Skull and Bones Freemasonry Shenanigans on the 322-day of the Year

November 18 was the 322nd day of the year, as in Order 322, Skull and Bones Freemasonry. And of course, the day was plastered with Freemasonic tribute rituals. Freemasonry evolved from the guilds of stonemasons and cathedral builders. The guild was infiltrated and ‘reborn’ in 1717 when it was turned into a ‘fraternal organization,’ a ‘secret society’ by the Jesuit founded Bavarian Illuminati (Order of Illuminati.) They are not Christians, they are Satanic and they are scholars of the Bible, especially the Torah, and the majority of their lore is based in Kabbalah. Of the many Masonic fraternities in the world, one of the most well-known is Skull and Bones, Order 322, the elite society who only allow fifteen new members per year and is located at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut.

Although Order 322, ‘Skull and Bones,’ had its origin at Yale in 1832, it is a chapter of the Illuminati, an extension of the Jesuit Order. The German origins are denied at Yale, but during the Temple raid in 1876 a card was found on which was written from the German Chapter.

All these Freemasonic societies, such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, Order 322, the Order of the Temple, Fessler’s Rite, the Grand Council of the Emperors of the East and West, etc., are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of The Jesuit Order. The Baron Hundt, Chevalier Ramsay, Tschoudy, Zinnendorf, and numerous others who founded the grades in these Freemasonic rites, worked under the instructions from Ignatius, the Superior General and founder of the Society of Jesus, aka., The Jesuit Order. In other words, all Masonic offspring are influenced, built-upon, and controlled by the Jesuits of Rome.

For more on Skull and Bones, and what ‘322’ stand for, check this post:

March 22 is the day of Order 322, Skull & Bones Freemasonry

So, let’s go back to November 18 and start with Sweden, one of the first countries in the north to be infiltrated with Freemasonry back in 1735.

On this date, the Freemasonic puppet Mats Ljungqvist, of the Swedish Prosecution Authority, claimed that Sweden investigators had found “traces” of explosives at the Baltic Sea pipelines, claiming it to be ‘gross sabotage.’ He is of course referring to the staged and very fake Nord Stream explosions.

The 2022 Nord Stream Explosions allegedly happened on September 26. November 18 comes at a span of 54 days later. And, of course, the Pipeline is on the 54th parallel north.

Jesuit Order = 54

Skull and Bones are known for their tactic of ‘false flags.’

Mats Ljungqvist = 174
False Flag = 174
New World Order = 174

It’s said to be ‘an act of sabotage,’ after the found ‘traces of explosives.’

An Act of Sabotage = 130
Skull & Bones = 130

Traces of Explosives = 80
Bavarian Illuminati = 80 (who created Freemasonry, and especially Skull and Bones)

The number ‘80’ is also strongly associated with Satan, Satanic Worship, and especially with lies (as Satan speak lies.)

And Mats described it as ‘gross sabotage.’

Gross Sabotage = 148, 203, 134, 265, 603, 658, 141, 69
The Freemasons = 148, 203, 134, 265, 603, 658, 141, 69

And, for synchronicity, why Mats was chosen to deliver the scripted message…

Mats Ljungqvist = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84

Then we had the DOJ appointing Jack Smith as ‘Special Counsel’ to oversee the Trump federal criminal investigations. And it’s not only a tribute to the order that Trump is a member of, it also fits the Revelation and the beast narrative.

Jack Smith = 149
Skull and Bones = 149
Revelation = 149
Antichrist = 149
Beast System = 149

Trump was born on June 14, this ‘special counsel’ in Jack Smith comes on November 18, 22 weeks and 4 days after his birthday, like 224.

Special Counsel = 224

22 weeks and 4 days is the same as 158 days.

Freemasonry = 158

And note that CNN updated the article at exactly 4:01, as in 41.

Skull and Bones = 41

For a full decode of Jack Smith and Trump, check Joseph’s awesome video below.

Then we had US climate puppet John Kerry allegedly testing positive for a non-existing fake virus, as in CONAIDS-1984, on November 18, the 322nd day of the year that leaves 43 days remaining in the year.

Kerry was of course born in ’43 and he went to the Skull and Bones University of Yale, same as Hillary Clinton who also allegedly tested positive for bullshit on March 22, like 3/22, or 322. And he spoke at COP27 when he got the fake ‘rona.

COP27 = 43
Climate Summit = 43
Yale = 43
Masonic = 43
Freemasons = 43, 43, 43
Freemasonry = 43, 43

And Kerry wasn’t only born fittingly in 43, his birthday is December 11, which, by coincidence of course, just happens to be 3 weeks and 3 days, like the Freemasonic calling card of 33, from November 18, the day he caught ‘Corona.’

John Kerry = 33
Corona = 33
The Masons = 33
Masonry = 33

And CNN updated the post at 4:11, like 411.

Freemason = 411

The world is a stage and EVERYTHING is scripted.

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