You’re Still Completely Wrong About “Weight Loss”

Sima Sistani, CEO of the Freemasonic and health-damaging company WeightWatchers, has of late become well-practiced at saying the three little words of “We were wrong.” That’s a lot of “W’s,” you know, the letter that when flipped counter-clockwise becomes a ‘3,’ symbolic for Freemasonry.

Since early October, Sima Sistani has been on the bandwagon of putting the blame on outside and ‘uncontrollable’ factors, just like what the fraudulent “Health Care” industry and the Medical Community has done for about 150 years with blaming imaginary viruses, germs and the illusion of contagion for that of diseases, something that comes from within.

For years, we’ve said ‘it’s choice, not chance.’ That was wrong,” Sistani recently told the media.

And I think that we have to be the first to admit where we were wrong so that we can be a part of the change,” she said. “Anybody who took that as a moral failing, we want to change that and say, ‘No, no, it wasn’t you.'”

In other words, WeightWatchers has now gone the blameshifting ‘snowflake’ route, removing all blame and self-responsibility, simply telling people that they got extremely obese and unhealthy by chance, by uncontrollable outside factors – but don’t despair, we now have stock in companies that manufacture dangerous weight-loss drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic that we can administer to you. (I covered these drugs here:

And that is the thing here. WeightWatchers are moving with the trend of victimization and using hazardous and damaging drugs to fight the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause.

And while we can debate the moral dogma of responsibility, the fact remains that fat gain, as in obesity, and the problems (“diseases”) that comes with it, are driven by mainly two factors; that of toxins and that of poor nutrition. I covered this in my ‘What Makes You Fat?’ article.

In short, obese people are overfed but undernourished. They consume what is called “empty calories,” as in foods that provide a lot of highly processed and easily absorbed macronutrients, especially toxic carbohydrates, toxic vegetable/seed oils (bad ‘fat’,) and a lot of toxic chemicals, but almost no bioavailable and essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, and animal fats.) In other words, they are malnourished, as in suffering from several nutrient deficiencies, which in turn slow down or even shut down several processes in the body and also make them hungry and experience cravings, since their bodies desperately try to get them to eat something with actual nutrients. So, while the excessive amount of food they ‘desperately’ consume will contribute to gaining fat, so will their inability to detoxify as their bodies has no other choice than to store/incapsulate toxins in fat tissue, not only enlarging fat cells, but also upregulating the number of fat cells, truly accelerating fat gain.

You can either blame the corrupt companies and rulers of society for conditioning the masses by demonizing real nutritious animal-based foods and promoting toxic slave-foods void of nutrients, or you can blame the human for lack of self-awareness, logic, and common sense – or blame both. However, the solution to obesity is not reducing or moderating the same “shit foods,” as in “counting calories,” nor is it ‘exercise,’ and it’s absolutely not any kind of drugs.

And this also takes us to their statement that obesity is a “chronic illness” treatable by drugs. It is not. Obesity is a symptom of being overfed while being malnourished and also being unable to detoxify properly. Again, do not focus on the symptoms, focus on the underlying problems that cause the symptoms.

Simply restricting food intake will still have you consuming the same garbage that put you in that situation, keeping you malnourished and poisoned by toxins. Simply exchanging some of the “foods” to what ‘dieticians’ or the WeightWatchers deem “healthier” will not do a thing, since these “healthier foods” are just as toxic, if not even more so (as in vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits.) You might temporarily lose some fat weight as your body need to use it for energy, since you are starving yourself, but you are still malnourished, if not even more so, and thus very unhealthy and at great risk for any kind of “disease” and a reduced lifespan.
And exercise is simply stress. It will drain your body of energy, slightly contributing to losing ‘weight,’ but it also tears your body down and take energy from other processes, so if you have nutrient deficiencies, it will make you even unhealthier.
And ‘weight loss drugs’ are just as useless, attacking the symptoms of hunger and cravings (instead of the main problems of food choices and toxins,) possibly leaving you even more malnourished, all while damaging your organs as these drugs are extremely toxic to the body.

So, yes indeed, Sima Sistani and her WeightWatchers are still completely wrong about everything as their approach of food restriction, exercise, and now weight loss drugs, is totally backwards. Just like Big Pharma. They both fight the symptoms to keep you sick and dependent, while ignoring the root of the problem.

Freemasonic companies like WeightWatchers were not founded to help you, they were founded to hijack and control the industry of ‘weight loss’ – producing mediocre results on the outside, while keeping you sick and unhealthy on the inside. Keeping you locked inside the matrix and dependent on their guidance and the backwards therapies of the medical industry to keep symptoms of a starving and dying body at bay, giving you the illusion of getting a tiny bit better.

To lose body fat, and to get and stay healthy, you need to nourish your body and assist it in expelling toxins. The only way to do this is by adopting our species-appropriate diet of animal-based foods. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores.

And to speed up both fat loss and detoxification, fasting is your best and most natural tool, and it’s absolutely free. For more on fat loss, please check my nutrition quick-start archives and especially my article ‘Fat Loss Made Simple – Forget About Calories and Cardio.’

And if you need help, guidance, or coaching, I’m always available.

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