The Stupidity Knows No Bounds! The Non-Existing Coronavirus Attack Fat Tissue Claims Paid Pseudoscientists. And a Lesson in Healing

Yes, just as silly as the claim that cold weather causes blood clots and heart attacks (but only in 2021, never ever before in history), now some total dimwits claim that a virus (that does not exist) can attack your fat tissue and cause severe inflammation – which magically can cause an “dangerous” reaction from the imaginary immune system. And this should be the explanation why “fat people” are more at risk of getting the fake covaids-1984 and die from it. And also explain their imaginary “long-time/term” covaids as the sneaky virus hides in your body fat.

This is so stupid that I just can’t believe that anyone could fall for it, not even the most gullible idiots. But okay, let’s break this down with real science and biology.

1. Since viruses and transferable diseases does not exist, since you cannot get a disease from another living being, we do not have an immune system. I’ve written at length about this. When your body need to clean out toxins or break down injured cells, that process is done by bacteria and fungi. When cells need to be repaired, sealing proteins called globulins are used, and the environment is then slightly acidic, which is a sign that healing occurs. So, all that nonsense about trying to keep the body alkaline is also idiotic. Your body is more than capable of managing that. And if it is acidic, it is because it’s needed for the body to heal by using globulins to repair the cells. Trying to make it more alkaline at that point will hamper the healing process, which takes us to number two.

2. Inflammation is a healing process. Unless you’re so toxic, malnourished, and weak that your body can’t handle the healing process and the inflammation, you do not want to lower inflammation ever! I see people talking about lowering inflammation with different herbs, concoctions or meds all the time. Idiotic! If you reduce or eliminate the inflammation, you are halting the healing process! Sure, the symptoms of the healing process will diminish (fooling you into believing that you get better), but so will the healing – and you will get even more toxic and your body will continue to break down, and the next time your body tries to heal it will be way worse.
Taking meds to lower inflammation and reduce symptoms is a great way to stop any healing and to reduce your life-span as your body continues to break down and get poisoned.

3. There is no long-time anything. If you are constantly sick, it’s because your body can’t detox and repair itself. You’re either taking drugs/meds that hamper or stop the healing process, you’re exposing yourself to a lot of toxins on a daily basis from plant-foods and chemicals, and/or you’re malnourished with several nutrition deficiencies and your body can not function as intended. Add stress and emotional responses such as fear on top of that, and recovery will be very difficult. And of course, carrying a lot of body fat isn’t exactly healthy either, as toxins accumulate in the fat tissue and being overly obese is a strain on the organs. However, being a bit fat is not the problem, the problem is what made you fat – the poor food choices of carbohydrates and vegetable/seed oils. That is what is doing harm, the things you did to accumulate those pounds, the body fat itself is not that damaging in comparison.

But rest assure, there’s no invisible boogeyman calling himself ‘covid-19’ hiding in there. If you’re “sick” you need to look at your lifestyle and life choices.

Now, go on with your life. Adopt a primarily animal-based diet, do some 3 to 5 days fasting a few times a year, avoid chemicals and obvious toxins – and you will be healthier than 99% of all people. Laugh, love, live!

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