World Stage: Non-Existing Bird Flu Fearmongering

After the staged and utterly fake Coronavirus Plan-demic, people of at least average intelligence should have figured out by now that viruses do not exist, that contagion is a lie, that living organisms cannot infect each other with disease. And thus, people of at least average intelligence should immediately see that this ongoing “Bird Flu” psy-op is nothing more than a lie, that it’s complete and utter bollocks!

While the news and the media has slowly been fueling this psy-op for years now, the shill and gate-keeper Dr. Joseph Mercola recently jumped on the bandwagon. Of course, being a plant, a disinformation agent working as controlled opposition, he calls out the possibility of “lethal” bird flu as fearmongering, as false, which it is, but he does not approach the core of the issue, that it does not even exist – that viruses and infectious diseases have been made up by the corrupt Luciferian medical establishment! None of it is real.

Now, let’s see what Mercola is up to this time.

The reality is that no one in the U.S. died from bird flu. Not one. Annual outbreaks of bird flu were also recorded and hyped between 2014 and 2017, again with no human victims.”

Correct, but you failed to mention that it does not even exist. That birds who get sick has been poisoned, which easily can be from targeted pollution, spraying chemicals in singled out areas — or as with chicken farms, from contaminated feed.

Mercola: Is Weaponized Bird Flu Next?

In the spring of 2022, Bill Gates warned that another pandemic will emerge, and that this yet-to-come pandemic “will get attention this time.” Based on the news chatter emerging right now, a weaponized bird flu seems a possibility.

According to virologists speaking at a White House briefing, the bird flu (H5N1) has mutated to “spread more easily among mammals,” and an outbreak in the human population could be “100 times worse than COVID,” killing up to half of those infected. As reported by MSN on April 3, 2024.”

Since viruses and contagion is an impossibility in nature, as they do not exist, they cannot be weaponized. We heard the same lame fearmongering with Covid-19 fake lab leaks and bioweapons among baby troofers.

After that introduction, Mercola cites some bullet points from ‘Daily Mail,’ a real trusted source of information (sarcasm.) According to their articles, “scientists” are worried because they claim to have seen mammals getting “infected” with bird flu since 2022, including fox, bobcat, striped skunk, racoon and coyote. And I 2024, they claimed that the first case of bird flu was discovered in livestock.

First off, this does not have to be completely false, as in made-up cases, it might simply be backwards thinking from indoctrination and faulty educations.
Keep in mind that what they are looking for in their “tests” are compounds that they think are their identified “viruses,” when in fact it’s simply residues of a detoxification from a certain chemical/toxin.
So, if this fake “bird flu” is actually the result of poisoning, as in heavy toxemia, birds, because of their small size, would be affected first, and then, smaller mammals would follow, as they have a larger body to store toxins that they cannot immediately expel. So, these so called “outbreaks” does not have to be totally made up, they could simply be man-made attacks of chemical poisoning in targeted areas to create the illusion of a virus, or a contagion.

Let’s continue.

Mercola: Current Bird Flu Countermeasures Are the Wrong Approach

In early April 2024, the largest egg producer in the U.S., Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., also halted egg production at a Texas facility after bird flu was detected there. According to a company announcement, 1.6 million egg-laying hens were killed as a precaution, along with 337,000 pullets (3.6% of the total flock).

But by culling animals whenever a case is detected basically guarantees that natural immunity will never develop. A far saner strategy would be to eliminate the chickens that die from the infection but keep those who survive it alive.”

Yes, that would be a far saner approach, but again, you claim “natural immunity,” something that does not exist. You cannot build “immunity” when there is nothing that can infect you. Infectious diseases are made up, a scam!
However, you can build resilience against deadly poisons and toxins, if they are introduced slowly in tiny amounts, but that is beside the point of what might have been happening here. Egg production has been targeted because the egg is a superfood, same as livestock has been targeted by the silly climate agenda, as the ruling “elite” want us weak, dumbed down, and docile, hence the Luciferian veganism agenda of replacing real human food with man-made toxic plant-based slave slop.

The answer is relatively simple. Save birds that survive the infection and breed them. That way, future generations will have natural immunity.”

Again, there is no such thing as “immunity.” This is simply more running around in circles avoiding the big elephant in the room, the elephant that says “there is no such thing as viruses.”

Mercola: Second Human Case of Bird Flu in the US

Within a week of bird flu being found in Texas dairy cows in late March 2024, a Texas resident also tested positive for the virus after coming into close contact with the infected cows. The primary symptom this person experienced was conjunctivitis (pink eye). It’s said to be the second human case of avian influenza A(H5N1) in the U.S. No human-to-human transmission has as yet been identified.”

Pink eye? Now they’re mocking us, as pink eye is from a visual separation conflict, as in the feeling of losing sight of someone, someone that might have moved away or died, as proven by German New Medicine.
Still, it is possible to find similar residues from the bacteria that helped us heal during a healing phase or a detoxification, that might get a match to any of these illusionary viruses. But again, it has absolutely nothing to do with a virus or the imaginary “bird flu.”

After that Mercola mentions some of the symptoms of “bird flu,” such as cough, sore throat, fever, headache, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, shortness of breath, and pink eye — all natural symptoms of detoxification or healing from a separation conflict. Pretty much what they used to blame some other flus for in the past, including the made-up covid-19. It’s so ridiculous it’s laughable.

Mercola: Fingerprints of COVID Are All Over Weaponized Bird Flu

Historically, natural avian influenza (H5N1) never posed a threat to mankind, but then scientists started tinkering with it, creating a hybrid with human pandemic potential. Some of that research has been undertaken in Pentagon-funded biolabs in Ukraine.”

Now Mercola went full 100% controlled opposition ‘shill mode,’ combining two fake psy-ops into a new one. There are no “scientists” that are “tinkering” with viruses, as viruses do not exist. And the “pentagon-funded biolabs” were part of the baby-troofer chicken feed for the 100% fake Ukraine war. Simply mentioning these two psy-ops together totally destroys any credibility that he might have had left.

After this, Mercola says that they will likely offer a vaccine against a “human” bird flu, and that it will likely be as damaging as the totally unnecessary Covid-19 vaccine. So, instead of falling into that trap, he proposes some other solutions if they claim an outbreak in the coming months or years.

So, as a first basic prevention step, optimize your vitamin D (the ideal range is between 60 ng/ml and 80 ng/ml). Be sure to measure it to confirm, as there is no way to know what your vitamin D level is without doing a blood test.

Summer is nearly here, so ditch your oral vitamin supplement and strip off your clothes and get out in the sun around solar noon, which is 1 p.m.”

At least he tells us to get out in the sun, which is both natural and healthy. And remember, you cannot supplement with “vitamin D,” that is a hoax and very toxic!

In case you do get sick, I would strongly advise you to purchase a nebulizer so that you can nebulize hydrogen peroxide at first signs of symptoms.”

Inhaling hydrogen peroxide is idiotic and will do nothing when you detox. This is flawed reasoning based on the faulty germ theory, or perhaps he’s simply lying.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) consists of a water molecule (H2O) with an extra oxygen atom (O2), and it is the additional oxygen atom that allows it to inactivate viral pathogens

Ah, there we go, complete bollocks. Viral pathogens do not exist. Just stop with the idiotic and very harmful “advice.” Inhaling this crap will kill the natural bacteria in your lungs, bacteria that is there to help you heal. Sure, the symptoms of the healing will stop, but the damage will continue to accumulate, destroying your lungs. Idiotic!

And that was about it for this incredible stupid article. Now, to get a bit real, if they fake another pandemic, and this time with the imaginary “bird flu,” there’s only two scenarios, it’s either totally fake as in the Covid-19 psy-op where no one got sick or died. People simply had their natural detox cycles and then was diagnosed and labelled with this imaginary Covid-19 disease all while hospitals and health care facilities altered treatments to actually kill some of the weak, especially the elderly. Very sinister, very evil.

The other scenario is that they poison targeted areas to actually kill some people, blaming it on the fake “bird flu” and to get that quote from Bill Gates come to life; that another pandemic will emerge, and that this yet-to-come pandemic “will get attention this time.”
In such an unlikely case, if you actually have neighbors that get really sick and die, as in that your area has been poisoned by some chemical, all you can do is to make sure you are as healthy as possible, so that your body can actively detox.
This can only be achieved by following our natural species-appropriate carnivorous diet of animal-based food while trying your best to avoid pollutants and chemicals on a daily basis, so that you have no toxic buildups in your tissues. Also make sure that you have a water filtration system, so you can get clean water.
From there, if you experience symptoms of a detox, just do as you always should do when getting “sick,” and that is to fast – and only refeed on animal fat and some ruminant organ meat to quickly get all the essential nutrients that you need. I covered what to do when detoxing, as in getting the imaginary flu here: What to do When Your Body go Through a Detoxification Cycle

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