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Available in English and Swedish (Svenska.) Please read the entire page before continuing to the coaching package of interest.

Current Status of Services
As of May 30, 2024, current queue-time for personalized guides is about 1-2 work days.
If you apply now, expect your guide within 5 days.
Consulting is open, current queue time about 24-36 hours.

All programs/guides are educationally structured and based on our natural homo sapiens, species-specific, species-appropriate diet – for peak human health, increased mental clarity, memory and cognition, longevity, body composition and performance. Eliminate modern ‘diseases’ and maximize your muscle building or fat loss efforts.

It’s only by adopting our natural human carnivorous diet that you will ever feel like a real human being, feeling really alive — something very few has ever experienced! As in getting rid of that brain fog you did not even know you had, increasing your mental clarity and cognition, increasing your energy levels — simply getting a whole new life. Most people fear death; you should fear having lived without ever have felt really alive!

– Joachim Bartoll, 2019

The following coaching packages are currently available:

Fat Loss Package

A complete educational fat loss guide, utilizing our species-specific, species-appropriate diet, strategic fasting and timed feeding windows — complete with meal plans and several pages of recipes and meal combinations. Fully individualized to fit your background, your current lifestyle and activities. Also available as a ‘bare-minimum’ package for those familiar with animal-based or ‘ketogenic’ nutrition and fasting.

Carnivore / Animal-Based Nutrition Packages

Choose between a simple transition package or a complete educational guide to introduce and transition you to our species-specific, species-appropriate diet and how to adopt it for life. Fully individualized to transition you with minimal discomforts and to fit your background, your current lifestyle and activities. It will give you the tools to adapt to any future circumstance.
Includes several pages of individualized recipes and meal combinations as a starting point.

Online Consulting Services

Ask and discuss anything health- and fitness related by text messages. This service is suitable for the intermediate- and advanced athlete or trainee that need input on specific areas. Personal trainers and coaches are more than welcome to ask or seek help on different topics — even to ask help to solve problems with current clients. Please note that I will be brutally honest and to the point.

What is inside each full personalized nutrition program/guide:

The following points are a summary of what kind of information you will find in the full educational coaching packages.

  • Individualized introduction. Understanding what is natural and how nature works – that humans are obligate hyper carnivores. Putting down the foundation. How to prepare. How to transition from your current way of eating. What to focus on. How to continue after the program.
  • Planning. How to structure your days and weeks depending on your specific life situation. With examples and the tools and key-points for you to plan on your own.
  • Information about your personal health issues and how to best reverse them.
  • Your personalized feeding windows and strategy around short-term and long-term fasting if applicable/needed. If not, you’ll still get a simple guide to fasting for future reference.
  • How to maximize sleep quality, recovery and healing.
  • How to minimize pollutants, toxins, poisons, and chemicals in day-to-day life. How to easily make natural alternatives.
  • List of toxins and antinutrients found in plant foods. The worst offenders, what they do and why you should avoid them.
  • List of least damaging carbohydrate sources if ever needed too meet energy requirements (for highly active athletes and those with a lot of muscle mass.)
  • Information on digestion, detoxification, and possible issues and healing symptoms. What to expect and look for depending on your situation.
  • Information on the most common health markers such as tinnitus (ringing/buzzing in ears,) anxiety, stress, nightmares, oily or dry skin, flaky/cracked skin, rashes, hair loss, puffy or blood shot eyes, blurred vision, cold sores, thinning of eye brows, puffy face, red cheeks, dark circles below eyes, dry/chapped lips, chicken skin, acne, black heads, dandruff, toe nail fungus, dry cough, bleeding gums, nosebleed, and much more — and what it means and how to fix it.
  • Information of blood work/panels, on blood lipids and cholesterol.
  • Information on sports and “health” supplements and why you should never touch 99% of them.
  • Electrolyte water formula. How to make your own and when to use it.
  • Information on spices, herbs, flavorings, and sweeteners. Rated by order of toxicity (histamines, antinutrients.)
  • Separate booklet on food storage, meal preparation, utensils, pre-digesting and fermenting, and how to make ghee, bone broth and much more.
  • Strategies on how to move from simply ‘animal-based’ into real carnivorism, as in eating raw, for those who want the most nutrition out of their food and want to take their health, mental prowess, and longevity to the highest possible level.
  • Several pages of your personal meal examples and recipes for maximum variation and nutrition density. Note that foods are weighted raw and in grams. All scales are metric for convenience.
  • Separate Food Sheet with the best food sources divided into tiers for their content of macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • 4 weeks of support by Messenger or equivalent chat application. Support can be renewed for a low fee whenever you need to.

Each full guide/program usually spans 40+ pages (bonus programs and reports excluded.)

How does it work?

My nutrition programs are built upon a framework founded on maximum nutrient density and bioavailability, based on ancestral wisdom backed by anthropology and real-world science. Each program is individualized to fit your goals, your background, and your current lifestyle and activities, yet it will still give you a lot of daily flexibility and freedom.

Our entire heritage is based on animal-based nutrition. All the research, all the nitrogen testing (N14/N15,) and all the science tells us that whenever there were plenty of animals around, that was all that we as a species consumed — so we could thrive, develop and multiply. It simply means that the vast majority of your food comes from the animal kingdom, which is the only source of bioavailable essential vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids. Staple foods include any kind of meat from land and sea, organ meats/offal, eggs, and dairy.

All programs are based on a fasting-window lifestyle for optimal health, which means that your meals are consumed within a “feeding window” of anywhere from a few hours to 8 or even 10 hours a day. Smaller and less active people might do with one meal a day, while more muscular and active people will need three or even four meals a day. By eating within a limited feeding window, we will allow our digestive tract to rest and recover, which is crucial for our health and activating autophagy during sleep to detox and repair.

Of course, all programs are built upon progression, depending on where you are today. The program will transition your way of eating over the span of weeks into a perfect daily routine just for you.

If you want to apply for a coaching spot, please fill out the appropriate form as linked in any of the packages above. Please note that monthly spots are limited. You will be contacted within a day or two. If no spots are open, you will receive the option to be put in queue. Upon being accepted, you will receive a more detailed coaching application form designed to give me all the information I need to write your personalized guide. Each program comes with four weeks of support by Messenger or equivalent chat application.
Note, I might contact you on your preferred chat application with further questions as I plan and build your customized guide.

Payment options are available through Stripe or PayPal with any kind of card. Swedish citizens can also use Swish payments or Bank transfer.

Please note: you only commit to one guide/program at a time — no additional cost, no recurring monthly fees. Only a one-time payment. For most, that is all that is needed, as the guide is self-explanatory and comes with a recommended progression strategy. If needed you can either opt-in for a new program whenever you feel you need it, or follow up with purchasing a consulting session.

Healing and Treating Diseases

I do not currently offer any kind of specific health consulting, as in treating “diseases” or biological conflicts as described by German New Medicine. It’s too time consuming and it also requires that you have first tried our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of only the fat, meat and organ meats of ruminant animals together with some fasting, as that will usually fix most health-related problems. Especially dry fasting.
If you need help with pinpointing and fixing health issues, please sign up for our uncensored online community at, and we will help you the best we can.

If you have done carnivore for at least 6 months and tried some fasting and still have problems, you can opt-in for a consulting session. Make sure to mention this when submitting the form.

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