A Friendly Reminder – People Always get “Sick” During the Winter

There are several reasons for people getting “sick” (experience symptoms) during late autumn, the winter (around New Year) and in the spring.

1. We have natural detox cycles that is triggered by drastic changes in temperatures, as in changing of the seasons. If you have a toxic load, you will detox when the temperature drops in late autumn and/or when the temperature rises in the spring. This ‘cleansing cycle’ can also be triggered when other people around you start theirs. We see this in nature with all living beings.

2. We get sick from malnutrition, nutrition deficiencies, and from toxins and chemicals within man-made food, as described in (1) above.

3. As proved by German New Medicine, most symptoms are from mental traumas, mental conflicts, from psychological and emotional stress, and from stressful and negative emotions such as fear or anger. Some experience symptoms when this is triggered or after a while when tissues are building up, being strengthened, to resist the believed threat. In other cases, some experience symptoms when the conflict has been resolved, the healing begins, and the tissue is restored to normal. The latter happens a lot during the winter around Christmas and New Year’s Eve as people have a break from work or school, get together and relax. Separation conflicts and such are temporarily resolved, the repair process begins and different symptoms arise.

4. A combination of any of the above. This is especially true during Christmas and the days leading to the new year celebrations – and similar holidays. Emotional conflicts and stress induced emotions are temporarily solved. Most people consume a lot of sugar, crappy foods with vegetable/seed oils and the like, and they also stay up late, increasing stress and their toxic load.

And this is why many get “sick” during or the weeks after the holidays. It has nothing to do with the fraudulent and debunked germ theory with imaginary germs and viruses. All that is complete nonsense.

People have always experienced symptoms, or “disease”, at these times since the modern society was formed and we strived away from living with nature and started poisoning ourself with unnatural food, pollution, chemicals and feeding ourself with plant-based garbage void of nutrition. Not to mention the stress, the fear, and feelings of hopelessness in today’s world. More and more will get sick because of this and it has nothing to do with imaginary viruses or new “variants”, as such silly things do not exist.

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