Jacob Rothschild of NM Rothschild & Sons dead at 87

I’ve covered the Rothschilds in several articles. To summarize, Rothschild means ‘red shield,’ the symbol of the Roman Empire and the Order of Malta, the protectors of the Vatican, of the Holy Roman Empire. The Rothschilds are close to the Borghese family, who have a dragon in their shield of arms, and are also part of the Order of Malta (aka., Knights of Malta,) of the Draco Empire (The Saturn cult, as in the Elite families and the Catholic Church and their Jesuit Order.)

The Rothschilds has been used on the world stage as a distraction, to fund wars (mostly staged psy-ops,) to homogenize the banking system all over the world and lay the foundation for a One World Currency and One World Government. The Rothschilds have been portrayed as the great Jewish kingpins, very much like the American-ditto of the Rockefellers, to serve as distraction and as a shield for the Catholic Church, the Jesuit Order, and the important Italian ‘mafia’ families – especially as the Catholic Church and the European Christians were portrayed as victims of their conspiracy.
In reality, they are all working together, and the Rothschilds are mere instruments to these powerful families, their puppets on strings.

In internet/social media pop culture, Jacob Rothschild became the archetypical globalist, the old rich Jewish man with a devilish grin, ready to shapeshift as a lizard, often used in memes associated with One-Eye Pyramid symbolism, or as in a cartoon character like Mr. Burns in The Simpsons. Jacob Rothschild was used as a boogeyman, a cover for the real elite families by controlled opposition like Alex Jones, David Icke and Luke Rudkowski – which of course made it easy for the sleeping masses to debunk, ridicule and dismiss as antisemitism.

Controlled opposition and gatekeepers like David Icke, Luke Rudkowski, and Alex Jones exaggerates their power and wealth, while the mainstream media describes them as a group of harmless philanthropists. They do not own 400 trillion dollars, but rather 35 billion between them, which is nothing compared to some of the Jesuit families like Walton. They are not part of a Jewish conspiracy against the church and they don’t control the Associated Press, which actually is controlled by the top of the power pyramid through Jesuit families.

Very much like the Rockefellers, the Wallenbergs, the Roosevelts, and other low-level elite families, the Rothschild family has only existed for about 200 years on the world stage, while the Babylonian/Roman Empire has ruled the world for at least 3000 years. You do the math.

So, while Jacob De Rothschild belonged to one of the ‘elite families,’ the Rothschilds were actually low-hanging fruit, used as distraction and a shield to hide the real rulers of the world. And as such, his alleged death was scripted and coded by the numbers.

Jacob Rothschild of “NM Rothschild & Sons” was described by the media as a “towering figure” or as a “towering presence,” and he died at the age of 87. Of course, Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope of the Catholic Church, is also currently 87-years old.

Jacob Rothschild = 87
NM Rothschild & Sons = 87
The Catholic Church = 87
Ignatius of Loyola = 87 (the founder of the Jesuit Order)
Number of the Beast = 87
Saturn Worship = 87
Towering Figure = 87 (we’ll get to this at the end of the article)
Towering Presence = 87 (we’ll get to this at the end of the article)

Jacob was associated with banking and their agenda for the banking system has of late been “digital banking,” and the end-goal is a “one world currency.”

Digital Banking = 87
One World Currency = 87

And with that in mind, Jacob died 71-days after Pope Francis last birthday.

Catholic = 71
The Society of Jesus = 71 (aka., The Jesuit Order)

Or you could say that he died on the 72nd day of the Pope’s age. Also, February 26 came with a full 72-date numerology.

2/26/2024 = 2 + 26 + 20 + 24 = 72

Jesuit Order = 72, 72

Jacob died on February 26, the 57th day of the year. The Rothschilds are a Jewish family and Jacob was portrayed as a leader of the Jews. He was born in England but had fealty to Rome.

Jews = 57
England = 57
Rome = 57

Jacob De Rothschild (the correct way to write his name in Jewish) was born on April 29, 1936, and died on February 26, 2024, exactly 303 days after his last birthday. And yes, his name sums to 303 in simple gematria. Being part of the Saturn cult, he was most known on the world stage for banking and his exaggerated wealth.

Jacob De Rothschild = 303
Saturn = 303
Banking = 303
Wealth = 303

Random, yet interesting astrology fact: Jacob Rothschild was born with Saturn in Pisces and he died with Saturn in transit of Pisces.

Of course, 303 can be written as the Freemasonic calling-card number of 33.

England = 33, 33
Jesuitic = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

Jacob Rothschild began working at the family bank NM Rothschild & Sons in ’63 and he died exactly 63 days before his upcoming birthday. Remember, the Rothschilds are used as distraction with the Jesuit’s Illuminati hoax.

The Illuminati = 63, 63
Jesuit Order = 63

And my time is up for this morning. One last thing though. While baby troofers celebrate that one of the evil and bad guys has died, it does not really matter. After Jacob’s death, his son Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild will be crowned 5th Baron Rothschild, and the Rothschild lineage will go on. But more importantly, they are not really “evil masterminds,” they are one of many low-level ‘elite families’ acting on the world stage, simply following the script of their masters; the elite families of the Saturn cult, the real evil masterminds.
While they do conduct some business on their own, they all follow the big agenda, the main script, and they are all replaceable.

Also, many troofers think that Jacob’s death, and him being described as a “towering figure” or a “towering presence,” as in a Twin Tower reference, is a message that the Banking system is about to collapse, something many has been bleating about for 10 to 15 years now. Perhaps it is, or perhaps that what they want you to think. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

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