Gullible “Truthers” Still Think the Russia-Ukraine War is Real

I still see a lot of posts on social media claiming that if you support Zelenskyy and Ukraine, you support the ‘New World Order’ with the evil United States and European Union behind it, but if you support Putin and Russia, you support the good guys and something like the coming of a paradise on Earth? Say what?
Yes, it’s embarrassing to say the least. Absolutely no critical thinking, discernment or logic. Simply repeating some Q’tarded CIA-nonsense from this obvious psychological operation.

Now, repeat after me: The Russia-Ukraine War is FAKE. The world is a stage. Every one of its actors who get time in the spotlight are controlled puppets, and everything that is staged is to further the rulers’ agendas.

If the war was real and fought like actual wars was fought a few hundred years ago, before the ‘elite families’ came together behind the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church, Russia would have taken little Ukraine within a few days.
Russia is the largest country in the world, with over 6 million square miles of land and resources, while Ukraine is 3.53% the size of Russia. Russia has an alleged population of close to 100 million, while Ukraine allegedly has 43 million. Not to mention that Russia is allegedly ‘allied’ with China, the third largest and second most populous country in the world with an alleged 1.4 billion people. If wars still were fought, and not totally staged and faked, and if military power actually was real and of importance and not an illusion for the dumbed down sleeping masses, Ukraine would have been swatted like a slumbering little fly.
Instead, they have dragged it our for 1.5 years of silly computer-generated graphics, crisis actors and staged props; and it’s still going on, keeping the sheeple in a trance of accepting increased costs of living and other fabricated lies based on this fake war.

We have thousands of Ukrainians showing us that every single news report of alleged attacks is fake, that every demolished building is simply computer graphics. Within a few days of the media showing us razed buildings and “war-like” pictures, these brave souls film the area where it supposedly happened showing us that it is completely untouched. Again, there is no war!
I have about 70 articles on this, including many decodes as everything is done and scripted by the numbers.

As for Ukraine, the first Jesuit influence was seen in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s with the foundation of Jesuit collages and universities in Lviv and Kiev.

And as for Russia, Catherine the Great still allowed and even protected the ‘201’ Jesuits following the oppression in the 1770’s – and her son and successor, Paul I, successfully asked Pope Pius VII in 1801 for formal approval of the Jesuit operation in Russia. Actually, Paul I became grandmaster of the Order of Malta, the masonic organization who works closely with the Jesuits and serves as ‘protectors of the Vatican.’
Although Alexander I tried to expel the Jesuits in the early 1800’s, the Jesuits use anarchists to reclaim Russia and his successor, Alexander II, was assassinated, which was the beginning of the Jesuit secret service Okhrana (later to become Cheka in 1917, KGB in 1954, and FSK/FSB in 1995.)
In the 1880’s Russia fought the British Empire for control of the world, but in early 1900, the countries intermarried through the Saxe-Coburgs. After that, the Freemasons, through the Jesuits, introduced communism in Russia and they played a role as ‘evil’ in the scripted Cold War with the United States in order to shape the U.S. and Europe.
And in 2000 we saw former Jesuit KGB agent Vladimir Putin take reign as puppet president, symbolic to the rebirth or Rasputin.

Both Ukraine and Russia are ruled by a club of oligarchs belonging to the ancient bloodlines, answering to the rest of the elite families. They all work together as a hive mind.

The lesson here is simple. Every single developed country in the world is run by the hidden elite families, the ancient bloodlines, through the Jesuit Order, which they all are a part of. The Jesuit Order is operational in 112 countries world-wide, and every single college and university for the elite is operated by Jesuits. Thus, every single person on the world stage is mind-controlled and picked for their position. Everyone is following orders set out by the agendas of the elite families.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Vladimir Putin, Pope Francis, Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, and whatever name you like to bring up, they are all actors assigned different roles, but all playing for the same team. It’s that simple. And if anyone would go rouge, that person would be replaced.

So, no. The Russia-Ukraine war is not real. And because it’s not real, there cannot be a ‘victor.’ And once they fake an end to the staged war, it will be both ritualistic, by the numbers, and to further their agenda.
As it is all theatre, just as in the left vs. the right, you should not take sides like a gullible little sheep, you should expose it for what it is.

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