May 3 and May 12, 2020. Training and Recovery Update with Q&A

Building muscle and shedding body fat.

In my last post from April 14, I had re-gained about 7.3 kg (16lbs) since about February. In the last two weeks, although my back and ribcage were busted for 10 days, I gained another 2.2 kg and I’m now at 71.7 kg (158 lbs). Might not sound as much, but my old “bodybuilding” weight was usually between 72 and 76 kg when fairly ripped, and at 80 kg when being a bit ‘fluffy’. Thing is, I’m only 173 cm (5’8”) and my joints are very small (good for body aesthetics and illusion such as in bodybuilding). However, my abs are becoming a bit blurry and it’s hard to force feed all the time when you have no interest in food and when you’re always satiated.
So, during the coming week, I will start to cut some blubber while still adding some muscle mass. And no, I will not count or cut calories or do a ‘diet’ of any sort. That is so last decade.
Instead, I will eat as much animal foods I can on my workout days with more focus on nutrient density and protein, and then I’ll simply fast on my days off from the gym. Fasting jacks up growth hormone, burns fat like crazy, and is muscle sparing when not overdone. It’s simply the best way to the quickest body transformation possible – and without any hassle or ‘overthinking it’.

I’ll try to document as much as possible and post some updates. Might even take pictures again, if I feel inclined. Maybe.
Anyway, that’s what I’m up to at the moment. What is/are your goal/goals for the coming months?

Update! May 12:

Quick update, and sorry for the bad image quality. I have new equipment incoming, so photos will be better in a few weeks.
Anyhow, I’ve only managed to get one day of fasting. Been training quite a lot – and there has been some other things I had to deal with. Weight is at 72.5 kg (160lbs), so I’ve gained 2lbs in the last week. 😅 Will step it up and get shredded… soon.

Additional: question about food combinations:

I never eat meat only though. I always start my meal with a spoon of fish roe. Then I make sure to add 2 to 4 egg yolks to every meal, and some organ meats at least 4 or 5 times a week. I also add a lot of butter and heavy cream. When I do this, I’m always satiated and I never have a single thought about food.
Several years back, before I went 100 % animal based and when I mostly relied on ketogenic diets (with some toxic veggies), I could get slightly hungry at times and occasionally, I could get some minor cravings.
However, before that, about 15 years or more ago when I did the typical “balanced” fitness diets with useless rice and potatoes, I was hungry all the time and lacked energy and had mad cravings. It’s all about nutrient density and consuming food that you actually can extract nutrients from (i.e. animal based foods).

About fish roe and eggs:

I go for fish roe/caviar in glass jars with the least amounts of additives. Best scenario would be fish roe and salt, but you will probably only be able to find that at fisher’s markets or by import.
Most of the time I cook (to coagulation/turning white only) all or most of the egg whites while keeping the egg yolks raw. Sometimes I give the egg whites to my dog.

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