Baby Truthers are Butthurt over Buttar and Other Shills

Most truthers with some kind of discernment and skill in pattern recognition called out the staged and alleged death of Rashid Buttar and him being controlled opposition and a lying bastard. Still, many gullible baby truthers with zero discernment tried to defend him and the other disinformation agents in the collaboration-group known as the ‘disinformation dozen’ that he was a part of.

Note: the ‘disinformation dozen’ is what the media calls them, it’s not my list. And by being singled out by the lamestream media, baby truthers believe that they are the real deal. Well, they’re not. It’s called reversed psychology, something they do very often, and baby truthers fall for it every single time.

We’ve exposed most of these shills too many times to count. However, in the scope of viruses and vaccines, the simple questions you need to ask yourself are; do they expose the virus hoax; do they expose the fact that there is no such thing as a contagion, the transmission of disease – that the germ theory is a complete lie? Do they tell you that disease comes from within and that you cannot treat or cure a disease with any kind of drug or remedy – as such things will only shut down the symptoms and do nothing about the underlying real cause of the ‘disease?’ Do they tell you that these simple and undisputable facts are all that is needed to debunk any ‘reason’ for the use of vaccines or any other Big Pharma drugs? If not, is it because they are incredible stupid and clueless, or is it because they are shills and gatekeepers, is it because they are controlled opposition?
And whatever the reason, controlled or stupid, why would you listen to, or even defend, such a person? Someone that does not expose the core lies that have caused humanity so much harm and suffering? Either being a shill or extremely stupid are not exactly traits you should look up to and endorse.

It does not matter if they tell you that the Coronavirus Pandemic was exaggerated or staged, and that vaccines are harmful. Anyone with basic discernment skills knows this. Those of them who speaks against the vaccine are, of course, giving you incredibly harmful alternatives, such as ivermectin or their own toxic supplements or remedies. If they were honest, they would tell you what I listed above and what I’ve written so many articles about, that you cannot treat a disease, as the symptoms are the results of healing, and if you block the symptoms, you stop the healing. Please read more here:

Sure, some of these ‘disinformation dozen’ and similar personalities might just be gullible useful idiots who have been dragged into this mist of misinformation by controllers and disinformation agents, but that does not matter, as their information is still compromised and worthless. None of these shills will help you. They will only keep you within the germ theory matrix chasing imaginary “solutions” that will only further damage your health.

Again, how to spot controlled opposition within the ‘vaccine’ movement:

To add to this, some cockwomble on Facebook cried me a river because I called out shills such as Erin Elizabeth and Dr. Mercola. Again, it does not matter if you are a paid shill or just a useful idiot. If you speak of viruses and contagion as being real while pushing plant-based foods, carbohydrate dominant diets, toxic man-made chemical supplements and “superfoods,” you are either a complete retard or a shill. That also means that your information will hurt people! And that is something I will call you out on every single time.
As for pushing anything plant-based, that is incredibly unhealthy and damaging. Humans are obligate hyper carnivores. This is an undisputable fact. Our diet should always be animal-based and any kind of plant food is contraindicated to our natural species-appropriate diet and will only add to the toxic load while contributing absolutely nothing of benefit. Please read more here:

As for vitamins, supplements, and “superfoods,” please read these articles:

If you still can’t grasp this and clearly see that not a single actor within the ‘disinformation dozen’ are worth following, much less worth your support, then you’re still programmed and ruled by fear, and you can’t think or reason for yourself. In that case, please read my articles that are linked above. Research the information in them. Understand it and apply it to your own history of health problems. In time, it will make sense and a new world will open up. And as a bonus, you will see right trough these charlatans you once thought to be real.

And here’s a short and summarized version of my own journey with a lot of time wasted on medical and nutritional studies:

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