Train Derailment Season Continues Way into Spring

From almost never covering a derailment in the past, the media has now been covering derailments weekly since early 2023. Of course, they have all been staged and while the derailments have occurred, the story behind them and the claims of hazardous materials has been completely fake – all scripted by the numbers.

An interesting twist to this agenda is that left-wing and liberal media channels are very low key, while right-wing and conservative outlets, like Fox News, are all over them. This reminds us of the brilliant plot to use an alleged transgender crisis actor for the staged and very poorly faked school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, to gaslight the conservatives and right-wing crowd into believing in the mass shooter script. Simply because the media said it was carried out by a transgender, something they despise, they suddenly think it was real, although they always say that the media lies. Funny how that flips as soon as the story fits the receiver. Sorry, but the media always lies, all breaking stories are fabricated and scripted by the numbers.

Now, these train derailments seem to be using the same meta script tactic. We already know that there are thousands of derailments every year and none of them has been newsworthy until 2023, and now all of them has been reported as carrying hazardous materials, giving the illusion that only dangerous and hazardous train cargo derails. Since we are knee-deep into Agenda 2030 and Vision 2050, where you will own nothing and be stuffed in 15-minute smart cites, this feels like conditioning for the green agenda, for environmental and ecological disasters, for flashing hazmat suited teams in your face, and for government sanctioned landgrabs carried out for your own safety. And who is more likely to own land, be self-sufficient, and refusing to move to a smart city? A snow-flake soy boy libtard who need his coffee soy-latte in the morning and a trans-bud-light in the evening, or a gun-owning conservative with more traditional rooted values? And unless they have been deprogrammed and are awake, what news channels are they likely to watch?

As for the latest train accidents and factory fires, we had a freight train along a CSX rail line allegedly causing sparks and instigating dozens of brush fires leading to the evacuation of more than 100 homes in Rockland County, New York, on Friday.

Of course, the governor of New York, Kathleen Hochul, was born on August 27, 1958, and the fires were started by Freemasonic members of the fire department on Friday, April 14, in Rockland, New York, exactly a Freemasonic 33 weeks on the day after the governor’s birthday.

Fires = 33
New York = 33
Rockland = 33
Masonry = 33
The Masons = 33

They claim that at 1:57 p.m. on that Friday, CSX was contacted by Haverstraw Town Police requesting that train traffic be stopped due to brush fires near Gurnee Avenue. So, the train was stopped at the 57th minute of the hour due to fires that was discovered near Gurnee Avenue.

Fires = 57
Gurnee Avenue = 57

And, of course, this was in Haverstraw where the fire began, and counting the days to the governor’s next birthday, we get 135 days, just like in Haverstraw, and in ‘freight train’ that allegedly caused the fires. What are the odds?

Haverstraw = 135, 135
Freight Train = 135

For more on this story, check Joseph Acquaviva’s excellent video decode below.

And this Saturday, we had a train derailment of alleged hazardous materials in the state of Maine, that of course, caught fire, just like the brush fires the day before in Rockland County.

To mock us, they claim it was three locomotive engines and six rail cars, like three and six, or three sixes, like ‘666.’ Of course, in numerology, 3 and 6 can also be represented as 36, and in numerology zeroes carry no value and can be removed, so for example, 360 is the same as 36. And 666 is the 36th triangular number. Also, the main message from Rockwood, Maine Fire & Rescue was, “Train derailment with fire,” which of course sums to 360, like 36.

Train Derailment with Fire = 360 = 36
Skull and Bones Freemasonry = 360 = 36

The governor of Maine is Janet Mills and she was born on December 30, 1947. And the freight train being described as the ‘Number of the Beast’ derailed on the western side of Moosehead Lake on the third month and 17th day of her age, like 317. And 317 is the 66th prime number!

Number of the Beast = 66
Moosehead Lake = 66

This train accident also happened exactly 37 weeks before the governor of Maine, Janet Mills’ December 30 birthday. And they worship the Baphomet, their satanic version of the Beast, and the freight train was coded with ‘666,’ the Number of the Beast.

Train = 37
Order 322 = 37 (aka., Skull and Bones Freemasonry)
Baphomet = 37 (as in the beast, as in 666)

And not only did the governor’s numerology make for a perfect ‘train’ story on that day, April 15 also came with a 62-date numerology, and ‘train’ sums to 62, just as ‘Mason,’ as in those pesky Skull and Bones that has been coded all throughout the story.

4/15/2023 = 4 + 15 + 20 + 23 = 62

Train = 62
Mason = 62

And that means that the short-date numerology for April 15 was 42, the number of their Sun God Saturn, the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and of course the number of Maine.

4/15/23 = 4 + 15 + 23 = 42

Maine = 42
Saturn = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

And again, it derailed in Rockwood, Maine, and the governor of Maine is Janet Trafton Mills.

Rockwood, Maine = 65
Janet Trafton Mills = 65
Janet Mills = 65

Again, all of these derailments and train accidents are scripted all by the numbers. They are not organic, they are staged, and thus there is an agenda behind it. Expect more, a lot more.

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