The Definition of Disease Revisited – Pathology is Pseudoscience

Although I’ve written at lengths about the false germ theory and the incorrect definition of disease, I see people, including clients, falling back into their old programming as soon as they are confronted with something ‘new’ or ‘different’ to what I’ve recently explained to them. A life-time of indoctrination and disinformation is not always easy to eradicate, even if you got a grasp of the basics. To better understand the concept of health and healing, you need to adopt a new way of thinking and looking at things.

For me, this came instantly the moment I was introduced to the terrain theory and to German New Medicine. It ‘clicked’ immediately as I could finally understand my own history of disease, something that modern medicine nor pathology could explain or even come close to, although I studied it rigorously for 17 years – in hope to improve my health and to become a better coach, trainer, nutritionist and educator.

The most important thing to realize is that there are no pathogens. You cannot ‘catch’ a disease. You cannot ‘transfer’ a disease to another living being. There is no such thing as a virus or a contagious disease. This also means that there are no “viruses” or any type of “contagion” that can spread from vaccines. Vaccines contain poisons and other toxins that can hurt and even kill you, but they cannot give you a ‘disease’ that you can transfer to someone else. It also means that they are a total scam, as there are no “contagious diseases” to protect you from. Once you really understand this, and that “disease” comes from within, everything will start to make sense.

The second most important thing to understand are the two stages of “disease” and that ‘symptoms’ are NOT from a developing disease, but from the healing process! This is extremely logical if you understand that your health can only be affected in a negative way by acute poisoning, by toxic buildup, by direct trauma such as an injury, by psychological trauma and conflicts, by psychological stress and recurring feelings of fear and anger, by nutrition deficiencies, and other means that can incur cell damage such as radiation.

When you get poisoned, you experience symptoms such as vomiting and/or diarrhea when your body try to expel the poisonous substance. When toxins get into your body, you do not really notice it until it gets to a critical stage where damage start to occur and your body try to get rid of it through the skin, through mucus, and so on – as in skin rashes, dandruff, coughing and a runny nose. Keep in mind that we detoxify all the time, but if your body is compromised by nutrition deficiencies and/or other stressors and can’t keep up, toxins will accumulate in certain tissues and once a threshold is reached, your body goes into a ‘critical cleansing mode,’ or what is wrongfully called a flu or blamed on some imaginary virus. Your body has to prioritize and put everything into getting rid of the toxic buildup, or your health will be in danger. It’s like an emergency protocol that is being activated.
And these ‘protocols’ of detoxification can also be triggered, if you have a toxic buildup, when other people that are close to you start their protocols. This can give the false illusion of contagion, and that illusion is what has deceived so many people for ages. Still, in the past during countless of experiments, they could never get a healthy person to get sick by exposure to ‘sick people’ – not even by having them breath and cough on them for hours or from being injected with mucus.

In New German Medicine, they have discovered that when we suffer unexpected emotional distress, like an unexpected separation, a loss of a loved one, or sudden worries, fear or anger; the brain triggers a biological emergency program to respond to the conflict being experienced. They established that when the conflict occurs, the shock impacts a specific area in the brain causing a lesion that is visible on a brain scan as a set of sharp concentric rings. As this happens, the shock is communicated to the corresponding organ or tissue, and the body starts to make new cells in that area to better deal with the situation.

When this emotional distress occurs, we enter the first phase of “disease,” the conflict-active phase, where we feel mentally and emotionally stressed over the situation. Some people might experience cold extremities, appetite suppression, and sleep disturbances. However, the real ‘symptoms’ does not show until the conflict is resolved and we enter the second phase of “disease,” the healing phase. This is when the cells your body built to protect you are no longer needed and bacteria and fungi are used to break them down. Again, symptoms are signs of healing, during which the psyche, the brain, and the affected organ undergo the phase of recovery.
Since conventional medicine fails to recognize the two-phase pattern of every disease, many symptoms of the repair phase such as inflammations, fever, mucus/phlegm, painful swelling, skin rashes, pus, discharge, blood in the stool, in the urine or in the sputum, or infections, are labeled as diseases although they are, in fact, manifestations of a natural healing process.

The third thing to realize, which should now be obvious, is that you cannot cure a “disease” since it is only symptoms of the healing process. If you use any kind of remedy, medicine, or “cure,” the only thing that will happen is that you interfere and shut down the healing process. And since symptoms are from healing, the symptoms will go away. You think you “cured” yourself, but in reality, you just stopped yourself from healing and the underlying problem still remains and will build up again. That is how most cancers/tumors develop. A perfect example of this is people who are being deceived into taking Ivermectin when they show symptoms of “the flu,” in other words, when they are detoxifying. Taking that drug will shut down the healing process. You will feel better, but the toxins remain and will continue to build-up, causing tumors as a last-stance defense.

In other words, when you experience symptoms, you are healing and you need to assist your body by resting and giving it ample nutrition (if you have an appetite,) or by fasting (if you do not have an appetite.)

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