Understanding Nutrition and Breaking Free from Ideology and Pseudoscience

It’s time for a friendly reminder. As I’ve repeatedly said since 2018, there is no such thing as “Nutrition Science,” there is only Nutrition Ideology. Any kind of “education” is based on agendas, food industry interests, and simply lining pockets with money. I should know, I wasted 25 years on nutritional studies, including sport nutrition and medical studies. Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists are nothing more than indoctrinated puppets of a deeply misanthropic and bastardized organization. Although I understood the dangers of veganism and helped countless of ex-vegans regain their health with adopting animal foods, I did not see the whole picture, nor understand human specific nutrition until I faced death in early 2018 and adopted the species appropriate human diet as a last resort. A diet that healed me in record time.

If you want to understand human nutrition, what is important to understand and look at is comparative anatomy, comparative physiology, metabolic pathways, and anthropology. Those are the four pillars that will give us answers to what human beings should and should not consume in their diets. And if you look at these four pillars of understanding nutrition, you will find unequivocal indication that all plant foods are contraindicated in the human diet. Looking from a physiological standpoint, we are capable of consuming a small amount of wild berries, for approximately two to three weeks a year, prior to the winter. That’s it.

Plants are not food for human beings, they are contraindicated toxic substances that do not contribute to our health, wellbeing, and longevity. If you want to have a deeper understanding of this, you only need to look at basic biology and biochemistry. Not even herbivores (there is no such thing) live on plants alone. All so-called “herbivores” will eat insects, bugs, and any small animal given the chance in order to get the nutrition it needs. Anyone telling you different has never sat a foot in nature and looked at animal behavior.

The most appropriate food for humans is the nutrient rich flesh and fat of ruminant animals, with the occasional lesser nutrient-dense small animal here and there. Humans and animals are made up of flesh, blood, bones and organs, and these parts require the same nutrients to function. All those nutrients we need in order to live and thrive are stored in organs and any kind of tissue on a cellular level. This is true for any animal; so, their flesh, organs, bones, blood, and anything produced by them such as eggs or milk contain all the bioavailable nutrients that we humans need and are made up of ourselves, and that can be directly absorbed and utilized by us without any kind of costly enzymatic conversion. The animal has already done all the job for us by converting whatever it has consumed into bioavailable nutrients that are fully available within them.

If you need to rely on any kind of nutrition logging software or calculations to assure you that your nutritional intake is adequate shows that you are unable to engage with objective reality, to think critically for yourself, to read the situation that is in front of you, and act accordingly. It’s mindless and nonsensical in the extreme. For start, what agenda-driven “authorities” say you need on a daily basis are not based on any experimental science whatsoever. Not one of the “RDI’s” are based in science, they are simple speculations from a board filled with people with different agendas and ties to the food industry and big pharma. Not to mention that any kind of nutrients found in a lab test-tube and printed on a nutritional label for a plant food has nothing to do what is bioavailable and can actually be absorbed and used in a human body. I’ve written at length about antinutrients, defense chemicals, bioconversion, and bioavailability. Follow the links to learn more.

Humans are carnivores. We have the ability to tolerate some plant foods for short periods of time. But simply surviving on a typical “balanced diet” is a far cry from thriving. Unless you truly follow our species appropriate animal-based diet, you do not know what it is to thriving, to be fully living.

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