Reminder! Herbs, Natural Remedies, Drugs and The Disease Scam

I still see the cognitive dissonance among “truth seekers,” who use different herbs, colloidal silver, or even the extremely toxic Ivermectin, as soon as they experience symptoms of “illness” or “disease,” so this very important topic needs to be addressed once again.

While I did cover this subject in my “Loss of Taste, Smell, Appetite, and Vomiting – All Natural Symptoms of Healing — And Why You Cannot Cure a Disease,” “More on Disease and Healing – And Why Most Medicines and Natural Remedies are Worthless,” and “What to do When Your Body go Through a Detoxification Cycle” articles, it needs to be repeated.

Let’s make this simple and break it down in small logical steps.

Most people should know by now that you cannot catch a disease. It’s not something you pick up from another living being, as in a contagion or some other silly make-believe method of transference. Actually, “diseases” does not exist as you’ve been programmed to believe. The whole concept is a lie.
All kind of symptoms you might experience and believe is from a “disease” comes from within; either through acute/sudden poisoning and your body doing all it can to expel it, through a long-term build-up of toxins (toxemia) as a detoxification cycle gets triggered or tissue damage would occur, or through stress, fear, repeated trauma, and similar mental triggers.

You do not feel sick when you ingest toxins. Your body either expel them, or if it’s too much or your body is compromised, it stores them in fat tissue to be dealt with later when you are stronger.

In other words, it is not until you start to detoxify, or start to heal and recover, that you will experience symptoms. It is not from a “disease,” it’s from processes trying to make you better again, processes to restore your health. This is extremely important to understand! Symptoms are not from a “disease” or an “illness,” symptoms are from the healing process as your body is expelling toxins, poisons, or removing unneeded cells from a previous reinforced state due to a mental conflict/trauma.

If you understand this simple fact, then you should also understand that the symptoms you experience, be it a cough, a runny nose, headache, a fever, rashes, phlegm in your lungs or airways, will disappear once the healing and/or detoxification process has finished. We have all experienced this, although we might not have understood what actually was going on.

Now, there is only two ways you can assist your body in this natural healing process of restoring your health.

You can either do a fast, as in not consuming anything – as in anything that might interfere with your body’s metabolism or that can provide more toxins or other chemicals that might interfere or even stop the healing process.
Fasting will always speed-up your detoxification- and healing process, unless you are severely malnourished, as in lacking multiple nutrients that are needed for these processes. And that brings us to option number two.

If you are malnourished, as in you have been deceived into not consuming enough animal-based foods, as in meat and animal fats, you can assist your body by providing these lacking bioavailable nutrients that your body need to maintain these detoxification- and healing processes.

However, as soon as you consume anything, your body prioritize breaking this down and to extract any nutrients that might be available and useful while also expelling any toxins and/or poisons that might be in whatever you swallowed. And ridding the body of potential poisons and toxins always take priority. So, as soon as you ingest anything, your detoxification and healing processes are slowed down, your symptoms from these processes will lessen a bit, as digestion and possible neutralization of toxins take priority.

Now, if you understand this simple logical procedure, you should also understand that detoxification and healing take its time. As the toxic load lessen, so does your symptoms until your body has finished its healing and you feel your healthy usual self again.
The next logical step is then to ask the question of what actually happens when you take a herb, a plant extract, a chemically derived “vitamin,” a remedy/concoction, or a drug, and feel better within an hour or two – when you know that the detoxification and healing process actually slow down as soon as you ingest something. Do you really believe that whatever you took had some miraculous healing effect and sped-up your body’s processes a thousandfold?
Or that it magically saturated your tissues and destroyed toxins without your body having to dispel them? That it cured you of an imaginable disease?

Of course not! You slowed down or even stopped the healing processes and thus the symptoms temporarily got less intense or even disappeared.

Now, as you should know, humans are obligate hyper carnivores. The only bioavailable nutrition we can consume comes from animals who are made up of the same things we are. Anything else, no matter if it comes from a plant or if it’s been chemically derived according to a ‘plant-based formula’ is a toxin. You cannot aid your body, or “cure” something by consuming or injecting a toxin or a poison. However, you will temporarily shut down your detoxification and healing process, as the acute poisoning from whatever you took takes priority, and thus the symptoms from whatever you where experiencing will lessen, or even temporarily disappear, fooling you into thinking that you got better. And this is the illusion that modern medicine with all it’s toxic, harmful, and evil drugs are based on.

Still, I see troofers who understand this — that drugs are toxic and bad, and that drugs only interfere with the symptoms and does nothing to help with the real problem. Yes, they understand this, yet the same troofers gulp down “alternative medicine” and “natural remedies” at the first sign of a sniffle. It’s the same thing! The same mechanics! That is textbook cognitive dissonance! And controlled opposition, shills, and disinformation agents make thousands of dollars selling their totally useless and potentially harmful remedies and tinctures to these gullible troofers.
And so does Big Pharma by selling alternative poisons like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

So, please, stop poisoning yourself, stop wasting money, and stop supporting the enemy as in controlled opposition or any other evil or misled puppet who try to sell you something to cure diseases. No such things exist. Only your body can detoxify and heal from whatever is ailing you. And all you can do is to assist it by keeping yourself nourished and then giving it a break when the healing cycle starts, preferable by fasting. It’s not more complicated than that.

Please also understand that this concerns anything that you might ingest or inject. Applying something to the skin, as in animal fat, honey, colloidal silver, or other things (even herbs or plant-paste) when experiencing rashes, wounds, burns, or other ailments might actually help, as you can absorb some nutrients and chemicals through the skin without interfering with digestion and your metabolism. And in the case of plants, in some scenarios they may be able to assist exterior healing, as in wound healing, as plants can absorb some toxic compounds, just as they absorb minerals and other nutrients, and also since they contain a shitload of toxic defense chemicals, they might neutralize some toxins and kill some ‘bad’ parasites and bacteria. However, as this might be of help on the outside, as in a wound that has been exposed to dirt, it is the exact opposite on the inside, in your intestines – especially if these defense chemicals reach the bloodstream or your organs. You do not want to consume herbs, or any kind of plant, ever. They are extremely toxic to us and will not help in any way.

Check the links within the article, and the recommended articles below for more information. And if you need help or more in-depth explanations, I am available for consultation.

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