Jesuit Puppet Donald Trump Launches Operation Warp Speed on May 15, 2020

“Operation Warp Speed was a public–private partnership initiated by the United States government to facilitate and accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.”

Of course, they must make it silly and use words from Star Trek.
— “Helm, Warp One. Engage!”

Let’s look at this story using their language of choice, gematria – combining the letter, with the number and the word.

Operation Warp Speed: 266, 95
Iesus Hominum Salvator: 266

Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus, the savior of men) is the motto on the Jesuit logo and is written “IHS”, and the phrase breaks down to 266 in Reverse Ordinal, just like “Operation Warp Speed”. So, there is your first Jesuit connection!

What about 95, then? Yes, the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus) were formed September 27, the day leaving 95-days left in the year. And it was formed to kill Martin Luther who wrote the 95 Theses against the Catholic Church.

So, both 266 and 95 is very important to the Jesuit Order, and thus the silly phrase, “Operation Warp Speed” is actually suitable, especially considering that Donald Trump is their little lap-dog with family in Israel and deep Zionist connections (and he has pledged his allegiance to the Pope).

But there is more…
Operation Warp Speed: 220, 94
Coronavirus Pandemic: 220, 94

Very fitting. They did their research on this one!

And who could be ordered to help with the deadly vaccine distribution? Yes, the military as Donald has already hinted…

Warp Speed: 107, 44
Military: 107, 44

And remember, Donald Trump is connected to Israel and the most Jewish of all freemasonic lodges, the Scottish rite of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite is very closely connected to the Jesuit Order.

Donald Trump: 159
Scottish Rite: 159

The Culling: 159 (thinning of the herd of the useless eaters, what the vaccine is for – depopulation)
Joke is on you: 159 (common phrase used for mocking the stupid sheeple)

It sure is, as the pandemic is fake and viruses do not exist. The real “pandemic” is the vaccine. The culling, the purge…

And in Jewish gematria, fitting for Donald Trump…
The Catholic Church: 159 (the seat of the Jesuit Order)
Thank You Satan: 159 (the phrase that Obama, another Jesuit-puppet, is known for)

And May 15, or 15/5 = 155 is fitting.
Coronavirus: 155
Planned Virus: 155
Vaccine Depopulation: 155 (!!!)
Vaccination Kill: 155 (!!!)

And, again, in Jewish gematria…
The Great Culling: 155

And this story comes 30-days before Donald Trumps birthday (June 14, 1946).
Vaccine: 30 (keyword, what this operation is about)
Covid Jab: 30 (jab is English slang for ‘shot’, as in a vaccine shot/jab)
Corona: 30 (keyword, the fake pandemis)
Planned: 30 (everything is planned…)
Outbreak: 30 (especially this staged and fake outbreak)
Order: 30 (order out of chaos, how they operate)
Drumpf: 30

Drumpf was their real surname, before they ‘reinvented’ themselves as “Trump”.

And the 30th Prime number is 113.
The number 113 is known as the number of dishonesty and deceit.
The Number for Dishonesty: 113

Coronavirus pandemic: 113
Clade X: 113

And again, in Jewish gematria…
Jesuits: 113
Great Reset: 113

Clade X was the first virus pandemic simulation, it was held exactly 666 days before WHO declared Coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020. See my previous posts.

And keep in mind that Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946, the day that leaves a span of 201 days remaining in the year. 201 is the number of the Jesuit Order (Donald Trump is Jesuit educated.)

And he had Cardinal Dolan do his RNC convention 201 days from his birthday. How very appropriate that Donald was the president-puppet during the time of Event 201 in October of 2019.

And finally, about that CIA Psy-Op ‘Q’Anon’ movement behind Trump…

No explanation needed…

My speculation is that at least 70% of all vaccines are salt water, a saline solution. This will encourage those who receive a harmless injection to recommend it to their friends and family. Then there might be batches with underdosed vaccine, to measure tolerance, like 15 to 20% of all vaccines. And finally about 10 to 15% of the real stuff, fully potent to maim, sterilize and even kill people, as in their depopulation agenda.
Therefore this “Operation Warp Speed” make sense; get as much out as quickly as possible and most people will be unaffected, recommending it to others. And there will of course be more shots, they will not stop at one dose. This is the smart way to do it, slowly increasing the rates of side effects and deaths and the sheep will not suspect a thing. Mark my words.

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