COP27 – The Logotype and The Illumination of The Khafre Pyramid

Let’s just kill off the big lie right away – there is no such thing as “climate change,” that is a century old hoax, part of their enslavement agenda. To make this seem real, and to push this satanic agenda, the puppets on the world stage arrange this evil gathering called “United Nations Climate Change Conference” or “Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC,” more commonly referred to as COP. That’s a lot of ‘C’s, and the Freemasons loves their ‘C’s, hence they nowadays call it ‘Climate Change,’ or ‘CC’ for short, like the Freemasonic ’33,’ as C is the third letter.

While most of the world is bombarded and preoccupied with the scripted midterms elections theatre in the U.S., these satanic evil bastards are arranging COP27 between November 6 to 18 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Since the climate change hoax is one of the cornerstones in Agenda 2030, this event is heavily scripted and coded as they reveal some of their visions (revelation of the method.)

First, we have their official logotype with a sun (their Sun God, Saturn) emitting 13 rays upwards over the ‘green’ and curved horizon, imitating the fake globe. There’s no coincidence that they have 13 rays, as there are 13 layers of bricks in the pyramid on the dollar bill, representing the founding 13 families of the Order of Illuminati – the order created by Jesuit priest Adam Weishaupt, which then infiltrated Freemasonry. This is simply a tribute to their masters at the top of the power pyramid, those who sit above, as illustrated since they are above the horizon in this drawing.

Beneath we have 9 lines from what they say is the Sun of Aten, representing human hands of prosperity (or more likely the peasants, the people ruled by the 13 above,) but these ‘hands’ look more like claws and are eerily similar to their favorite number of ‘6,’ as in ‘666,’ the Number of the Beast.

Together they make 22 lines being emitted from the sun, just like the Master Builder Number in Freemasonry, or like ‘Build Back Better,’ one of their catch-phrases for Agenda 2030, which can be shortened as BBB, or ‘bbb,’ which looks exactly like ‘666.’

What’s even more telling is that they held this year’s convention in Egypt and they lighted up the historical Khafre pyramid in green and with this logotype. In gematria, ‘Khafre Pyramid’ reverse to 216, same as ‘Fallen Angels,’ and 216 is code for ‘666’ as 6x6x6 sums to 216.  And the logotype, with the sun over that curved horizon looks a lot like the Illuminati’s all-seeing eye, or the eye of providence, the eye within the pyramid (as also seen on the dollar bill.)
This is right in your face; the symbolism is undeniable.

That logotype also reminds me of the logotype of Obama and Biden, from Obama’s presidency campaign. The Sun (Saturn) with three lines as the horizon. As you might know, the Hebrew symbol for six, ‘Vav,’ looks like our symbol for ‘1,’ a line with a small edge at the top. Hence the three “claw marks” on the Monster Energy Drinks, that simply represents ‘666.’ And the three red lines on the Obama and Biden logotype are bigger to the left, making a case for being the Hebrew representation for a six, or ‘666.’

Also, being in Sharm El Sheikh, it is coded with Barack Obama and him being the Antichrist of the dark axis, as I’ve explained in several articles. For a decode of this part of their ritual, check Joseph’s video below.

There has also been a lot of posts on social media about the Pope and him revealing a blasphemous 10 new woke ‘climate change’ commandments on Mount Sinai on November 13 in conjunction with COP27. However, I have not been able to confirm this, as no official websites, not even that of COP27 mentions anything with the Pope. Also, the Pope’s official schedule for November 13 only showed his speeches and holy mass from within the Vatican. Still, we know that the Pope and the Vatican are supporters of the fake Climate Hoax Agenda and that they are trying to form a one-world-religion in Chrislam, the ultimate blasphemy.

I have not been able to verify this. Seems fake.

I will probably cover more from this COP27 Climate Change Hoax Conference, especially if something interesting turns up. They do tend to reveal a lot of their sinister agendas during these events.

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