The Pure Madness of Semaglutide Appetite-Suppressant Drugs

On October 5, the Jesuit Propaganda Outlet, also known as CNN, published an article about the semaglutide drug Ozempic being on the rise. Of course, they scheduled the article to appear at 5:06 p.m., as in 56, the famous propaganda number of the Society of Jesus, aka., the Jesuit Order. And, October 5 was the day leaving 87 days remaining in the year, and ‘Ozempic’ just happens to sum to 87 in simple English gematria. Always by the numbers.

The article reads like a clever reverse-psychology advertisement for the very dangerous and totally unnecessary semaglutide drugs, hinting at the silly notion that ‘food companies’ are afraid that the drugs will cut into their profits as people eat less. For the dumbed down sheep, that will sound like the drug is extremely powerful, as in eliminating hunger and cravings and helping you get fit and lean like those sponsored fitness influencers on Instagram.

However, most people are totally clueless about food, nutrition, and physiology, and the food industry is always adapting. As the word ‘diet’ got a negative vibe about it due to obese people feeling offended, they replaced it with ‘zero sugar’ and ‘low calorie’ labels, the latter by simply reducing the recommended portion size to ridiculously low amounts, like 25 grams instead of the earlier 100 grams.

And we also have the scam with the extremely dangerous “fortified” foods, where they add man-made vitamins and minerals pretending that a shitty slave-food just got “healthier,” when in reality it got a lot more toxic from adding chemicals that has no resemblance to what is found in nature.

So, going back to the story. It’s obvious that this is yet another poison to hurt, maim, and keep people prisoners to the slave system. Obesity is only one part of a much larger health puzzle, but the part most people, “doctors” and “scientists” focus on. It does not matter much if you lose some weight by taking a dangerous drug if you continue to consume the same toxic shit-foods as you always have. Your inside will still be just as messed up as before, and while some ‘health markers’ might temporarily improve from less fat burdening your body, the real health problem still remains, and that is your nutrition and toxicity. Not to mention that this drug adds to that toxicity, slowly poisoning you.

The food industry makes you weak, fat, lethargic, tired, and toxic. The pharmaceutical industry gives you a short-lived and temporary solution, or simply mask some of the symptoms, giving you the illusion that you got better, and the cycle continues until you die of some ‘modern disease,’ long before you would die of natural causes. Keep in mind that if we study human physiology, we can easily see that we are built to actually live until 130 to 150 years of age in ideal conditions, as in following our species-appropriate diet and keeping toxicity and stress low.

Now, as for being hungry and experience cravings, as I’ve explained many times, is simply the natural way for our body to tell us that we have nutrition deficiencies, that you do not get enough nutrients from the extremely crappy food you’re stuffing down your pie hole.

This is why vegans and vegetarians are almost always hungry and eat huge portions of toxic sludge with a lot of ‘fillers’ all throughout the day, as plant-based foods contain close to zero bio-available nutrients for humans. They are simply starving because their food lacks nutrients.

This is also why you get hungry and get cravings when you are on a traditional diet of reducing your food intake, as most people start to remove animal fats where the real nutrition is, and replace it with fillers, such as nutritionless vegetables.

And this is also why you are NEVER hungry while fasting, especially when doing dry fasting, because autophagy is maxed out, and your body is breaking down body fat and damaged cells, getting all the nutrition it needs. You do not get hungry while fasting until autophagy no longer can keep up, as in you have too little body fat and/or not enough damaged cells to break down.

So, now when you understand the mechanics of cravings and hunger, and what triggers you to constantly snack and eat, all you have to do to fix it is to establish a nutritional foundation of actual nutritious food. And the only food that is bioavailable and provides nutrition for humans are animal-based foods, the foods that resembles our own physiology, that of the flesh and fat of animals, and their produce such as eggs or minimally processed dairy.

Of course, if people knew the truth, food companies would tank, as 95% or more of their products are based on extremely cheap and useless plant foods, making for the best profit margins (and they keep you on a ‘sugar high’ while providing zero nutrition, making you want more and more.)
Also, if people adopted our species-appropriate, species-specific diet of animal-based foods, most ‘modern diseases’ would vanish within months, and Big Pharma would tank as well. So, do not think for a second that they are concerned about your health or that they have your best interest at heart. These companies are owned by the ruling elite, and they want their slaves to be weak, sickly and obedient. That is the harsh truth, and a lot of obese people will be lured into this semaglutide trap.

And for kicks, let’s see what side-effects you can expect from Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus, and similar totally useless semaglutide drugs… What about nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, constipation, headaches, and large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs.
Yeah, sounds awesome. I want a bloated hive-ridden face and a swollen penis, sign me up!

In phase 3 trials, subcutaneous semaglutide for 30 weeks induced nausea in 20% of the semaglutide-treated patients, vomiting in 11.5% and diarrhea in 11.3%.
And that is only the immediately noticeable side-effects. Just imagine what will happen with your organs and cells in the long run. Not a pretty thought, is it?

Or you could simply eat more fatty meat on a daily basis and some organ meats on occasion, and you would likely start to feel fed, get repulsed by junk food, and lose weight naturally. Not really a hard choice is it, at least not if you know the truth and are educated.

If you need help with adopting our natural species-appropriate diet, I’m always available for coaching and/or consulting — with more than 30 years of coaching experience and more than 20+ years of actually working within the fitness-, health-, food-, supplement-, nutrition-, and drug industries.

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