Reality Check – Vegan Liars

As I’m still pressed on time, this will be based on a few posts I’ve seen on social media and also serve as a short reminder. As you know, I’ve worked as a coach in the fitness- and sports industry with athletes ranging from amateurs to world-level elite athletes for more than 20 years, and I worked with regular people seeking help with nutrition, training, and fat loss for over 30 years. During this time, I have helped a lot of people, mostly women doing fitness- and bodybuilding competitions, to recover from health-wrecking starvation diets. And to add to this, I’ve helped even more ex-vegans to recover and to adopt and do a meat-based diet correctly in order to heal and recover as much as possible.

Although most, as in hundreds, of the vegan Youtubers that was popular a few years ago have quit, and admitted that the vegan diet does not work, that both their bodily and mental health got wrecked, and that it is not sustainable, I still get messages about a few that still seem to be going, or of new misled and poor souls taking it up.

Well, when I help ex-vegans that are about to quit, or recently have quit veganism, and need guidance or specific help with health issues, I always ask how strict of a vegan they were. All of them, and I mean all, say that they tried to be strict for as long as possible, but those who managed to go for a few years cheated with either eggs, milk-based products, and/or fish. For some reason, fish seems not to be an ‘animal’ once their health starts to really deteriorate and they get desperate. Still, that kind of cheating is not enough to sustain them for long, and they eventually quit because they can’t stand being miserable and look like rapid-aging zombies – with hair turning gray, brittle and falling out, teeth withering away, eyes sunken in and with dark circles, skin getting pale and wrinkly, the loss of muscle mass and body weight, the loss of skeletal/bone mass, the extreme tiredness and brain fog, and so on.
Anyways, these are the ones who were really trying, those who really believed in the lie of veganism and tried their best until they no longer could.

If you watch some of the videos made by ex-vegans, those who made it for a really long time, as in 5, 6 or even 7 years or more, all of them admit to cheating very frequently and lying about it, since those with a big audience were sponsored by vegan companies, making as much as $10.000 USD a month from sponsorships. Also, you got the extreme cultism and hatred among the vegans for anyone struggling, admitting to health problems, as in doing it wrong, so they all lie not to be attacked or pointed at.
As a result, many quit without saying a word, as abuse, intimidation, and death threats are very common among vegans – a result of a starving brain, that of mental illness.

The evidence is clear, as human physiology unanimously tells us that we are carnivores and that we cannot extract enough nutrition from plant-foods to sustain ourselves. Also, every single vegetable that exist today is man-made, and a far cry from what was once found in nature. Same with fruits, they have all been genetically modified to be sweeter and more resilient. Plant foods will only provide some quick energy, in the form of starches, as in carbohydrates, that actually also is damaging to our health, but can keep us going in a situation of food shortage. I’ve covered all this in many of my previous articles.

What is important to understand is that every vegan that promotes veganism through any kind of media- or social media platform are lying about their health and wellbeing. Every single one! We are all homo sapiens, we all share the same physiology, a physiology designed for a carnivorous diet, so that fact is undisputable.

To round it off, as long as there are some animal-based foods in a diet, and most importantly animal fats, most people will survive and do okay. But that is not really living, and following a diet that is mostly plant-based will make you weak, tired, age you rapidly and shorten your life-span.

Those who build their way-of-eating around animal-foods will thrive, and most, if not all previous health problems, will eventually go away. That does not mean that you have to be 100% carnivore to be healthy, as it is not possible in all kind of life-styles in our society or in all cultures. However, you need to have a solid base of animal foods, as in meat and animal fats, to be healthy.

With that said, those who experiment with a carnivorous/animal-based diet will tell you that during the times they are 100% carnivore is when they feel and perform best.

Although I always had a meat-based diet for my clients, I myself experimented all the time and relied on way too much supplements, toxic nuts, seeds, and cruciferous vegetables and other crap in the past, and when I got several tumors and organ failure in late 2017, turning carnivore saved my life and restored my health in record time, and I have not looked back since.

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