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You can contact ‘us’ through Messenger at the Facebook page located at:

Make sure to use a legitimate account, be polite and to the point. I answer simple questions for free when time allows. Unfortunately, I only have time for a few every day, and I receive more than 30+ a day. Lengthy and/or complex questions will be ignored. If you have such a question, or if you wish to learn more on a subject, contact me for a consulting fee and instructions.

Business Inquires
If you have business proposals or questions regarding collaborations or anything within that realm, please use Messenger as described above and start you message with, “Business Proposal” or something that fits your inquiry, then follow up with a short presentation. Be ready to verify your identity.

If you need help with anything relating to nutrition, training and exercise – or if you want help with a health issue, please use Messenger as described above and start you message with, “Coaching, need help with weight loss” or something that fits your inquiry, then follow up with a short presentation and the issue at hand.

About Interviews, Roundtables and Collaborations
As I have described in this post, I’m still recovering from my severe illness that hit me in 2017 and 2018, and from healing a tumor close to my brain, something that causes mental fatigue and hypersensitivity to sensatory impressions.
That is why I have challenged myself with daily reading/studying and writing, since it’s what I’ve worked with most of my life and an easy way to measure progress while fighting mental fatigue. I’ve also been active my whole life, especially when it comes to resistance training and that is also the best health insurance you can do. So, to challenge my sensatory hypersensitivity, I do short 30 to 40 minutes workouts at the gym 4 to 5 days a week.
What is still very draining is being around a lot of people and commotion, or to simply speak and listen for extended periods of time. Especially if I have to speak in other languages than my mother tongue. Reading and writing is fluent, but finding the right words and pronunciations while talking is still a bit challenging and I can only keep it up for so long before my focus and concentration wavers.

So, for now, I only do infrequent short one-on-one chats over the phone – mostly to keep in contact with my loved ones or for simple consulting purposes. For interviews and such, it has to be in writing – as talking for half an hour or more would make me tired for days. Once I have recovered to such a degree that I feel proficient in talking for extended periods of time, I will probably do shorter videos as practice and also be open for podcasts or video-conferences as in interviews and roundtables.

Keep in mind that in early 2020 I could only sit and write for 30 to 45 minutes a two times a week. In 2021 I was up to an hour or two every day. And as of the end of 2022, I can study and write for 4 to 5 hours every day without burning out. So, I’ve come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

Commenting on posts

In order to simplify the process, please use a legitimate account on Facebook and visit this profile:

Use the search feature to find the post/article in question and post your comment. All posts on this website are mirrored on that Facebook account, using the same headlines. I.e., it’s a simple search.

Please note!
We do not tolerate hateful, ignorant or plain stupid comments. If you like the content and/or it made you think, feel free to leave a comment, as it will boost the exposure of the post. If you don’t like my post (can’t comprehend it), just move on. There might be posts about your favorite brainwashing tv show further down your feed. If you have a question, please keep it simple and polite. If you wish to add to the post, keep it simple and informative. If you disagree with something and have an alternative perspective on a certain point, keep it polite, respectful and informative. Otherwise, just move on. Crying out and saying ‘no’ like a little baby will accomplish nothing — and disagreeing in an arrogant or hateful manner without adding value or explaining your view will have you removed. I do not waste time or energy on ignorant trolls seeking attention and who takes pleasure in causing drama.

Don’t have Facebook?

Alternative channels, although not checked that often. Same rules as above apply.

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