske was driving from Silverton to her parents’ home in Shaker Heights to look at a used car when she got a call from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.”

Twenty-two-year-old: 74, 79
Holy Roman Empire: 74
Occult: 74
Society of Jesus: 79

Shaker Heights: 66, 69
Vax-a-Million: 66
Catholic Church: 69
The Jesuit Order: 69

Used Car: 71, 26, 46
Catholic: 71, 46
Covid: 26
Disease: 26
Lie: 26
Sun God: 26
Ohio Gov: 26, 46
Deception: 46

Mike DeWine: 98, 53, 55
Ohio Gov: 98
Abbigail Bugenske: 98
Deceive: 53
Silverton: 55
Lie: 55

Wow, that short introduction was really heavily coded. Please note that this story broke on the full moon and lunar eclipse when the moon represents silver, as in “Silverton.”

Now, let’s look at that Governor Mike DeWine.
Mike was born on January 5, 1947.
So, this staged lottery ritual was performed on Mike’s 142nd day of his age.
Coronavirus: 142
And he is 74 years old…
Gematria: 142, 74

Coded in plain sight!

This news comes 145-days after the beginning of the year; “Catholic” = 145
The date leaves 219-days remaining in the year; “Roman Catholic” = 219
This is also a span of 220-days; “Coronavirus Pandemic” = 220

And the best for last…
Lottery Jackpot: 191, 56, 187, 79
Society of Jesus: 191, 56, 187, 79
Four out of four!

There you have it. A quick 20 minutes breakdown of this scripted story. Sorry to all of you sheeple, as with all big lotteries, they are rigged. Abbigail was either made up or part of it and chosen because of the numbers, letters and words in this ritual performed by the Jesuit Order out of the Roman Catholic Church.

The world is a stage and the sheeple get played every day of the year.

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